Michelob Golf Ski Cans

For those that may have had an old list I did several years ago, toss it out as it was not very accurate, but the best that 1 could put together at the time.

As I recently obtained a large collection of Michelob cans 1 was able with those I had on the shelf to complete a full set of heavy for 1994, 95 and 96 plus most of 1997. The cans I obtained were in about 5 large banana boxes and as I sorted them out 1 could find many differences to what I had previously believed to be the correct list. 1 decided to re visit my reference books and found some extra notes with the lists of cans that 1 had previously ignored. Unlike Laurie Clark or Frank Grey in NZ, who only list a can after they have inspected same,  it become obvious from some of the notes such as "it is believed" - "reports say" that a lot of their cans are listed on hearsay from other members or from brewery sources. While in many cases the information given was close to what is in the actual black & white text box, it is not fully correct. In one case a can in 1964 was listed as the 18th hole at Copperhead when in fact it is was 18th hole at Innisbrook. Copperhead is mentioned in the gold writing on the picture of the course layout. I think this makes it clear that the cans were being listed unseen.

Other factors such as changes to the law, which may or
may not have been influenced by the man pictured opposite (ALAN BOND) who rampaged over the USA buying everything that could put beer in a can or bottle came into play. At the end of the 1996 series, an alternative can manufacturer had to be brought in to rush through the new design can to meet the law. This was that the can have a special logo and arrow pointing to the base with "Born on date". I believe it only effected 1 can. but as they listed them in random order rather in holes from 1 - 18 as I do, it is not clear which can was issued twice during the law change. The can on my shelf is the normal one, but it would be worth a check, you may have both or the alternative. Perhaps at this point it may be of interest to mention that the USA must have very strict rules on what can be sold and when. The Bi - centennial year was an example when Lucky was given the go ahead to have the American flag on 2 cans featuring past presidents of the USA and it was to be an on going set. By years end only the 2 cans had been done and at the end of December they had to be withdrawn from sale. Falstaff Brewing tried to carry the set on by removing any sign of the flags and replacing the one over the president with bunting and the one his his left side with the Liberty Bell. These also only ever made it to 2 cans.

As there
is a mention that a last effort was made in 1997 to get the Dry Beer going better which it did not after the release of one normal can. I have included a space for dry in 1997 just in case , but I have never seen a can from that series in Dry. The new list has a few ideas that 1 hope will help all those interested. A much better way to find which set the can is from, the exact details given in the text box
for each can which as in the previous list will be set out from 1 - 18, but the same # can appear more than once from a different course and now for easier trading have a #  from 1 - 18 at the left so that you only need to say 1995 can #8 etc. You may ask why not just down load from the net? Well in many cases the sets are not complete.

Good Collecting Gaiy MeNair #1751 ABCCA

. The above is my first attempt to use OCR. Apologies to Gary McNair for the errors that may have crept into this document whilst editing it.
Ray Everingham

The information contained in this document is entirely the work of Gary McNair and thanks to Gary for allowing its reproduction in this format.

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