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Eythain Makes a Suggestion

Unable to restrain himself (Lord knows, everyone else has tried and failed) Eythain Makes a Suggestion:


Hi y'all!

I've been doing some consulting with the Goddess of the Willamette on this idea I had, and now she insists that I take it to the proper authority.

My idea was to give a warranty on our product. But of course not in the normal fashion, but in the Jijoan way!

This product has been made according to the guidelines of the council of sages of all of Jijo's exile races.

It is guaranteed to dissolve in a hundred years or less.

If it fails to do so, please return it to our address, where it will be promptly destroyed.
The DB Sewing Circle

In addition to this I was thinking a contract on the lines of:

I, David Brin, graciously accept this outfit
made by the DB Sewing Circle

But then practicalities arise, in the shape of Eythain's Dad:


I've talked with my father, who has a bit of experience with handling wood (which was why I suggested it in the first place), and he's convinced me that carving the words into wood won't be impossible but it will give an unsatisfactory end-product, something that's really not acceptable.

So John provides some Scandinavian advice:


Eythain: Try to use a "burning pen" (looks almost like a "lödkolv", if you are familiar with the Swedish name for it.) in the wood. It looks nice and it's easy to use and write with when you've got some practise.

Eythain writes:


About the "burning pen" (have no idea what "lödkolv" means) maybe I should check it out. I'm still intrigued by the notion of not doing any actual work though. Seriously though, I'm a bit concerned by what kind of things Jijoans could reasonably create, but I'm probably not too concise on this one.

And the pressure starts to get to Jo Anne:


Well, there went another perfectly good hour. If I don't get some house cleaning done today, the _animals_ are going to move out, let alone the people.

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