Electro-Mechanical Computing on an industrial scale

This page contains an image which is one of several belonging to the photo gallery pages which are part of several pages relating to the invention of the world's first automatic totalizator in 1913, a system that facilitates galloping trotting and greyhound racing betting.
The Adders and Switchboard for win place and forecast pools, White City London 1933. This is part of one of the first Large Scale Real Time Multi User Systems. In the foreground are two table mounted forecast pool adders one for the runner combination 2-5 and the other 2-4. Five adding shafts are visible across the tops of the tables. These contain solenoids that receive impulses from the ticket issuing machines, which cause escapements to activate allowing the rotation of the adding shafts. The rotation of each escapement on an adding shaft is summed by the epicyclic gear train. The scanners shown in the last two images in the White City section of the Photo Gallery multiplexes eight Ticket Issuing Machines onto each of these solenoids.

The Plaque in the centre of the control panel below the clock reads: JULIUS TOTALISATOR - INSTALLED BY - TOTALISATORS LTD - 3 THAMES HOUSE - QUEEN ST PLACE E.C.4. Totalisators Limited was a UK based associate company of Automatic Totalisators Limited. John Relle, the son of Vernon the ex chief engineer of Totalisators Limited, informed me the office was in Park Street Mayfair, London and moved to the address given in an Automatic Totalisators Ltd document as Prudential House, Croydon, Surrey England in the late 1960s.

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