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Getting the Brin's measure

Brett suggests a way to get the info:


I mean, if we were to post a message to his email but clearly marked "For Cheryl's eyes ONLY" (Mrs DB is Cheryl Brigham, is she not? If not, we should probably insert her real name in the message)

Anyway, from what we know or surmise about the DB's ethics, I'm sure he would do the right thing. Huh???

But Barbara points out the error of his (and the other males) ways:


He's such a rascal, it may be quite the risk to secrecy. Remember this is a guy who can imagine and make us believe in realistic gnat size spy devices:+)} By the by I also saw a note on page 92 of Brightness Reef, "Wrapping her shoulders in another soft g'Kek-spun blanket..." I wonder if we could just devise a shawl for Cheryl.

Our rascally Chary Director of Technology should have a full vote. But I like the idea of you (Jo Anne) having a 51% vote, that's a real Goddess kinda stand!

We discuss enlisting (spelt SHANGHAIING) our deepest operative:

Jo Anne:


OK -- Does anyone want to volunteer to make a very discreet inquiry to **********? If not, I'll do it. I like Barbara's idea of just trying out the connection. I don't like the idea of posting to Cheryl Brigham on DB's account, since I spilled the beans anyway and he's just being nice by not saying anything about it.

He says he doesn't have enough time to read everything, but I don't believe it for a minute -- I just don't think he's got time to reply to everything. I agree with Barbara -- he's too impish not to keep track of what we're saying about him. He's knows damn good and well we're planning something, but is probably mature enough to not get his hopes up :-)) -- Well! has he got a big surprise coming or what???

Barbara bites the bullet.


We could all do it that would drive him nuts, I'm sure. If you would like Goddess I would be glad to venture forth and ask who is at that address:+)} Let me know.

And Jo Anne makes the decision:


OK, here goes, I'm about to make a decision.... (Drum roll, please).


(Big sigh). There. That feels better. Please keep us all posted.

Barbara advises, the deed is done:


Yours in E-Mailing just any ol' person, whenever and where ever!! And I wonder why little old ladies always talk to me in the grocery store!! Barbara Ott

Secret Agent ****** checks in:


I can tell you right off that Teren is a typical 6-month-old boy, Ben is a typical 5-year-old boy, and Ariana is a typical 2-and-a-half-year-old girl.

Do you need to be more specific? If so, I'll try to contact Cheryl discretely.

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