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Plan Q; or is it R?

The wheel turns full circle, before we need Kanji to identify new plans.

Jo Anne:


Well, I have this great vest and this cool pair of pants just waiting for His Brinness and we don't have a plan to give it to him. Ideas, I need ideas. Work with me, people!

How does "February 27-28, 1998 -- Appearances at Con-Dor in San Diego, California. (Contact whstoddar@axnet.net .)" sound to everyone? I think I asked this question before, but don't quote me. [Jeeez -- took me *forever* to find that damn web page of his and get that information out of it!!]

I bet we could either "con" (get it? Con? Oh well, it's late, and I never did pun well) someone in San Diego to do the presentation, or get Barbara to do it. I might even see my way to fly down if you'll go FFFPM(whatever) Ott! Although all that sunshine in February might be a severe shock to my northwestness.

Jo Anne:


Julia -- at least I know you're alive. No one else has responded -- HINT.



John has offered to send some appropriate paper.

Jo Anne:


John? As in from Sweden John? John, are these things really getting through to you? That'd be good news.



Checking in, belatedly, to say that I finally have one Tytlal (tentatively named HupHu, as she's all black fur) just about complete. When the last bit of sewing and stuffing (that Buyur polyester tree again) is completed to prove the pattern, I'll get Mudfoot done.

At the moment, all looks good for completion in next day or two. Still coming to terms with Janine's Janomes - overlocker and computerised sewing machine thingy.

Jo Anne:


YES!!!! YES, YES, YES!!!! (Now you can all get a visual of me wildly gesticulating and dancing the watusi.....)

I love it when a plan comes together. Can Deityhood be far away???



This sounds great! I think the Brin's can distribute the Noors. They sound great! The blouse and shawl are being shipped UPS today to Jo Anne. She wanted to see the entire outfit. I took pictures of the two pieces I finally finished...hopefully you, Jo Anne, can take pictures of the entire outfit together. Did you get a scanner with your new setup?

As to presentation. At this time San Diego looks undo-able for me. I know I am the closest but between school expenses and the start of a new semester the end of January, I cannot do a trip at this time. Goddess were you dying to go to San Diego, or just thinking about it? We could put out a query about anyone attending on Brin-L...or we I could contact ******** again and ask him about his schedule...those are my ideas.



A long time ago, Jo Anne wrote:

(BTW, Eythain, you've been tooooo quiet lately, New Girlfriend???)

No, I'm afraid it isn't anything as pleasant as that. It's all part of my new master-plan of self-tormenting. I've decided that I want to take a break from my path towards a Chemistry Major by taking a year of political science (don't ask me why. I don't have a clue. I fail to see any way this can be beneficial to me with regard to a chemistry major. Indeed, I'm forced to face the fact that I'm doing this because I'm interested, nothing more, nothing less).



Am I still around??? Well, yes I am, but there have been some HUGE changes in my little life. (All positive, BTW) Late this summer I completed my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer qualifications (that means I can spell 'computer' without help). The title got me a nice little raise at work and a new position, too! I was very happy with both and humming along nicely.

Well, on a whim last October I surfed over to http://www.microsoft.com/jobs and dropped in a resume. On Monday I start a new job in Dallas, Texas with Bill and his gang. The offer was....shall we say 'stunning'? So I am currently in the middle of a job change almost drastic enough to call it a whole new career, PLUS a relocation to a new city (I know it's still in Texas, and might SEEM like it's next door to all you furriners, but it's a 5-6 hour drive up there!). I keep reassuring my wife that I have NO intention of replacing spouse or child any time soon. :^) I have enough change without all of that!

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