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The trap is laid

Ifni sees the Brin, like a cute furry bunny poking its head out of a burrow, sniffing the gentle breeze.

And knows what to do…

Jo Anne:


Our plans are firming up. The convention knows we're coming. We've decided to stay in the hotel. Now I have only three weeks in which to become exceptionally nervous!!



Isn't it about time someone US based queried about fellow Brinellers attending CONDor? It's not exactly something this little Aussie can ask (in all innocence) but it'd really be great to get as many of our fellow listees into position for the handover as possible.

Truth to tell, if our gallant crone were to say she is likely to attend, a Royal Visit in fact, and who'd be willing to meet Her Royal Cronehood at ConDor and let's be civil about it all, I'm sure that Brinellers will shout, collectively HURRAH!!! raise their glasses and cheer. Perhaps even the Lord Tymbrimi hisself. (I've been practising these sentences, Barbara!)

Only four more sleeps to go!!

Jo Anne:


Whadday'all think about this?? I thought about it, since the specter of my going, "Hi, I'm Jo Anne", and His Brinness saying "Who?" has certainly been in my mind.



This Crone is whiny, Jim coughed in my face then left for Arizona. Now I'm sick!

I was wondering if we wanted to put something on the list. Maybe people would enjoy knowing about this conspiracy.

Brett, good run-on!

C of W you will do well...the DB will know who you are. Company for you would be nice. Maybe write a message that you send right before you wing away from Portland. Love Barbara



I think it would be a good idea to post DURING the con, so as not to give the Brinmeister tons of warning. If someone else wants to compose it and have me actually POST on Saturday afternoon (after I've helped Tanya and her husband move!), I should be able to do that.

If people each wanted to do their own bit, and have me put them all together in one post, I'm capable of doing that.

I'm sending the plaque and the calligraphy just as soon as I hear back from Jo Anne. (The calligraphy turned out beautifully. I took pictures, and hopefully I should get that roll developed before *too* long. If anyone wants to thank Tanya, her e-mail address is tanyam@mail.utexas.edu )

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