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Coming (virtually) together

Some call it virtuosity, others planning. We know it as fear and sheer bloody luck. Ifni looks on.

Jo Anne:


I got the under tunic and the cloak to day -- they look GREAT! Barbara did an OUTSTANDING job on them. So, I'll try to get The Engineer to try the clothes on, take a picture and send it along. This may take a while, as the scanner and I have been having heated discussions on how to send pictures anywhere.

The cloak, pre Barbara
An unsuspecting cloak awaits Barbara's efforts



The paper came today! Now I need to coordinate with Tanya. (I just called over there, and they're watching Babylon 5, so I guess I don't get to talk to her until tomorrow or so....)



I'm glad the trucks got through. I was watching all that snow on the evening news, not to mention the power outages in your area. At least it didn't look as bad as the ice storms in the northeast. We are deluged one more time with lots of rain, when we moved to this place we knew it was at the snow line. We lived with enough snow to last any Californian a lifetime and wanted no more! Thinking good thoughts for you for San Diego.

Jo Anne:


I have in my possession noor from Australia!!! It's tooooo coooool!!!!!! Great work, Brett! ý+))

This ones name is Sustruk, Brett informs me.

" A Tytlal renowned for his intelligence, he was declared the male species representative at the most recent Uplift ceremony for the Tymbrimi's client."

  Sustruk recovering from a long flight
Sustruk recovering from a long flight

  He has a koala nose, green cats eyes, a black fuzzy body, a platypus tail, brown fuzzy ears, and WONDERFUL little neon fringie thingies on each side of his head (just back from and slightly above his ears) that are his tendrils. I haven't seen any glyphs forming, as yet.



I'm glad you like the tendrils - Janine was making some fluorescent yellow bathers for the girls, so I pinched some offcuts. I think they're pretty damn neat, too (when I remember to put them in BEFORE sewing the head together).

Well, co-conspirators, it's only taken us nearly a year to get this ready, but who else would be silly enough to try a three continent, four nation, multi-lingual, multi-cultural clandestine exercise?



I've got Huphu Mk II completed, and this morning spent about 2 hours unpicking various bits of Mr Lick Myself All Over (Mudfoot is as frustrating in plush as he is in text).

Actually, I've got a quick query - is the noor cuddly enough in your opinion? Huphu is about as tightly filled as Sustruk. Janine advised me to do the stuffing fairly solidly. But the first completed one I did is much softer. Too late for the two already completed, but I could make Mudfoot a bit softer.

Jo Anne:


I just went and tried out Sustruk's hug, and he has a good one. Sierra has a huge teddy bear collection, and some of her bears are very loosely filled, and some are not. Sometimes when they're too loosely filled, their heads get wobbly. So, you could try softer stuffing, but it there some way to prevent head wobbling?

Sierra Bird testing the Noors.jpg
Sierra finds out how cuddly a squirm of noors can be



Huphu and Mudfoot are two days into their adventure together. Locked together into a small box, bumped around in the back of postie vans, winging their way over the Big Puddle, I'm sure they'll be pleased as Punch to see you when you release them. (I'm sure that Huphu will have put Mudfoot seriously into place - an obviously in-built ability of any female of whatever species.)

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