This page contains a photograph which is one of several belonging to the photo gallery pages which are part of several company and technology history pages relating to the invention of the world's first automatic totalizator in 1913 and Automatic Totalisators Ltd, the company founded to develop, manufacture and export these systems. This page relates to the Julius totalisator in Bombay (Mumbai) with some information on the Olympia Motor Speedway Maroubra.

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The Bombay Julius Tote Machine Room

This image shows the Julius Tote Machine Room at the Western India Turf Club in Bombay now known as Mumbai. This is the second enclosure according to the writing on the back of the photo. This installation was performed in 1925. This machinery is recording the bets being sold and presenting the totals displays shown on the grandstand image following this one in the photo gallery. More after the image...

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The photographer's stamp on this photo reads FRED MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHER BOMBAY

The Largest Automatic Totalisator in the World

The following Trove newspaper archive article, relates an annual shareholders meeting of Automatic Totalisators Ltd in 1925, in which the Bombay Tote is referred to as, one of the largest in the world.

1925 'AUTOMATIC TOTALISATORS LTD.', The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), 21 December, p. 4, viewed 21 May, 2015,

At the annual meeting of shareholders of Automatic Totalisators Ltd., at Sydney on Wednesday last, the chairman, Mr. E. H. Buchanan, referred to the company's installations at the opening of Olympia Motor Speedway. The installations are an automatic starting machine, an indicator, and a race-timing machine. He also mentioned the fact that the company's totalisator at Bombay (India), one of the largest in the world, was used for the first time on Saturday last. It was announced that dividends would be payable on December 31. The report and balance-sheet were adopted, and Mr. F. W. Marks was re-elected a director. Messrs. M Donald, Witt, and Co., auditors, were reappointed.

The following extract from a Trove newspaper article archive, was written over a year later than the previous one and states that Bombay is the largest automatic Totalisator in the world. The subject of the article from which the following is extracted, is the Automatic Totalisators Ltd. installation at Longchamps in France.

Extract from 1927 'World's Biggest Tote.', The Midlands Advertiser (Moora, WA : 1907 - 1930), 1 April, p. 4, viewed 21 May, 2015,
Bombay at present has the largest automatic totalisator in the world supplied by the Australian, firm and it is learned that the Longchamps one will be at least three times the size of Indian one.

The timing equipment image at Maroubra Speedway The Olympia Motor Speedway Timing Machine

I have presented this image here as this is the Automatic Totalisators Ltd speedway race-timing machine mentioned by Mr. E. H. Buchanan above, installed at The Olympia Motor Speedway, which was also known as the Maroubra Speedway. It opened in December 1925, the same month as the shareholders meeting was held, as mentioned above. It is claimed crowds of up to 70,000 used to visit these speedway meetings and that it had a reputation as a killer track.

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