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The conspiracy is hatched

Brett Coster (Australia) finds the snide reference on the Lois McMaster Bujold mailing list that starts this whole clandestine episode.


LMB story. This last weekend (Feb 21-23 1997), at Condor in San Diego, the costumers who did the Dendarii uniforms at Loscon two years ago gave LMB her Dendarii Gray and White Jacket, as promised when first seen in that masquerade. The slacks didn't fit, and will be sent along when complete.

LMB was very pleased. She received her jacket right in front of David Brin, who was visibly jealous, in a comical way. She said, "My fans sew!"

Poor David Brin. His fans once gave him a hat with some dolphins on it. No comparison. I think he should write some nifty costumes into his next Uplift story, if he wants to be recognised similarly.

Having publicised the challenge to the Brinellers - WE DO SEW!!, was it met with great wailing? No!

But lo! Jo Anne Bird , Crone of the Willamette (USA) responds:


Well, I was waiting for someone else to respond to this thread, but it looks like we're an apathetic bunch! Also, in my sexist opinion, men don't tend to sew, and there seems to be mostly men posting on this list (with lots of apologies to fellow crone FFFMPM Ott). This is a call to all Brinellers, both lurkers and active who sew to heed the call!!!

And soon, followeth our Crone of the Sierras (USA), Barbara Ott , the Brin-L Future First Female Martian Prime Mate (FFFMPM):


OK OK I can never turn down a call to action, especially when it's about someone I am fond of, like The DB. Yes, I can sew. Yes, I will try to find that extra hour in my day to set aside for the task, if asked.

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