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Disaster! Part 2

Above high clear skies
faint clouds of uncertainty
hidden, always are.

Eythain reports:


Ahh.. What behold mine eyes? All the things so sweetly planned will naught avail.

David Brin wrote:

The World Science Fiction Con will be held over Labor Day weekend, at the San Antonio Convention Center, just blocks from the Alamo.
It's as yet unclear if I'll be attending. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

On the other hand he seemed quite intent on going, so there is a good chance it will still work out.

Plans revolve, as Brett reenters the fray:


If San Antonio doesn't work out, what is the DB's birthdate? Would that be a suitable occasion? In that case we could possibly try and coordinate our mailings to arrive with simultaneity (or summat).

(snip) Janine has already shot down my first ideas for producing traekis. But fear not. Practicality has never been a part of the Coster vocabulary. Only problem youse guys ought to know about is the family tradition - "Better late than never" OR "Never do today what can be put off 'til tomorrow (or next week)". Closet perfectionists all, these Costers of the antipodes.

BTW, a cuddly, stuffed Mudfoot is a high probability.

Behold! Crones in abundance!

Jo Anne:


Well, did you feel the tremors as the earth shook last Saturday, the 19th of July around 4:30 p.m. Bright Center of the Universe Time? YUP, Critical Mass was approached as the Crone of the Sierras and the Crone of the Willamette actually met, "eyeball to eyeball' (??). We had a great, but all too brief, visit.

Cammo or not?

Jo Anne:


I thought about making the pants out of cammo, but then said, "Nah, cammo looks stupid." Input everyone??



OK, camo may look stupid, but given Jijoans penchant for hiding I would think earth tones (Jijo tones?) would be in order. Maybe not actual camo, but mottled greens and browns at least.



I agree, camo no but Jijo tones of the type we can find on Earth, yes. I don't know if we can find some heathery mottled greens and browns or not.



Military cammo would look tacky (even if I did suggest it), and could confuse the issue with The Postman, rather than the sooners. We don't want the DB to be mistaken for a Holnist. The whole point of the cammo suggestion was to try and emulate g'Kek blur cloth. Anyway, russets, olives, blue-greys (the Aussie bush being mainly eucalypt, blue-grey-green are the dominant colours here) would be ideal. And if you're doing the rectangle work, it will effectively be a naturalistic camouflage pattern anyway. And if the jacket is reversible (at least in theory), you could provide a summer/winter type of use - very Jijoan.

Jo Anne:


I can't believe you haven't had an opinion on all of this Eythain ---- are you OK? And has anyone heard from John? Did he drop off Sweden?



Remember that you are talking about clothes. That's why I volunteered to do the wooden plaque in the first place! [Note to JuLee: I never actually volunteered. I just suggested it to Jo Anne, and she enlisted my services before I could open my mouth again] I simply don't have a clue. Half the words I've never even come across before! 'Cammo'? 'Kapok'? 'Halter top'?

Jo Anne answers Eythain's query about "cammo":


Cammo is short for camouflage -- you know, that mottled green and brown stuff the guys in the army wear. Australian bush cammo would have different colors than desert cammo or than northwest forest cammo. Norwegian winter cammo would be a white sheet, I think.

Eythain guards the bank
Eythain in Norwegian winter camouflage, on lookout at the bank

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