A close up view of the Longchamps Pavillion

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This page contains a photograph which is one of several belonging to the photo gallery pages which are part of several pages relating to the invention of the world's first automatic totalizator in 1913 and Automatic Totalisators, the company founded to develop, manufacture and export these systems.

This image shows the Longchamps Julius Tote Runner and pool grand total counters. The pool grand total counter can be seen near the top of the building above all the runner counters. Inside this building is the Julius Tote machine room as shown in the first photograph in the Longchamps section of the Photo Gallery. In the next photo in the Photo Gallery you can see the counter wheel adders that were on display in the windows of this building. With the work being done on the building it appears that the finishing touches are being applied to the installation which started in 1928. This photo was taken in 1929 At ground level, some of the selling booths are visible which housed some of the 273 J5 Ticket Issuing Machines. The white circles above each counter are interesting. I presume these are lamp boxes which indicate which runners are participating in the race and which have been scratched or have numbers higher than the field size of the particular race.

The photographer's stamp on this photograph reads KEYSTONE VIEW Co. 100 Rue Richelieu (le Journal) Paris.