This page contains a photograph which is one of several belonging to the photo gallery pages which are part of several pages relating to the invention of the world's first automatic totalizator in 1913 and Automatic Totalisators, the company founded to develop, manufacture and export these systems.
This image shows the top of the Ellerslie tote shown in the first image. The ratchets are attached to the cogs from which the motivating weights are dangling via chains as can be seen in the first of the Ellerslie images. Note, half way along the double horizontal beams there is a crank handle attached to a ratchet on the upper beam. This is probably a portable handle and can be used to wind up any of the weights when they are getting low. There is one of these weights for every runner and the weight provides motive force for the aggregating equipment associated with the runner. The grand total counter wheels can be seen on the right hand wall near the centre of the photograph. This can be seen in the tote house image which precedes this one, underneath the roof apex of the central part of the building with the words GRAND TOTAL above.
The photographer's stamp on this photo reads: FARNALL ART PHOTOGRAPHER 402-420 Victoria Arcade Auckland Phone 2974
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