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The plaque and names

It must be something in the (frozen) water.



Hey, folks, I put the 4 best (IMHO) pictures from Eythain up on a web page. Check out http://www.fc.net/~frog for photos of the plaque (with Eythain in some, and a cat in one -- Eythain, what's the cat's name?).

I must say, Eythain is an attractive young man!



Ah. Names. Well, if there's one thing she's got plenty of it's names.

Her full name is Louisa Betty "puss" Mitjasdotir

The last name follows good Norse tradition by taking the name of her parent and adding the suffix son if it's a boy and dotir if it's a girl. Literally it means Mitja's daughter.

Her first name, Louisa, is the name I gave her. It's the only one we use.

Her middle name, Betty, is the name my two fem cousins gave her when she was born, and since they asked so nicely if they could continue calling her Betty (by now they only call her Louisa, of course), I gave her that as a middle name.

Since more than half the time we simply call her "puss" (roughly the same as "kitty"), that's in the mash too.

But calling her Louisa is fine.

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