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Presentation is everything

For the gift there must be a giver. But who? And where?

Jo Anne:


Barbara wrote in response to Brett's suggestion: I live quite a way away from So. Cal. but I guess I am the closest of all of us. I do think that if we plan something with more than the beta-Brin, me for example, that the Goddess of the Willamette should see if she could do a So. Cal. trip too. Whaddaya say Goddess?

I talked to The Engineer about this, and he said he thought it was a good idea. I have mixed feelings, as actually meeting The Brin would be awe filling. I'd probably end up babbling and making no sense at all (so, what's new, you ask...=+)).

I'd still like to do it in a public forum with Lois McMaster Bujold fans present! (I'm now reading _Cordelia's Honor_ which is _Shards of Honor_ & _Barrayar_ combined, and she always describes what her characters are wearing). What's he got coming up in SoCal this fall? Anyone know? I'd like us all to discuss this more, OK? So discuss on....please?

Jo Anne:


The machine sewing is done, I'm just waiting for my supplier to send me the closures. I'm not sure if they'll get here in time for Columbus, but if they do, can everyone else meet that deadline? (With the exception of Brett, of course). I've got Gary Nunn's email, but I'm reticent to contact him as the closures were to be here by this weekend, but my supplier is sorta flakey.

How's everyone else doing? I think we're all a little discouraged about missing the deadline and then not having The Brin show up in San Antonio afterall, I know I was!

If we don't make it for Columbus, Plan Q was to go to California and hand the stuff to him, was it not? Barbara, do you have the undertunic done?

I'm heading off the middle of October for a little holiday in the Frozen North. (For some reason, the kids think I need to go with them to see a friend in Grand Prarie, Alberta. Now the snow starts to fly in Alberta in October, so I'm not sure why we're going then...). The thought of then wafting off to California doesn't excite me alot, but I'd do it. I STILL think this needs to be given to him in a public forum.

Sorry to all I've been so out of touch. The Engineer and I are buying the dock business, and our lawyer is anal retentive -- drives The Engineer nuts because he wants to be out doing business, so he drives me nuts. Things are moving at a glacial pace, and it's getting OLD. He's gone to a football game with his Dad today, so at least he's out of the house/office!

The good news from all of this is that we're going to do a *serious* upgrade in the computers, and actually start a web page for the business (once we own it, that is). I'm excited about actually being able to download images off the web at something over snail speed!



When's Columbus?

I'm going to be leaving here on Friday for New Hampshire, where I'll be until Oct. 6, so if I need to be shipping the plaque to someone before my return, it has to be this week. Also, need to get the warranty all figured out. (Plan X on that is to get something a bit more parchment-looking than what Lee gave me, and get my friend Tanya to do calligraphy on it. Need a couple of days lead-time on *that*, too, if it's got to be done real soon.)

Jo Anne:


SOOOOOO -- on to the next plan. I vote we contact the Brinmeister hisself and ask him when he will next be at a public sorta place doing a public sorta thing. I feel we're loosing momentum here, folks, so consider this a mental kick in the butt to everyone to get remotivated. (OK, Eythain, I'll exempt you, since you were the one that met the first deadline. Not that I wouldn't enjoy kicking your butt anyway....=+))

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