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Eythain starts recruiting

Eythain widens the net of the conspiracy:


I am contacting you now, not in my usual function as a private person, but as a member of an undercover organisation. I contact you to confer upon you a dreadful task that I would hesitate to ask of any man or woman. But as you are pure of heart, you may see the necessity that drives me to this step, and if you are of like mind as me, you will see this; not as the enormous burden placed on you, but as a great privilege.

For some time now there has been an underground operation that works in the shadows of the Brin-L; whose existence has only been heard in the whispered rumours in dark alleys, and only goes by the name "The DB Sewing Circle".

We welcome Julia Thompson (Texas) and Lee Allison (Texas) to the conspiracy.



I'm glad Eythain suggested either Lee or Julia to present the clothes at WorldCon. Lee has a delightful sense of humor and Julia is always on the ball. I know Eythain has an "in" with Lee and it sounds like that busy Norwegian is conversing with other Texans too.

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