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Setting the trap

Oh what weaves we Web.

Jo Anne:


I got this from Bill Stoddard , the program manager at ConDor:

No, you didn't miss the schedule; we're still ironing out a couple of points before posting it. However, Dr. Brin's schedule is firmed up: "Readers for the Future" from 11 to 12, autographing from 12 to 1, "Making a Long Book into a Short Movie" from 3 to 4, and "Recruiting Women into Science and Technology" from 5 to 6. My guess would be that either catching him at the signing table as he arrives, or showing up to one of the afternoon panels, would work best.

I'd like to go to both panels, but I think I nail him after "Read Future". That way, he can sign books while we check out, then hopefully he'll be impressed enough to try the stuff on, and I can take a picture sometime between 1 and 3 (Hmmm, would it be crass to bring my hardcover books, too? What is the etiquette for book signings? I went to see Benford when he was in town, and people brought their whole bloody libraries!).

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