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Children, Crashes and Plan F

Ifni rolls her dice, as is her way. But Crones have been there.



Well, I must confess that the Mudfoot/traeki/qheuen hasn't progressed at all over the last few weeks.

The 2 week holiday I had granted myself got swallowed up when one of my daughters bounced off a car on the way into school. She's fine, with this really neat cast from thigh to toes on the right leg. But, after spending much of one week at hospital and fielding get well calls (and do you know how hard it is to tell grandparents about this over the phone?), and then the next week shuttling to doctors and stuff. And then my son gets his hand in between a football and his mate's foot and ends up with a broken finger! (He's fine, too, and has nearly forgiven us for stopping him playing football and tennis for 3 weeks).

Well, by the time the plaster-dust settled, I was back on a new contract. I hope to get things underway again this weekend.

So anyway, mea culpa (for now). So all in all I'm really quite happy San Antonio seems off the agenda. Now we just have to work out Plan F. And I think, Jo Ann, that you ought to retain creative control and just wait for the urs fasteners. Basically, if we are going to get this to the DB, let's get it right.

The next step will be to work out an alternative venue. Something public (ooh, gosh, we just did this for the joy of it all) preferred. Any other conventions or whatever? Or could we draft some of the Cal-eye-forn-eye-ans to arrange a DB dinner, at which one of us (I think I'm thinking Barbara here) and perhaps ********* could make the presentation.



Oh Brett, I, many years ago experienced broken bones and split skin to the bone in my adventurous daughter. I remember the all nighters in the hospital and the anxiety. The Goddess I'm sure will share her car accident experience, which no one should have to go through. I'm so glad both of your little Aussies are fine.

Jo Anne:


EEEEKKKK!!!! My soul and heart goes out to you. I'm glad your daughter is OK, and yes I know what it's like to try and notify loved ones. The resettling of the family is monumentally difficult after a crash. It's one of the least looked for jobs as a parent, yet one of the most critical to perform. (Our only two children were hit by a drunk driver four years ago -- both broke necks and backs, one has/had a slight head injury, the other one is now a paraplegic).

Our kids are OK, mentally (mostly -- the younger one with the head injury is *still* pissed off), but it took more energy than I can tell you to hold things together, keep them together and go forward. Some of us want to climb into bed and pull the covers over our heads -- but there's too much to do!! =+)) Mudfoot can wait.

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