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Resurrection and remotivation

Roll call, after the Last Battle, turns up the undead.


  I'm back from the dead!
Although I have a new email: d97john@dtek.chalmers.se
Could you forward the others?
I haven't made the thing yet. I'm a bad person but I try to improve...
Dave a nice hay

Our Crone Leader remotivates the troops:


The good news is, I have the closures, and am half way though hand sewing them on the vest. I'd be done, except that my neck is acting up this week. (I'm ready to move on to the next phase, and become non-corporeal -- I don't like this getting old stuff.) It looks reeeeely cool. We are planning on getting new computer equipment soon, so maybe I'll even have a way to send y'all a picture of it.

Barbara, you asked me a couple of weeks ago if you should send me the tunic and the wrap. Hell, I don't know. I'd like to see them. Maybe you could wrap them up, send them to me, and I could send them back along with the vest and the pants (yet to be churned out, but they don't bother me like the vest has).

I think, that in all your spare time, you ought to contact *********** again and ask him when The Brinner will be at a public gathering either in or around California. We could always put out a call on the list for anyone living in (insert name of proper city in California here) to do the honors of delivering the goods. I don't particularly like that idea, because that person will get all the fun without any of the work. I'm willing to fly down and do it, but *ONLY* if Barbara and anyone else that can make it will come, too. I'd need some lead-time on that, though.

John, any chance you'll get the tabard done?

Brett, you had any time to work on Mudfoot?

Lee, did you ever get a walking stick?

Julia, how's the calligraphy coming?

Eythain, you're still off the hook.



Still dragging my feet on Mudfoot, but I have cut some of the pieces. Same for the Qheuen.

Have been advised (strongly) not to include the teddy bear growlers by my technical adviser (but we are dealing with a Tymbrimi in disguise, who I am sure would love to have his 3 under 6 brimmilettes charging around making growling noises for, oh, hours at a time) so I am open to the group's suggestions here, and don't you think I've caught a touch of Barbara's run-on-itis?

Also, started to wonder what the airport workers would do with a package that growls in tri-phony every time it moves. Can just imagine footage on the TV of the parcel being blown up by an airport security robot. (The DB would appreciate it I'm sure).

Jo Anne:


Lee did Julia like the walking stick?



Yes, I think that my staff might have been the hit of the party!! Everyone (well, the ladies at least) really liked the knob on the end! Several also noted that the carved spiral running the length of the shaft was an extra exciting touch.

<Trying to maintain a straight face here!

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