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Julia's version of events

Eythain sent me an Apple file with the warranty on it at some point last summer. After a great many problems, my friend Kimm was able to open it and print it out. (One copy only -- her system crashed as soon as it had it all sent to the printer. She thought it was kind of funny, actually.)

Tanya was given the printout and the paper; it *looked* to me like the exact right wording when I looked at it, but I did not at any point make a careful comparison. But Tanya is very careful, at least about getting calligraphy text done properly.

I took pictures before I sent it off to Jo Anne. Of course, I still have to finish that roll and get it developed, but if there is enough demand and the pictures turned out OK, I could be persuaded to get them scanned and put them up on a web page.

My role has been rather minor, as I see it; mostly coordination of a few resources.

(Eythain did a lovely job with the plaque!)


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