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Cockatoo stew; A recipe

Brett provides a dinky-di Aussie recipe for cockatoo stew to Jo Anne:

Equipment needed A large billy (a large saucepan will do)

Ingredients Water (couple of litres/quarts)
One medium to large cockatoo
One large rock
Salt and pepper to taste

Method Place the water, rock and cockatoo into the billy and bring to boil.

Simmer for 10 to 12 hours.

When the rock is soft, throw the cockatoo away
Eat the rock.

Serves 2 (and the cocky right!)

To which Jo Anne replies:


Also about the cocky stew -- although I'd consider that very dark humor as my cockatoo ranks right below the kids and dog and about on par with my husband! (Don't tell Charles that though, he thinks he's below the cats!!).

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