This page contains a photograph which is one of several belonging to the photo gallery pages which are part of several pages relating to the invention of the world's first automatic totalizator in 1913 and Automatic Totalisators, the company founded to develop, manufacture and export these systems.
This image shows one of the 273 J5 Ticket Issuing Machines (TIMs) ready for action at Longchamps. This particular machine is in one of the booths at the bottom of the Longchamps Pavilion. These selling booths can be seen in the close up view of the pavilion in the fifth photograph of the Longchamps section of the Photo Gallery, The seller is inside the selling booth looking out. On the left hand side of the seller protruding upwards from the shelf is the cover of the J5 TIM. The TIM is an Input/Output device. The seller enters the details of the punters bet and the TIM, when it is scanned by the scanner shown in the fourth photograph of the Longchamps section of the Photo Gallery, prints a ticket and records the transaction on the appropriate adder in the machine room shown in the first image of the Longchamps section of the Photo Gallery.
The device protruding from the left hand wall of the selling booth and dangling down towards the shelf is a ticket paper roll holder and dispenser. This device is empty when the photo was taken. The paper roll is placed on the spindle at the top of the device. The paper then feeds down and under the bottom roller and from there enters the J5. The man outside the booth is a customer presenting a ticket for payment. As the ticket paper dispenser is empty, and the neighbouring selling booths have their roller doors down I suspect this is not a race day and that the people have posed for the photograph.
The photographer's stamp on this photograph reads Jacques BOYER 5bis, Rue Saint-Paul PARIS-IV

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