We can do it!

Would you like to see the boys riding on DVD? The Regulators believe there may be a chance.

HOW?: By mounting an e-mail campaign. We are aiming to send three e-mails every week to MGM homevideo requesting that they place the entire series of "The Magnificent Seven" on video/DVD.

WHEN?: Right now.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?: By sending me an e-mail stating that you want to help. I'll then add you to the calendar below. Then, at the beginning of the week you have nominated to send, I'll post you a reminder. What could be simpler?

WHAT'S INVOVLED?: You send an e-mail to "MGM" requesting our boys on video/DVD. That's it. Just the one - or, if you have more than one e-mail address, as many e-mail addresses as possible. (g)

OUR GOAL: To mount an extended e-mail campaign that doesn't simply last the next three months but the next 12 months! We want the words "The Magnificent Seven" in MGM's thinking. To achieve our goal, we need everyone's help. We're only asking you to send one e-mail in the next twelve months. It's not much to ask. At worst, you will have wasted five mintues. At best... our boys riding on Homevideo/DVD!

INTERESTED?: All you have to do is send me your name. I'll add it to the calendar and then send you a reminder when your week is getting closer. Please tell your friends about the campaign and send them this address so they, too, can help. Some of the larger Mag7 lists have over three hundred members. If every one of those people send one e-mail over the next twelve months, MGM has got to, at least, consider the boys on DVD.

SENDING AN E-MAIL: MGM doesn't use an e-mail address to communicate with customers. Rather, they use a simple form. (The form is on the right side of the page) Steps.

1. Go to this address MGM contact form
2. Select the topic of the e-mail. I suggest "Home Video" as that is what we're aiming for. 3. Fill in your e-mail address so they can reply.
4. Write your message
5. Hit send and cross your fingers and toes.
6. Let the Regs know if/when you receive a response. MGM do usually respond.
7. A lot of hoping. We aren't expecting immediate results. We are hoping that in eight months time, they'll sit back and say, "Wow, there are quite a few people out there that want this series on DVD."

Week 1 - Mon Oct 7th 2002 Judy Lumina Lynda Perry
Week 2 - Mon Oct 14th Kathi (Aiyanne) Nancy Norma
Week 3 - Mon Oct 21st Lisa (cool breeze) Lacey Strakeuk
Week 4 - Mon Oct 28th Brigitta Jan (Paul Howarth) az (sorry, I didn't know a name)
Week 5 - Mon Nov 4th Lianne Anne T Elle Hayes
Week 6 - Mon Nov 11th Meg Hoffman Cin San
Week 7 - Mon Nov 18th Amanda Nicole T. Liz Rowsell Danielle (Brigitta's sister - (g))
Week 8 - Mon Nov 25th Phyllis Jan Opie Trish
Week 9 - Mon Dec 2nd Janet (notnow) Jackie (ukonline) Rhosan
Week 10 - Mon Dec 9th Cathy (piacathrin) Sandra (Tarlan) Lisa Saplak
Week 11 - Mon Dec 16th Lyn Abels Do Dori
Holidays - Mon Dec 23rd Nil Christmas Nil Christmas Nil Christmas
Holidays - Mon Dec 30th Nil New Years Nil New Years Nil New Years
Week 12 - Mon Jan 6th 2003 Melodie Amanda (Kalisma) Phyllis Jo
Week 13 - Mon Jan 13th Janette (Scotland) Birgitt Debbie Noellert
Week 14 - Mon Jan 20th Tammy S Gloria Dawn Jean
Week 15 - Mon Jan 27th Tracker Girl Val Lhs2525
Week 16 - Mon Feb 3rd Jocleyne MotherRati Camelia
Week 17 - Mon Feb 10th Stacie Jill Jen Earles
Week 18 - Mon Feb 17th Kim (Miska) DC Jacquie
Week 19 - Mon Feb 24th Karen Flick Laurie Helen Powell
Week 20 - Mon Mar 2nd Darla Brate Donna
Week 21 - Mon Mar 9th Marian Alina Mrs Karen Larabee (g)
Week 22 - Mon Mar 16th Lisa Kearney Vickey Jodie
Week 23 - Mon Mar 23rd Deb Calhoun Stacie (sammie323) Colleen Miller
Week 22 (24) - Mon Mar 30th doc (Katherine) Sharon Scales Rosy
Week 23 (25) - Mon April 6th Shawna Jenny Charlotte
Week 24 (26) - Mon April 13th Cathy Rowsell Sassy wolvie
Week 25 (27) - Mon April 20th Holly Christine (I love Pip) Teresa
Week 26 (28)- Mon April 27th Cobalt Brenda Stephanie
Week 27 (29)- Mon May 4th Christine J Maude Dekota
Week 28 (30)- Mon May 11th Jen Riddler Andrea Katy
Week 29 (31)- Mon May 18th Cheryl tg Julie Clarke
Week 32- Mon May 25th Chesh Sandra Linda M
Week 33- Mon June 1st Emm Parody Nora
Week 34 - Mon June 8th Jennifer Heather Gina
Week 35- Mon June 15th Sally-Ann Michi Lady Cat
Week 36 - Mon June 22nd Leslie Robyn E. Christine
Week 37- Mon June 29th Jules Ida Katherine
Week 38 - Mon July 6th BMehra@aol.com JudithRBR Afke/Selene
Week 39 - Mon July 14th Peggy Em Flavia
Week 40 - Mon July 21st Debbie (Wishbear) Carlita Allison Mitchell
Week 41- Mon July 28th Chris (oglaig) Karen Dates Jen Sanders
Week 42 - Mon Aug 4th Liz Cousins Barbara Spohn Pat Diggs
Week 43 - Mon Aug 11th Nikki Isabelle Houde Nancy Wickersheim
Week 44 - Mon Aug 18th Marie ? ?