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Virtual deliverables

John makes a suggestion:


The tabard is just fine, although it's only virtual for the moment. Perhaps we should stick to virtual clothes, then we don't have to care about the measurements, HA HA.

Brett agrees:


The toys too are still somewhat virtual, but getting closer to actuality. I think I'll have a prototype Traeki sometime in the next week.

Currently investigating two or three production methods: (TRADE SECRETS DELETED) Whichever method turns out, I thought I'd include a growler inside, like in some teddy bears, so that when you move it it growls. Not quite sure if it is kosher to have a growling traeki, but if any traeki (or Jophur) complains, I s'pose I'll just have to apologise.

Methods 1 and 2 could also involve velcro joins for the toroids - for that extra bit of play value. Not to mention the sibling fights - "Mum, Ben took my traeki feet and he WON'T give it back!" - perfect for long term remembrance. The DB will never forget us! (Or probably forgive, either)

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