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Jo Anne concludes the conspiracy


I'm baaaaaack!! I just got off the plane from LA, and I see that the Brinster has already posted. I gave him a list of Who Did What, so he got things straight, I see.

Eythain, I don't think we changed the wording at all....

The whole thing went better than I could have ever imagined. My only wish is that you all could have been there to see his face and get hugs yourself! The DB is outrageously approachable and likeable(sp? I'm not gonna look it up now, I'm too tired). He really is the little Tymbrimi.

I started off with the plaque and the calligraphy -- he read it fast and wanted to know if he had to give it back. I told him, no, he was to keep it as it was made of "good Norwegian Wood" -- he caught the reference *immediately* and laughed. He wanted to know all about the paper and the calligraphy, and started to write things down. I told him I'd written it all up and put it in the vest pocket. He was glad. He was asking where everyone was located -- he wanted you all geographically fixed in his mind.

He poured over each and every item I gave him. He inspected the plaque, and the lettering. He wanted to know about the paper from Sweden. He about dropped his teeth with the cloak, and wanted to know what it was made out of. He noticed the trim on his outfit matched the cloak. He loved the bronze cast closures on the vest. And he knocked himself out over the noors!! I told him you didn't sew, Brett, and managed to learn how and to modify a pattern for the noor -- he was greatly impressed that someone would do that for him. His parting words were, "You can bet I'm going to bring them along when I pitch the story to (I think it was) Universal".


I told him, somewhere along the line, that we all wanted him to know, that all the time we put into these projects was only a partial payback for all the pleasure he gives us by writing the stories he does. At that point he leapt up and kissed me on the cheek =+)) (Haven't washed it since.....)

For my part, I didn't trip and spread out my Goddesss sized body on the doorsill or anything else embarrassing (*I* was relieved). I didn't cry.

I did get a little red in the face when I was giving him all the things, but aside from that, Sierra assures me I did well -- and coming from Sierra, that means a lot!

I told Sierra, on the drive to LA, that my heart was happy. It was a *neat* experience, and (again) I WISH ALL OF YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

So, I guess the meetings of the DB Sewing Circle, Crone ----> Goddess and Curmudgeon ---> God Club are in hiatus until we are called upon again to fight back for those we love! Eythain, I'd forgotten about the statement from LMB, I just remembered the "fan" saying Brinfans don't do anything for him. Too bad LMB wasn't there -- maybe we should post something BACK to HER list.


xo to all, Jo Anne

P.S. I'll post to the list tomorrow, I'm too tired tonight.

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