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The Scroll of the Web

This scroll tells the full if expurgated history of the DB Sewing Circle (also known as "those Sew-n-sews"). This sewing circle formed to dedicate a gift to Science fiction author David Brin. Carried away by modern technology, we organised a four-nation, three-continent clandestine group based on the Brin-L mailing list.

For an overview of some of David Brin's work, visit the Brin web page or Stewart Blandón's extensive web page.

In this, the first Brin-L Scroll Of The Web you can while away the last few weeks of eternity waiting for the final instalment of the latest Uplift Trilogy: "Heaven's Reach."

In the spirit of Jijo's Scrolls of Redemption, you can learn:

What you won't find out is who our secret agent ******* is!!!

Here you can see the lucky victim (er.. recipient) with the gifts wot we got him


  David Brin a-Human, ul-Dolphin-ul-Chimp at ConDor '98

As a wolfling, you'll need to refer to The Great Library of the Five Galaxies for an explanation of some of the terms and characters used in these pages.

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