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Desperate measures

Jo Anne calls for desperate measures:


Hello Fellow Sew n' Sews --

I just got off the phone from Barbara, and she agrees that we should contact The Brin Himself. The only member we haven't heard from is John....John, I hope you agree. Barbara will contact ******** today and tell him he's been fired.

Meanwhile, Eythain explains why one name is not enough:


Eythain Sæbø And when did Eythain change his name?

I wondered the same thing. There seems to be some confusion going around since I actually go by two sets of name which can be termed as my English name and my Norwegian name.

The two are:

Norwegian name - Per Eystein Sæbø

English name - Eythain Lazh

As you can see Eythain Sæbø is a mixture of both, and is insufferable at that. I prefer to go by my English name, which makes the last name 'Lazh' and not 'Sæbø'.

The measurements, at last from our agent!!!


Dear Barbara: Oh well, I can't say I didn't try! In fact, I did get the measurements two weeks ago, and tried repeatedly to get them to you. Apparently, my Internet e-mail connection has not been working. Bad timing... Have fun, and thanks for including me in!

Dear Barbara: Hope this gets to you. I just told David I needed his measurements, and that he shouldn't ask me why. This is his response:


Jo Anne breathes again.


It is with a great sigh of relief that I see ********* came through. I guess The Brinmeister is a little on the rounder side. Barbara, I'll send you the linen and some trim, hopefully today. We'll have to fudge on the wrist measurements -- I'd guess, off hand, about 8 or 9 inches circumference.

Lee tries talking Julia into the conspiracy:


(I haven't felt this awed since I swore myself into military service. Of course, I spent the next 8 years swearing AT myself for that!! grin!)

Julia: You with me on this? Come on, we'll have a blast!!

Julia says:


I sure am! (snip) If minor modifications need to be made (raising the hem an inch or two is all that comes to mind right now), I am capable of a bit of hand-sewing. (Though I haven't been too terribly enthusiastic since I had to stitch the hem on my wedding dress and my mom's mother-of-the-bride dress -- that wedding dress had a LONG circumference!)

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