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Excuses, excuses

Time is relative they say. But not one of ours.

Barbara says:


Hello all you needlers and chiselers,

Yes, I am still alive. This is Monday the 14th of April (15th of April is Income Tax Due in the USofA) Yesterday, Sunday was a big party by all the women both family and friends for my daughter, the first one. So I have been busy as Jo Anne pointed out with the Big wedding. I will needle ************ today with the ultimatum to get the measurements or we go to the guy himself, forget the surprise. I don't want Jo Anne getting bored during her post-op time. We want that Goddess butt sitting to be creative:+)}

Brett attempts to cheer the Crones:


I suppose in the States, the most creative writing ever seen outside of the capital is found in the good ol' tax return. May your return be inspected by a devoted long-lost cousin (with a sense of humour).

Our deep agent ****** replies:


Hi, Barbara: I'm hoping to get the information in the next few days; I just went and asked him his suit measurements, but didn't tell him why. I'm planning to see him on Friday, so perhaps we can get it done then.

Your little sewing circle sounds extraordinary! What an age this is. I'm proud to be your collaborating agent.

Ifni be with you,

A photo of the killer Bs is posted on the web. Brett comments:


Well, the DB is shorter than the Bear, but otherwise the same build. The Benford looks to be the heaviest. So all we need to do is get the Bear's measurements (for a traeki??) and subtract. Of course, we can't really tell because:

  • No idea what the all up height is

  • All look similarly late forties stout (academic build - and not just because they all are wearing brown (!!!!) jackets and have facial hair -except for the shiny bit up top of the DB) so we needn't worry too much about what the belt looks like cos he'll not see it

  • The next time the three of them get photographed, we'll just have to make sure that the police photographer does a better job of getting the height chart into the frame

  • Personally, I don't think I'd buy a used car from ANY of them.

We await the measurements.

Jo Anne:


Well, we've been far too quiet for far to long. Our younger daughter is now graduated from college, I'm starting to do more than just read email, and I WANT THOSE MEASUREMENTS!!!

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