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Organisation Crone style; Part 1

So our Crone leader Jo Anne organises from afar.


Lets get moving on this whatever it is, and maybe someone can give it to The Brin at San Antonio (is that where the meeting is in Sept?). I doubt Barbara or I will be there (funding problems -- no squillions available), but maybe someone else will be who will come forward to help.

I have lots of 100% linen (I sell it through my little trim/costuming business). I can get hemp fairly reasonably, I know.

(Editor's note: Spot the child of the 60's here!!!)


I can also trim up a silvery tunic -- trouble is all my trims are medieval in nature. What sort of jacquard trim would look good on an uplift tunic? I do have a nice one (I'll even be getting it with silver sometime this spring) with carp and a water looking scene on it (black background, though). I do have some all silver/white trims, too that I think would work.

I also have outstanding gold trims from Germany that are very, very nice, but I don't know if they'd be appropriate. I still think I like the idea of the commoner garb, I think. I can get cast brass (Ur's work) fasteners for a vest.

To which Brett responds:


Unfortunately, out here hemp is slightly illegal, at least in the quantities needed for anything more than a G-string.

And then John Gunnarsson (Sweden) points out the main flaw in doing anything constructive over the web:


I guess we'll have to make it by email or something like it. I'll have to by a multimedia Unix-compatible sewing machine with a nice mail program attached so we all could work on it simultaneously :-)

A few ideas are thrown around. And then Jo Anne and Barbara set the scene. And decide what's best for the Brin.

Jo Anne:


Now the big question is, would DB want something like that?? Does it matter what he wants?? Is all that matters what we make for him???



I think what The DB "wants" is not a part of the project. The element of semi-surprise is more important.

The plan starts to form:



I don't see the "medieval" nature of the trims as a problem. I think the carp and water theme is very appropriate. I like the commoner garb too. I think it suits the DB and his admiration for Ben Franklin, George Washington and Mark Twain.

I think there are descriptions of both Lark's and Dwyer's clothing in Infinity's Shore, maybe even a description of the explosers, I haven't looked. The brass fasteners sound great as does the hemp, it seems to be ALL the rage in California. How about rough hemp pants, a linen shirt and a quilted vest with the overlay of the tunic like thing, more like a cover for armor or a long open vest that has the great trim that goes over the vest and shirt. Might be too hot.

From Jo Anne


I'm going to stick my neck out here and say I like the idea of doing at least 4 pieces -- that way all four of us can do one.

The sooner outfit with an uplift tunic is fine by me. We may have to firmly identify the pieces for the Brinman and what they're supposed to be.

Again, I have no knowledge of SF fandom/convention stuff, so I don't know how this is usually done. Do people usually just design the way they think things ought to look and to hell with what the author thinks? Or do they follow closely and consult?

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