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Lee and the halter top

Back to the clothes, and confusion starts about Lee's attire.

Lee writes:


Well, I can almost guarantee that San Antonio in August will be lethally hot! <snip I highly do NOT recommend any sort of wool or heavy cloth that will hold heat. After all, we do LIKE the guy, right? (g) Cya!

Jo Anne:


The Brinmeister lives in San Diego, and it cools off to, what?, about 50 F in the coolest days of January? I don't think it ever freezes there. Now the other side of that is, if he's used to living in the semi-tropics, and goes to anywhere north of the tropic of Capricorn (sp?), he'll be freezing his buns off. Unless anyone has big objections, I think I'll look for a brown cotton.

Jo Anne continues:


The best news is, I found a camel down fabric last weekend for the shawl!! Barbara, I'll send it along to you. It's wonderfully soft, and in a camel brown (now there's a surprise). In my arrogance, I think it could pass for g'Kek spun cloth.



Hrmmmm.... camel sounds just 'odd' enough that you may be able to pass it off as g'Kek! Great idea!

Jo Anne:


Enough!!! See, I told you I tend to pontificate. I'm happy to see everyone's clicking along. ...and Lee, I'd love to see you in a halter top!!



Jo Ann, You don't want to know how much alcohol that little sight will cost you!! I'm not saying that it can't be done.... (g)

BTW: Has anyone located a staff? I just can't imagine a Jijoan human w/out his staff, esp a sage! I have a real nice walking stick that I can donate if needed. It's about six feet tall and made of a dark wood, about as thick as my wrist (2-3 inches). It also has a deep groove carved into a spiral down the length of the shaft that shows the much lighter colored inner wood and looks very cool. There's no metal tip or any material other than the wood used in it.

Jo Anne:


Oh, Lee, it takes a-l-c-o-h-o-l to get you into a tank top! NOW I understand.... makes me wish I were coming to San Antonio all the more. Where were you when we were discussing single malt scotch? Or do you just do the fruity, girlie drink thing? =+))



Fasteners - agree with the wood/shell but definitely want to see the Urs-forged clasps. Of course, the Buyurs may have left a natural velcro symbiote around.

BTW, Mudfoot will probably be a synthetic furry creature (finally able to trap some of those elusive polys, related as they are to Italian Vinyls). Yes, the tendrils will be a challenge, but I thought something like covered pipe cleaners would work.

Jo Anne:


As to the natural Buyurs velcro....I don't even wanna think about how they would have bioengineered that one (Brett, do you have slugs in Australia? Or are they singularly Northwestern? If you have them, you'll know what I'm talking about, if you don't, well, my kids tell me I've been smoking crack! =+)).



Four inch slugs? Why so small? Where I grew up, the LEECHES were bigger than that. Not to mention the mosquitoes/spiders/worms. Anyway, I was thinking of something vegetative like long, flat burrs. Couldn't walk through anywhere as a kid without acquiring those.

BTW, did I mention that I've ridden a camel?

Jo Anne:


Did anyone else get to look at the picture of the library by Robert Hurt? I thought it was beautiful. John, if you're still out there, did you see the symbol? It looks a lot like the other one, but with more stylized arms.
Consultation by Robert Hurt

Things start going batty.

Jo Anne:


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na I found a bat!!! (I think that's the right number of na's -- you know the tune, the movie is coming out this weekend, I think).

I FINALLY got ahold of the batwoman, and she has enough hand carded wool bats from the sheep she raises to quilt a vest. I'm sending her a check tomorrow (I've even already written the letter and it's sitting beside me here on my desk as I write this), so I should have the bats by this weekend or early next week at the latest.

Am I a goddess or what? I even got the checkbook balanced and all the bills paid *last* week when I said I had to, instead of procrastinating well into this week as usual. The best thing is the bats are only 75¢ each, and I'll need about six of them. I'm flying!!!!

The Brinner writes to Lee:


So far it looks like 60:40 that I will be in SA for W/con. But plans are still vague. I'll contact the Brin-L group if/when I know for sure.

So Lee writes to us:


OK, well, we'll go with plan B if he's not there. Anyone write down plan B????

Jo Anne:


Unto the DB Sewing Circle and wannabe deity Club does Jo Anne send good news:

The bats just arrived! Unlike Barbara's bats, who just appear and eat bugs, mine came by UPS and are wrapped in tissue! (Barbara, we do have some mammalian bats, too. We even put up a bathouse a couple of years ago, but it's hard to get morning sun on our property, and bathouses need morning sun, I'm told. I don't think we have any residents in the bathouse, yet. At least there wasn't any guano last time I looked!)



I bet Barbara has to use really small scissors on her male bats or those rubber bands that come with braces!!! Grin!!

Jo Anne:


Eythain -- I agree with Barb, if plan A doesn't work out, go to plan B. I think paper would be fine, considering how precious it was on Jijo. Sarah's Dad (I can't remember his name right now) was the paper maker and all.



No, just pulling your collective legs. But I have news, and of the better variety this time. The wooden plaque might go after all. My father found what I needed. The basic system is similar to drilling, but instead of going down, you can move it on top of the wood, thus carving letters or whatever. It's too late to test it now, since I'm busy packing, but it's looking good. The problem was getting something thin enough, and the one I'm sitting with in my hands (Well, not actually, it would be rather unpractical to type while holding it, but at least I can see it from where I sit... if I move a bit that is. Of course the ever-popular x-ray vision would also do the trick)

The DB writes:


Hi folks, We're still interested in selling one (possibly two) memberships to this year's world science fiction convention, in San Antonio, Labor Day weekend. Dropping the price to $80. (It's $150 at the door.)



Looks like the DB is pulling out of San Antonio (must have heard about Lee). Do we have a plan B? (or even Plan 9 from Outer Space?).

How can we be expected to be conspirators if the victim (I mean, recipient) fails to cooperate?



Jo Anne wrote: ROFL -- Lee *and* his halter top, that is! Wait a second here!!

Yeah, wait a second!! It was MY halter top! (A navy blue one, at that; and I have nice breasts, I've been told by at least 4 people this year alone, and others have implied it! So it can't be the halter top!)

Jo Anne:


I did ask Barbara to contact ************ about Plan B. I think he'll have the best updated and inside information.

So, Lee won't be in the halter top, and Julia looks great in hers. Julia, the halter-top wearing will have to be your job, as I could actually cause people to pass out, swallow their tongues, the skies to open etc.,etc.,etc., if I ever even *tried* to wear one. I have worked many years at acquiring this goddess body of mine, at the cost of wearing halter tops, bathing suits, or anything else with spandex in it =+)).



I have strong feelings AGAINST using velcro or velcro-wannabes, it's just too... I don't know.... It doesn't feel right. But then again the two parts of IS that really irked me were the Gilligan-style photocopier they were using, and the lava flow that doubled as one of those three-dee holograms you can get in the mall.

Jo Anne:


Lee, we never did hear about the walking stick (hint).

Jo Anne:


Does anyone know the latest scoop on The Brinner and The Worldcon? I'll tell y'all my dilemma, and then you can tell me what y'all think.

I have been in a blue funk because I called the woman with the "Urs cast" bronze Celtic Knotwork hook and eye closures and she's gone this entire month. (I was waiting for her to show up at an event, and she never did, so I finally called).

OK, so I'm a slacker, I actually called her and got the bad news on the 4th of August and have been pouting ever since.



Goddess you have not let anyone down. Real life has the habit of taking over...now unless some of us are virtual people and not flesh and blood, we all understand. When I was in Orygun I saw the fasteners under discussion and I think they are well worth waiting for!! I agreed to the zipper only to make sure the Goddess of the Willamette knew that what ever she decided on was the best!

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