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Disaster! Part 1

And then FATE (or a Tymbrimi???) strikes!!


Hello to all from Jo Anne --

Well, now *I"M* embarrassed -- I thought I replied to Barbara, Brett and John, and it ends up on Brin-L. Geez, give a monkey a typewriter....

OK, OK, OK, now this is the last call for sewing persons...if you're interested, let me know. Otherwise, I'll recheck my outgoing messages ad nauseam and no one will hear about this on Brin-L!!! (She said as she was still trying to figure out how her computer sabotaged her....)

Which brings a thoughtful suggestion:


Remember that Dr. Brin has three young'uns. I'd bet that he'd get a kick out of having _them_ come in costume. At least the two older ones (3 and 4?).


And (worse!!) Eythain Lazh ! (Norway)


Getting a flash of exclusion fever here (the fear of being excluded from something interesting), but that's acceptable since I wouldn't have anything to contribute anyways.

So, what to do, and how big should it be? And who IS running this show?

Jo Anne:


Barbara wrote me and we think that maybe we should just ask DB for his measurements since our big attempt at secrecy now looks like a Jacques Clousteau/Pink Panther plot. What is your call on that? I've emailed John, and asked him the same question. I also need to know what you're comfortable making (or will you be plying Ms. Coster with lots of honey-do stuff and chocolate?). I also feel like I just jumped in and took over on this, so since it was your idea, if you want to maintain creative control or whatever -- just jump on in and take it back!! I won't fight too hard....

To which Brett says:


As for the organisation, like any male, I'm quite happy to let you project manage the exercise.

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