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Agent ****** reports

Our deep cover agent ****** slips us a message:


David and Cheryl are away in Tucson, trying to visit the set of Costner's "Postman" movie. I'm trying to get the info as discretely as I can. So far I can report that he has a 34-inch waist. Your project sounds terrific! All the best...

Brett tries to be helpful, and starts to suffer delusions of competence:


One thing though, the more I looked at the medieval stuff, I kept thinking that the Jijoans probably would retain some very modern trappings. I think that Dwer's lifestyle may have influenced us all a bit much.

For example, I think the g'Kek blur cloth would be something like Army camouflage pattern. And that many of the Jijoans would have knee pockets, pouches and so on to carry things around in. The diagram on the front of Brightness Reef shows Sara (I assume) wearing a military style battlejacket (probably the top part of a long dress). I think it would all be a mix of old and new, based around both the simplicity of manufacture and a few thousand years of adaptation to hunting etc roles.

Anyway, as far as the toys go, I don't think a traeki will present too many problems. Starting to draw plans. Also wondering about a g'Kek. Will let you all know.

Diagrams look fine. The overtunic in the superfluous section looks very Norse. You'd need to have a longsword - Kneebiter - to do it justice.

Jo Anne responds. (Note: Do NOT tangle with this Crone!!!)


Actually it's Anglo-Saxon, but I think clothes were clothes were clothes, and the Norse were very much present in northern England at the time.

I have made one sword for a friend (don't know if he ever named it), and it looks very good with similar costumes I designed for my best friend and her husband. Actually, I didn't make the blade, I don't make blades any more -- they end up too narrow when I try to bevel the edges (I don't do it often enough to be proficient at it). I make the fittings.

I'm working on a Damascus blade for myself right now (it was my *last* blade), and have a Sax planned for my husband.

Anyway, I digress. BTW, the toys sound "FAB", I love it when a plan comes together...

Eythain finalises his part in the deed:


Barbara Ott made a lot of corrections that are duly noted and implemented immediately.

Latest revised version (maybe I should start giving version numbers; in that case this is version 3.2)

I, David Brin, graciously accept these gifts made by the DB Sewing Circle

These products have been made according to guidelines set by Jijo's Council of Sages. They are guaranteed to dissolve in one hundred years or less. If they fail to do so, please return them to the DB Sewing Circle, where they will be promptly destroyed.

Things slow down at this point, as our Crone leader books into the shop for some Repair and Refurbishment.

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