The Scroll of the Web
Table of contents

The conspiracy is hatched
Organisation Crone style; Part 1
Disaster! Part 1
The truth about Jo Anne
Cockatoo stew; A recipe
Getting the Brin's measure
Eythain Makes a Suggestion
Organisation Crone style; Part 2
Agent ****** reports
Excuses, excuses
Virtual deliverables
Eythain starts recruiting
Desperate measures
Disaster! Part 2
Lee and the halter top
Children, Crashes and Plan F
The plaque and names
Presentation is everything
Resurrection and remotivation
Plan Q; or is it R?
Coming (virtually) together
Organisation Crone style; Part 3
Setting the trap
Disaster? Part 3
The trap is laid
The Brin Receiveth
Eythain's version of events
Julia's version of events

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[Eythain Lazh] [Julia Thompson]