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Organisation Crone style; Part 3

It's not just Brinellers that our Crone manages to terrorise (oops, organise):

Jo Anne:


The family is scheduled to meet tomorrow to sort out going to San Diego or not. The biggest problem is that February 28 is the fifth anniversary of their crash, and the day when our lives changed drastically and forever. Now, every family has these kinds of markers, so I don't want to sound overly dramatic. But, we usually celebrate survivorship together on the 28th (except for the year Arwen was in Australia, then she had a party there, and we had a party here). Sierra and I are trying to talk Charles and Arwen into going for a long weekend in SoCal, but we're not having much luck.



Jo Anne, I appreciate your efforts to organise your family towards San Diego. Perhaps we should refer to you as the Crone Colonel of the Willamette? I hope that it is successful. But it's important that your celebration of survival take precedence.

One solution could be to enlist the rest of the mail-list. I'm sure that a discreet general posting asking about who's going to ConDor will turn up some candidate names. Now, I know it would be best to have one of the conspirators do the presentation, but there are a lot of people on this list who would cheerfully pass all the blame (I mean, kudos) where due.

And ******** would be a suitable vector. He has, without any choice in the matter been brought into the circle of conspirators. We have proof that he provided deepest intelligence from the very bunker of the target. Guilty. Guilty as charged! He cannot be let off the hook. (Or perhaps we should take the Galactic longterm view and not blow his cover. We could keep him as a deep sleeper for future intelligence actions?)

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