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The Brin receiveth

The Chief Tymbrimi hisself accepts our gifts with surprise (something shared all 'round) and thanks.


Hi folks. Brin checking in again with a few items.

The pricipal reason for this note is to express my delight and heartfelt gratitude to you devilish conspirators out there in the DB Sewing Circle!

Yes, Jo Anne and Sierra came up to me yesterday, at Con-Dor (in San Diego) and presented me with the wonderful gifts you have been laboring over for months. I was thrilled, and I hope that it is clear in the expression on my face, when Jo Anne downloads the photos.

So, which one is the shy one?

Jo Anne, Crone of the Willamette, and an author

JoAnne's magnificant 'Jijoan' quilted vest (made of hemp, in order to perhaps be a true Smoking Jacket?) is beautiful, as is the terrific set of 'sooner' pants.

Barbara Ott -- that other famed and talented wise-vixen of the Sierra-Cascades -- provided the beautiful comfortable undertunic along with a wonderfully soft camel down cloak for my Cheryl. I immediately changed into these items. (Well, I did duck into the gents first). The ensemble caused quite a stir.

My Thanks to John Gunnarson who provided excellent Swedish paper that Julia Thompson had calligraphed into a scroll that is at once both gorgeous and hilarious! Eythain sent a plaque of fine Norwegian wood that not only looks but also smells so good that I'm tempted to put shavings in a pipe and smoke it! (Just kidding Eythain!)

Finally, there are the three perfect little 'noors' that Brett Coster created, by hand -- three absurdly cute and fuzzy plush toys that I could barely pry out of my kids' arms after they went to sleep last night. They are so well made that you know they could never have come from a factory!

3 Noor, A Crone and the Brin
The Brin meets real noor

Still I plan on taking them with me when we pitch the Uplift Universe in Hollywood, in order to show the bigtime producers how much merchandizing potential there is!

Did I mention Cheryl & the kids pass on their thanks? It was a touching conspiracy, and a very moving package of gifts. You folks are proof that brains and niceness aren't mutually exclusive, but can appear copiously in the same place.

With best wishes for a happy and prosperous spring.

David Brin

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