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Organisation Crone style; Part 2

Our Crone Leader points out the facts of life to the males:



I feel a little gender-oppressed here! Perhaps "Goddess and God Club" would be more appropriate :-)

Jo Anne:


Well now, if you'd tell me the etiology of the God movement, I'd be happy to put it in. See, the three phases of the Goddess are the maiden, the mother and the crone. Barbara and I have done the first two and are in the third, so we thought we'd skip cronehood and go straight to Goddess.

Now, what are the three (only three?) phases of the God. Hummm, let me see, the boy, the dad, the guy? So we could call it the "DB Sewing Circle and Crone---Goddess and Guy----God Club"? Would that make you feel less gender oppressed? =+0) Who said that??? Did *I* say that? I don't think I said that.....;-))

And Barbara quoth:


I think the term for a guy crone would be curmudgeon:+)} I bet these young sweet guys are not curmudgeons yet!!! Therefore no matter how much snivelling is done about the title, y'all have to gain some years to have a curmudgeon---- God club. Sometime the realities of life are hard. So we'll just get on with the sharp objects at hand:+)}

John designs an Uplift robe:


The Uplift cloak as described is silver. So, if you people want to integrate the tabard with the cloak, I think the trim on the tabard should have silver in it. I can get a trim with carp fish on it that has silver in it and a black background. I still don't know if that'd go very well. I also have thinner trims with silver, but not too many. Silver is difficult for some reason.


Brett makes a belated appearance, and unknowingly provides another link in the plan:


Anyway, I've looked at John's homepage and downloaded his tabard. Question - what's the difference between the tabard and the ceremonial uplift robe? I had started drawing up a ceremonial robe, which ended up looking just like John's tabard.

So what are we producing? IIRC, the wardrobe is:

Trousers (a cotton duck??) in Saxon/Norse style


Jacket with brass dragon fasteners

Tabard/Ceremonial Robe in silver, with piping

I assume the plan is for variations on the theme for the rest of the family?

BTW one thing I know I can produce is a stuffed toy Traeki/Jophur for the youngest. I think about 5 to 7 rings, with a total height of around 20 centimetres. All bright colours, too.

Barbara lays it on the line:


I like the idea of toy traeki a lot!! They could even have scented oil potpourri in them! I vote that Brett does toys and we eliminate clothing for the little tykes. The oldest one may require an item of clothing... Maybe a tabard like Dad's, although he is only five so he too may have traeki desire.

So I see the entire ensemble for the DB, a shawl for his wife (if I look around I could crochet this) and toys for the kids. This my vote for our approach to the entire family.

Naturally, once the Crone votes, we follow.

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