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Disaster? Part 3

The Tymbrimi strikes again!!
or, we think he did

Jo Anne:


Well, all, I've calmed down now. Getting off the computer and hearing on the news that Karla Faye Tucker had been executed in Texas helped put things into perspective for me. Big deal, the surprise is derailed. I don't understand why we still support capital punishment in this country, it makes me overwhelmingly sad.



Whatever happened (I assume a DB circle message to Marvin has hit the Brinl lists??) has happened.

Are you sure the message went out?? I've just received your followup to this message (get him where the crowd is biggest. Just treat him as a little boy and you'll be fine. Take your library for his signature - He *owes* you for the stress you took on in getting us rabble organised).



Hey Goddess, <snip WHAT?? I must have missed some mailings, because I didn't read anything about the surprise on the list.

Big deal, the surprise is derailed.

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