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Electric Geology  by   Harry Mason

In this lecture geologist-geophysicist Harry Mason (B.Sc., M.Sc.) will deliver ‘a ripping yarn full of geo-heresy and cage rattling’.  Harry’s talk will encompass modern avant-garde theories about the electric nature of the universe and their relevance and application to Earth events and planetary geology in general.

7.30pm, Friday,  22 July 2005,  Brian Hill Lecture Theatre,  Murdoch University.

Please note that we have returned to the lecture room we previously used (Education and Humanities 2.35), now called the Brian Hill Lecture theatre, which is conveniently located near our usual tea and coffee room and adjacent to the Chinese garden.

(See your street directory for a map of the university showing the Education and Humanities Building.)


Admission: $5      Everyone is welcome to tea and coffee afterwards.


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This website newsheet is the first to keep us up to date with news and developments (without the time and cost of a posted newsletter) and should appear on our website from time to time to maintain continuity.

In the early years of ASPR the content of two and three page newsletters provided a sense of direction and purpose as well as details of the monthly talks.  December 1999 ended a 20 year period of posted newsletters that covered speakers and their topics, news, reviews, and summaries of previous talks.  The Journal of Alternative Realities caters for serious articles and reviews.  For notification of meetings a card with details of the speaker and the subject will now be posted to members and interested persons.

In Perth’s Battye and Alexander Library our Newsletters from 1984 to the December 1999 have been bound into books.  Recent browsing through newsletters dating back to the early 80s reveals the changes that have occurred.  Speakers covered spiritualism and various aspects of the New Age in the early days, and there were more socials and open discussions.  However, in 1987 (when the Society was meeting in the Bentley Library) a newsletter review of Communion by Whitley Strieber whetted an increasing curiosity in UFOs, largely because it seemed to offer a short-cut into the common premonition of a ‘big picture’ that lay somewhere beyond our senses.  Ufology gradually became a main interest.

Britain’s March/April 2000 UFO Magazine devoted eight pages to the Phenomena - International UFO Exhibition which premiered in Fremantle on December 26.  The article included excellent photographs of the material on display, and also one of committee member Mary Rodwell, Director of ACERN, who was a speaker.  The editor, Graham Birdsall, arrived in Perth in January to monitor the exhibition.  On the day he showed some ASPR members around he was keen to explain the Smoking Gun evidence he had received, in video tapes of NASA space shuttle transmissions, that gave clear indications of moving amoeba-like forms in space.  One phenomena invisible to the human eye could only be captured by a CCD camera.  The moving life-shapes we watched on the screens were suggestive of the shapes seen and described in the early days of ufology by Kenneth Arnold, and also by Trevor James Constable.  The ‘life-like’ forms in space ranged from the ‘fire-fly’ size described by astronauts, to the presumably huge shapes passing behind a ‘shuttle tie’ said to be eighty miles away.  The Exhibition has gone to Adelaide and Melbourne and will open in Sydney in June/July until December with International speakers.

It is a personal ideal that ASPR should consist of people with a variety of viewpoints and religious beliefs, sceptics and atheists included; people who enjoy exploring anomalous phenomena to see what lies behind it.  This is in line with bio-diversity which environmentalists proclaim adds richness and stability to a forest or eco-system.  In the same way cultural diversity ensures a society has the energy to remain dynamic and sustainable.  (This is the antithesis of a cult pattern which, in extreme cases, anchors itself to obedience to a set belief - to fundamentalism.)  Finding one’s own way in the search for solutions to mysteries, and being tolerant of different interpretations, seems a healthy way to go.

In UFOs and Ufology - The First Fifty years (1998) Paul Devereux and Peter Brookesmith, write superbly in their coverage of the entire subject and their sincerity deserves our respect.  They do, however, offer conventional explanations for abductions, crop circles, ETH etc. and favour earth-lights as the cause of much phenomena, but suggest that much of the mystery remains and probably lies within us.  It is deserving of a review and an article on sceptics in a future Journal.  Another more challenging book is The Abduction Enigma,(1999) by Kevin Randle, R. Estes & W. Cone.  The authors question much of the abduction research in the US with the claim that many experiences are due to the so-called ‘sleep paralysis’ which has been elaborated and misinterpreted by many researchers as an abduction experience.  Responsible reviewers say it deserves a careful reading.  Reviews of Passport to the Cosmos (1999) by John Mack praise the depth of the book which supports the reality of the abduction experience.  Another book set on firm ground is The UFO Enigma (1999) by Peter A. Sturrock, founder of the Society for Scientific Exploration.  He has actually succeeded (with support from Laurance S. Rockefeller) in getting mainstream scientists of high standing to sit down with UFO Investigators and face the assortment of evidence from cases of major significance.  After much difficulty the seventeen finally reached cordial agreement that a legitimate mystery exists.  Progress at last.  It is a book that will draw those sceptics who are sceptics out of ignorance, to realise that ufology is a respectable subject that deserves urgent attention.

Our Journal of Alternative Realities for 2000 (blue cover), our biggest yet, is out now.

Some Notable Speakers, Topics and Activities of Previous Years.

1984  Prof. Frodsham on Sai Baba.  Mid year social.  Alan Oken - Etheric Doubles. 
         Gay De Heaume.  A  GM/film/social 
1985 Open meeting.  Jim Plumridge.  Wendy Monroe. Dr. Tyler- Kingdom of Fear. R. McDonald 
        on Seth.  Dan Martin - Hauntings. Fun with Experiments.   David Boadella (from UK) 
        Gerry Glaskin. 
1986   Dr. Tyler - Ghosts.   Vanya Martinov - Phobos or Phobia.    Sun Nov.9th Barb. Picnic on 
         Murray River.   Sylvia Smith, psychic artist.    Arthur Lewis - Mind Matters 
1987   Dr. Tony Taylor - Dreams.   Chris Lambert - Palmistry. 
1988    Sam Weinstein.    Alan Seletkovic - Firewalking.    Jean Collins - Crystals 
1989   Ann and Tony Kennish.   Cheryl Stoll - Temple Dancing 

1990   Judy Bryning - Sylvia Smith.   Grant Stone -Science Fiction.   Neil Roper - Pyramids. 
           Social.    Ben Hugi.    Stan Deyo.   Sharing Ideas and Social wind up. 
1991  Gordon Marshall - Psychic archaeology.    Wendy Munro.  E. Harrison - Altered states. 
1992  J. Wincott - Bio Energy.  Two Speakers: E Harrison & Helga Trneny W/S Spoon Bending. 
1993  J. Ward - Cosmic Awareness.   Shelly Woodward.   Tom Vennen - Spiritualism. 
1994  Wincott - Ectoplasm.    Salamah Pope -Sacred Energies in Indonesia.     Roswell Film. 
1995  Keith Basterfield.    Dr.Douglas Baker   AGM Discussion.    Dr. Nicholas Chantler - 
1996  Video/Panel discuss.   A Mounir-Hanna on Pyramids.    Kelly Cahill.    Patrick Avenell. 
1997  Autopsy film.    Harry Mason -Fireballs.    AGM/Video discuss.   Daniel Sowelu -Healing. 
1998  Warren Aston -Wartena Case.    Eliz. Robinson - Secret life.   Harry Mason - Fireballs. 
1999  Rev. Barry May.   Mary Rodwell.   David Grinrod - NZ   Our panel: Ufology in 21 Cent. 


A more comprehensive and detailed bibliography is on the agenda.

Morley Legg
Former Newsletter Editor

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7.30pm, Friday, 23 April 2004
Are Ghosts Real or Imaginary?

By Alex Leach

Alex, Who has previously spoken to ASPR, will discuss whether ghosts are genuine or just figments of people's imagination. Alex has some interesting views on this subject based on photographic research conducted here in Perth and will illustrate his talk with some slide

7.30pm, Friday, 23 April 2004

Channelling Video & Talk by Simon Harvey-Wilson

After a 30 minute video on channelling, Simon will discuss the conflicting theories that supposedly explain what is happening during spirit possession, poltergeist activity, shamanism, channelling, and spiritualism. Some claim that these are examples of one part of the mind talking to another part, as in cases of split personality, while others insist that they are genuine interactions with invisible spiritual entities. Who is right? Until we unravel the connection between the paranormal and human consciousness, we may remain vulnerable to exploitation by aliens that have already mastered this problem.


7.30pm,  Friday  25 July 2003

Rex Gilroy

Rex is well-known for his research into the Australian Yowie and is a regular contributor to "The Australasian Ufologist" magazine.  Rex's talk,which will be illustrated with slides, will be based on his new book called "Australian UFOs Through the Window of Time" in which he claims that for several decades the American government has been operating a secret UFO research facility in the Burragorang Valley in the New South Wales Blue Mountains.


7.30pm, Friday 21 March 2003.

"Ghosts: Their Reality in the Physical Realm"
 by  Alex Leach.
 Alex will discuss the reality of ghosts or entities that are unseen by the human eye.  A photographic breakthrough here in Perth enables us to visualise this phenomenon on a regular basis.  Alex's talk will cover the history of ghosts and past and present photographic methods used to record ghostly appearances.  He will show that the early nineteenth century 'ghost images' were multiple exposures and were thus all fraudulent.
7.30pm, Friday 21 March 2003.
Lecture Theatre ECL 4, Murdoch University.
Members & non-members $5
See your street directory for a map of the university showing theEconomics, Commerce & Law (ECL) building.

"Return of the Giants"
by   Barry ChamishBarry Chamish is a well-known Israeli ufologist, journalist, author and international speaker.  In his talk Barry will ask whether the biblical Nefilim revisited Israel in the 1990s.  Over twenty-five inexplicable video clips will be presented as well as physical evidence of a very strange decade in Israel.  Barry's books and videos will be available.7.30pm, Thursday  27 March.   ECL 4, Murdoch University.

7.30pm, Friday 6th December 2002

Harry Mason

Harry Mason is a well-known geologist, scientist, writer and speaker. Harry will be talking about the links between electromagnet forces, UFOs and paranormal activity; the electromagnetic nature of the solar system; evidence of what comets really are; the possible causes of earthquakes and weather; and the sun's influence on global warming.
There will be a short AGM before the talk.
Lecture Theatre ECL 4, Murdoch University
See your street directory for a map of the university showing the Economics, Commerce & Law (ECL) building.
Members & non-members $5       Everyone is welcome to tea, coffee andbiscuits afterwards

7.30pm, Friday 25th October 2002.

by  Mary Rodwell
Mary will be speaking about her recently published book, Awakening, which is the result of her years of work with abductees and star children (copies of the book will be available).  Mary, who is the principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network:, has spoken at several UFO conferences about her abduction support work.  Mary's video, Expressions of ET Contact, won two EBE awards at the 9th International Laughlan UFO Conference in Nevada, USA, and she has just returned from speaking and launching her book at the 21st Leeds International UFO Conference in England.

7.30pm,  Friday  9th August  2002.

Hypnosis and Consciousness
by Dr Rick Collingwood

Dr Rick Collingwood has practised and taught hypnosis professionally for many years.  Dr Collingwood will talk about the esoteric art of hypnosis; recovering memories accurately under hypnosis and about how the various brain frequencies (alpha, beta, theta and delta) effect our consciousness.  These topics are of interest because there seems to be a significant link between altered states of consciousness and paranormal phenomena.
Lecture Theatre ECL 4, Murdoch University

7.30pm, Friday 21st June 2002

UFO Disclosure Project Video

Professor John Frodsham will introduce a video about Dr Steven Greer's highly important Disclosure Project which came to
public attention when, at the National Press Club in Washington DC, on Wednesday 9 May 2001, several high-ranking American military, government, intelligence and scientific officials finally revealed what they knew about the
ongoing UFO cover-up.

Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre, MurdochUniversity.

7.30pm, Friday 22nd March 2002

"The Mayanup Poltergeist" by Helen HackHelen Hack is the author of The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist (2000) which documents the extraordinary showers of stones which fell, for a couple of years in the mid-1950s, on the family property, Keninup, near Boyup Brook where she now lives with her husband.  The case was widely publicised in the media at the time and hundreds of people visited Keninup to observe the falling stones which appeared to target members of an Aboriginal family who worked on the property.7.30pm, Friday 22nd March 2002.  Lecture Theatre ECL 4, Murdoch University.
See your street directory for a map of the university showing the Economics, Commerce & Law (ECL) building.Members  $3   Non-members  $6      Everyone is welcome to tea, coffee and biscuits afterwards.     ** ADVANCE NOTICE:  Friday, 12th April, international UFO speaker Chris Martin will talk to ASPR **

7.30pm, Friday 30th November 2001.

Latest Abduction Video & Panel Discussion.

At this meeting we will show a recent video about UFOs and the alien abduction phenomenon.  This will followed by a committee panel discussion about the video with plenty of time for audience participation and questions.  Before the video there will be a brief society Annual General Meeting.  As this will be our last meeting for the year, everyone is invited to the common-room afterwards for Christmas drinks and nibblies.

7.30pm    Friday    21st Sept 2001

Latest Developments in Ufology

Five ASPR committee members will each present a ten minute talk.  Brian Richards will speak about "Lunar and Martian Anomalies",  Mike Jordan on "Crop Circles",  Simon Harvey-Wilson on "UFOs as Time Machines",  Mary Rodwell on
"The Changing Face of the Abduction Phenomenon",  and Professor John Frodsham on "Recent Developments in South American Ufology".  Plenty of time will be allocated for questions and discussion after the talks.

7.30pm Friday 20th July 2001

" Colonel Corso Resurrected "

by Professor John Frodsham

Prof Frodsham will introduce a video of George Knapp's fascinating interview with our highest-ranking UFO whistleblower, the late Lt. Col. Philip Corso, author of The Day After Roswell (1997). The interview includes much hitherto undisclosed material, including Corso's own description of his encounter with an alien entity in the New Mexico desert.

See your street directory for a map of the university showing the Economics, Commerce & Law (ECL) building.

Murdoch University, Lecture Theatre ECL4 (see map or Street Directory)


7.30pm, Friday, 16 March 2001

"Shamanism and Alien Abductions"

by Simon Harvey-Wilson

Some UFO researchers compare alien abductions to shamanic initiations in traditional societies because both types of experience may be similarly transformative, leading to a more spiritual world-view, a deep concern for the environment, and the development of paranormal abilities such as healing.  Simon will discuss the results and implications of his recent research at Edith Cowan University which revealed more similarities between the experiences of a sample of WA abductees and those of the typical shaman
than had previously been thought.

Murdoch University, Lecture Theatre ECL4 (see map or Street Directory)


Please Note:

On Saturday 19 May, 2001,
ASPR's speaker will be well-known author and UFO researcher Dolores Cannon

7.30pm Friday, 15th December 2000

Bigger than Roswell?  The 1996 Varginha Case
by Professor John Frodsham

In January 1996, three girls claimed to have seen an odd-looking creature in the Brazilian town of Varginha.  Subsequent investigations by over 70 prominent ufologists unearthed a disturbing story, backed up by multiple witnesses, some of them from the Brazilian police and military forces.  This involved the capture of at least two and possibly seven alien creatures, one of which was autopsied at a local hospital.  The pathologist, Dr Badhan Palhares, later said that he might reveal details of the autopsy "in a few years".  Prof Frodsham will discuss this famous case in the context of other South American UFO cases.

Friday Oct. 20th,  2000

ABDUCTED by Ann Andrews

Ann Andrews is the co-author (with Jean Ritchie) of the well known book called Abducted: The True Tale of Alien  Abduction in Rural England (1998). Ann and her family are visiting Perth in October, and she has kindly agreed to speak to the society about the bizarre experiences that they continue to endure, including interference by secretive official fources. This surely has to be one of the world's most interesting and complex UFO stories.

Friday Dec. 3rd.   1999

Ufology in the 21st Century
Mary Rodwell -AbductionsProfessor Frodsham -ScienceSimon Harvey-Wilson -Consciousness

Audience discussion invited

The October Meeting
At the October meetingDavid Grindrod spoke about the mass sighting of a UFO in Christchurch NZ in the 70s.  In his car he followed the large three tiered lampshade-like craft, and for 15 minutes, from 200 meters, watched it hover 60 meters above farm land.  He then drove after it for 45 minutes.  Hundreds had reported it.  David returned the following night, and saw crowds picnicking, also waiting for its return.  They saw a large dark object about the size of a football field in length..  The last part of his talk, just as fascinating, consisted of visual testing that showed how we tend to perceive in accordance with cultural expectations or preferences..  It showed that the majority of people, including most scientists and journalists, don’t like to have their sense of reality challenged by the unexplained

Robert Theobald, Futurist, has been in Australia for two months lecturing on Confronting the 21st Century.  At the University of Canberra (ABC TV Sept 26) he set the tone by questioning the audience about their Y2K expectations.  He then conveyed a clear perspective of our development from ancient beginnings to our current dilemmas..
Choosing the word ‘story’ rather than ‘paradigm’ he said we began with the hunter gatherer story when we lived in nature, and shamans gave us meaning. Then came the agricultural story when we found we could make nature work for us, and this created surpluses and also priests, kings and gods who told us what to do.  Then came the industrial/science story which made knowledge work for us, and which brings us to our current position of vast surpluses, some fragile, while 1% of the world’s population squanders the most wealth with a lesser extent to the top 10%.  Bill Gates’ $79 billion surplus got a mention along with the starving millions.

Theobald said we cannot afford to have the growing gap between rich and poor, and the tension between ethnic communities, if we hope to survive in a world with unlimited productive power and unlimited destructive power.  “This 3rd story we use in our culture to make sense of our lives no longer works ...  A breakdown of the Newtonian model ... - cause and effect, tidiness, clockwork - now leaves us to face the 4th story - a world of chaos and complexity.”  His answer is that we must live with values - quality of living, social cohesion, ecological integrity ..etc.  He moves us with persuasive reasons and gives guidelines for fairer dialogues on major controversies.  On Australia Talks Back, ABC Radio, Oct. 6, he admitted to being an idealist, not a utopian, and warned  “be ready for change ..we don’t know the goal ...we are going to be shaken by the future.”

There is certainly something spiritual about his relentless approach.  It is the clarity of his Big Picture that draws people to think and hope beyond the limits of general assumptions.  His words strike chords that shift consciousness, that prepare us for new realities.  He doesn’t mention our direct interests - UFOs and the paranormal - but his innovative dialogues could bring the world closer to facing the possibilities of alien intervention from multi-dimensions, and then of course to the implications of where we stand in relation to such awesome surprises.   Overall his 4th story lightens the gloom that clogs the horizon of 2000.
His latest book: “We do have Future Choices” He will have a w/s at the Conscious Living Expo on Nov. 18.

Newsletter Editor for 2000.  I have been newsletter editor since 1991 and I must say I have enjoyed it immensely. I first attended ASPR meetings in 1981.  Like many in the Society I joined because unexplained happenings set me on a search for answers.  However, it is time to stand down and let someone else have the honour.  Would all those interested please contact me soon, or form a queue in the supper room.
Miracle Requested  I hope to spend some time in the year 2000 building up a bibliography of newsletters, meetings, speakers, seminars etc. since 1978 (?).  I have boxes of papers I’ve kept myself, and former editor Judy Bryning has lent a box that includes the work of other editors:  Ian Sweetman, Jean Collins, June Ede, Zoe Sholl.  But many records from the early eighties are missing.  We had Dr. Eva Reich (daughter of the famous/controversial Dr. Wilhelm Reich) as a speaker once, but I have no newsletter that records it. Have any of our older members kept records, in diaries perhaps, of these missing times?  Please let me know.

To be announced:
PHENOMENA  - International UFO Exhibition Premiering in Fremantle December 26, 1999

The November Remote Viewing talks and workshops by Prudence Calabrese had to be cancelled.  Pru is recovering after suffering a burst appendix on her way to a US airport.   She hopes to visit Perth to run workshops next year.  Without Pru, Mary and Elizabeth went ahead, magnificently, with the Doorways to the Awakening.of Human Consciousness .Seminar at the Novotel Hotel.  Nearly 100 attended.

Prof. Frodsham remembers lecturing in the US in 1979 and telling sceptics he had formed a psychical research group in the previous year.  So this is not our 20th birthday.  It’s our 21st!  So do we now get the key to other dimensions?  /Alas, I expected one more Newsletter for 1999 in which to sum up and mention our progress and changes over 20 years.  The bibliography will have to suffice.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Morley Legg  ( Ed.)

Remember Prof. Frodsham’s Y2K warnings?  Well, the Japanese Government recently urged its citizens to store a few days supply of drinking water, food, fuel, cash, batteries, etc. and keep printed bank records, by Dec 30.  Just in case.  Seems like a good idea.

Friday October  15  1999  7.30pm  Murdoch University

Economics, Commerce & Law Lecture Theatre ECL 4 (see map or Street Directory)

Members $3 Non members $5

Tea & Coffee in the Supper Room - All Welcome

UFO Mother-Ship Sighting over Christchurch
by David Grindrod

Hear an eyewitness account of a huge mother-ship witnessed by hundreds as it flew slowly over Christchurch, NZ, back around 1977. On the previous night David had sat on the bonnet of his car for 15 minutes watching a smaller three-tiered craft hover 30 metres off the ground on the outskirts of the city. David, who now works as a Perth business director, will discuss the subsequent effect of these sightings on his consciousness, his career, and his interest in free-energy research.  David will use perceptual illustrations to show why he believes so many people, witnesses included, attempt to deny the reality of UFOs.

The August Meeting:  ET Contact/Abduction. Mary Rodwell - director of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network.  Thirteen years experience as a professional counsellor put Mary in touch with people who claimed contact experiences with ‘Non Human Beings.’  The experience seems to be happening to people regardless of belief, Mary said, and often to people who knew nothing of UFO literature.  In Perth she had listened to the stories of 300 people, many involving additional family members.  They sought relief from the trauma and wanted to know what it was all about.  They faced the difficulties of society denying the reality of their claims.  Mary spoke about the common threads in different cases, the support and resources she offered, and the resulting ‘transformation.’
She quoted Professor John Mack of Harvard Medical School: “...there is a scientific, governmental, religious and corporate elite that determine the prevailing bounds of reality......But .. large percentages of people seem to know there is an unseen world or hidden dimensions of reality.”

Visuals showed examples of ‘alien’ language written by abductees, and sketches of various types of entities.  Most stunning were Tracy Taylor’s intricate, complex drawings (See our current Journal).  The partly coloured designs, may reveal our history, perhaps carry a universal message, and indicate our place in multi-dimensions.
Mary corresponds with Ann Andrews in England and recommended her book Abducted (1998)) which is about ongoing family abduction, though mainly about her son Jason , now 15, who has been abducted since infancy.  The family lived on a farm adjoining land of the Ministry of Defence.  (Just recently their home was broken into and all files on their abduction experiences had been wiped off the hard disk.)
The audience, about 120, obviously thrilled, applauded loudly.  Mary said later that she had planned to cover more aspects but ran out of time.

Mary and Elizabeth Robinson, with Prudence Calabrese (USA) will hold a Healing Workshop in the Novotel Hotel Sun. Nov 7.  Visuals will show how ET contact is changing consciousness in society.  See ad. October NOVA.  Contact Mary - 9385 7653 for info. on Pru. Calabrese’s Remote Viewing Workshop of  Nov. 12, 13, 14, 20, 21.  We hope Pru. can be our speaker on Remote Viewing on November 19.   We expect to have a December AGM meeting  along with a 20th Anniversary Millennium-End Party.

It’s heartening when a main figure in conventional science  makes it respectable to explore theories that justify our enduring interest in UFOs and paranormal.  ABC’s Quantum (Sept 9) featured Sir Martin Rees (British Astronomer Royal) speculating that what our telescopes can see may not be all that there is.  There could be many universes, perhaps with different laws of physics.  He expressed doubts that we could observe them, but said  “we can have indirect intimations of them.”   (This is remindful of Prof. Michio Kaku’s
 Hyperspace (94) which theorises on parallel universes and 10 dimensions: “the unexplored nether worlds may even be tantalisingly close ...just beyond our physical grasp and eluding our senses.” Newsletter April ‘97)  Professor Rees said “it was a slightly flaky and speculative subject but it’s now in the scope of science and not philosophy.”  A question from our delvings: Can intelligences in these other universes/dimensions see us, and intrude

Answers from a recent comment: ‘Your UFO interest hasn’t reached any conclusion has it?’  Maybe not when  the media doesn’t take it seriously, and when majorities fear ridicule or awesome changes from unravelling unknowns.  But ideas are afloat that the ExtraTerrestrial presence threatens terrestrial elites. Consider Jim Marrs’ line of reasoning in the appendix of Alien Agenda (97).
He  reminds us that secret ongoing power groups behind governments keep the world dependent on two major polluting energy sources: oil and nuclear. This monopoly is threatened by the claimed existence of  ET/ED craft that demonstrate revolutionary power and technology.  Corporate interests would seek to acquire this alien technology and/or suppress it, whatever ensures their monopoly.  Much could be going on in secret as they try to back-engineer it.
This could be a reason for the coverups and disinformation that keep clogging the unsolved mystery.
But it makes it all the more fascinating.

  M. Legg - Ed.

Friday August 20 1999      7.30pm Murdoch University

ET Contact/Abductions - The Global Phenomena

As director of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) Mary Rodwell offers support and resources to individuals who believe they have contact experiences. Over 250 individuals in Perth have used this service, and the numbers are growing steadily.

Mary uses visuals and data from her files to explore the Contactee/Abductee experience; the effects on individuals from trauma to transformation, and their paradigm shift from a third dimensional to multidimensional framework.

We ask the question what does this mean not only for those with contact but for the rest of humanity?  What does this mean for our future?

Mary presents her personal hypothesis.

June meeting.

Professor Frodsham's talk on Phantoms covered the period from 1870 to 1930 when mediums and spiritualism flourished, and respected scientists were open minded enough to study the phenomena and try to explain it. Researchers went to great lengths to rule out fraud , tying limbs to chairs, even nailing hair to the floor. Ectoplasm discharged from mediums, formed into shapes, and could be touched, examined, and photographed - shown to us on slides. Phantoms were shown in various stages of materialisation. This sensational phenomenon of the time still mocks our current mechanistic, reductionist viewpoint. Nobel prize winner Sir William Crookes commented: "This leaves us in darkness .... Are they an order of beings separate from the human race?" The discharge of ectoplasm, once described as like "closely woven silk" is seldom reported today. A favourite topic of the lively question time focused on some mediums’ remarkable weight loss in seances - as much as 25 kg.

Our Sightings Report led to some smiles that a new sort of ectoplasm could still be in vogue after all. On June 9,
Peter G. reported something incredible in Esperance. For 4 hours, and over 10,000 sq. km, tonnes of white thread drifted down from about a 1000 ft covering trees, hedgerows and paddocks. Overhead power lines were festooned with the stuff hanging in great shrouds up to 30 metres in length. Was this the mysterious Angel Hair reported since the forties? Or was it simply spiders spinning their more than usual amount of web as explained by Albany Agriculture WA.? Peter G insisted it was: "Not cotton, not sticky, not web." * Interesting report, nevertheless.

Also announced: Mary Rodwell (ACERN) is arranging for US Remote Viewing teacher Prudence Calabrese to hold workshops in Perth. Mary met her at the Nevada UFO Conference and speaks highly of her. Remote Viewing Workshops for 25 approx., held over two week ends ( 8 to 12 hour days - 5 days.) will cost $650 or $525 early booking. Pru. studied under the scientist Courtney Brown.

Mary will tell you more. For RV books see over.**

In May last year Professor Frodsham's talk Alien Technology covered Col. P Corso's claim that a crashed UFO at Roswell had been back-engineered and details fed into US industry; also that Jack Shulman of the American Computer Company <> claimed on the internet that this led to the development of the transistor, laser etc., and that through secret Bell Lab Notebooks leaked or given to him in '95 ACC has developed the Transfer Capacitor (reviewed in our July '98 Newsletter). Many thought the story too good to be true. However, Shulman's assumption-blowing lecture at the Global Sciences Congress this March has been published in the June/July NEXUS ( Page 55).

It implicates Holy Grail names in science, military, and government adding support to these astonishing claims; and it questions the issue of set-up Nobel Prizes for the transistor in 1956. Shulman's hard evidence is ACC's Transfer Capacitor. He says it is due out next year, and will further revolutionise computers - "12,000 times faster than the fastest transistors we've ever built." If his claims and serious allegations are without foundation why does he remain free from prosecution? If he is right, even partly right (going public, he implies, to avoid assassination) this must be the story of the millennium. Why does our mainstream media remain disturbingly silent?

* "What is Angel's Hair? ... Laboratory analysis showed the samples to be an aminester, in the same family as spider webs, but definitely not spider webs or any other similar natural substance they could identify."   From Extra Terrestrial Friends and Foes (1993) by George Andrews.p. 311.

** RV: Cosmic Voyage/ Courtney Brown; The Ultimate Time Machine/Joe Moneagle; Psychic Warrior/ David Moorhouse. -Books by, web page of, Ingo Swann.

Logo  We would like more submissions, perhaps from those with a grasp of the principles of graphic design and, to make it really tough, designs suggesting the shape-changing tendency of the phenomena to match our expectations.  Many thanks for those submitted.

4th  Friday June  25   1999  7.30pm  Murdoch University

KIM BEASLEY Lecture Theatre  LT1 South End of Bush Court  Left of Library
Members $3  Non members $5       Tea & Coffee in the Supper Room - All Welcome

By Professor John Frodsham

Ectoplasmic materialisations are at once the strangest and the least investigated phenomena of psychical research.  This paper outlines the experiments and conclusions of some of the outstanding British and European scientists (two of whom were Nobel Prize winners) who investigated such materialisations during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the teeth of bitter opposition from the scientific establishment.

The April meeting.

 Paulina Howfield said that her childhood experiences formed the basis for her New Age philosophy and motivated her to become a tour guide of Sacred Sites.  She spoke clearly and made firm proclamations about forces that lay behind beliefs and life patterns that went back to Atlantian times..  “I don’t rely on science to tell me what’s real” her shamanistic instincts said.  But many of us would have preferred that she mention the hard work done by scientists and authors that at least lent some substance to her claims that sceptics would see as common wishful assumptions.  All warmed to her intuition and assurance, but there was a healthy mix of differing responses to her talk and her slides.  Some would have preferred her vision balanced with evidence or self questioning, others were open in their praise, and one said at last he had been given glimpses of the big picture he had always longed for.  As the big picture, made comprehensible, is what we are seeking, we will need updates from many schools of thought, Paulina’s as well.

I have been corresponding with Peter Robbins of New York (snail mail) since 1989, and we met in 1991.  He has long been Budd Hopkins’ executive assistant, and since the publication of Left at East Gate Peter has become editor in chief of a New York website.  He has invited me to contribute  to his website.  My current Journal article Preamble to the Ultimate Debate has been ‘posted’ as ‘guest article’.  This is personally pleasing, but read on for the good news for us all.

Our treasurer Andrew Milani began our internet website four years ago.  He has steadily improved the display of it until it now ranks with the world’s best.  In early May Peter Robbins emailed the following:

Dear ASPR,  I wish to compliment you on your fine website and to ask that you consider establishing a link with my site <>  .Your site will be listed on our Links page ...We also invite you to trade banners with us... We wish you all the best with your website, which we look forward to promoting.”

ASPR has since accepted; links and banners have been traded.  Congratulations to Andrew as website editor for the quality of our site, and also to Simon for the high standard of the Journal which now  becomes more accessible to the world.

In April statistics showed our website received 140 hits a week from 10 countries.  Early May statistics showed we received 359 hits in a week from 14 countries.  This will surely now increase - Peter says his website gets between 12,000 and 14,000 hits per week!  Good news indeed that our dedication in ASPR/UFORUM has been offered this launching pad in New York.  We are now in touch with those gathering new insights into the way the world works.
<> has Robbins’ editorials, regular columnists, around 80 links in which ASPR heads the list of International sites.  ASPR offers access to subjects related to UFOs and the paranormal and links to over 100 sites around the world.

Our 1999  Journal of Alternative Realities is Now available,
free to members, $3 to Non members
Dear Morley,...Many thanks for the copies of the Journal -
it’s never looked better ...I will be glad to post
any articles, reviews.. by you or any of the
Journal’s other happy to do
what I can to let a lot of non Australians know about
ASPR, and what a first class publication they put out
   Best regards,   Peter Robbins” May 27/99

 M. Legg - Ed.

Friday April 16, 1999 7.30pm  Murdoch University

"Sacred Sites, Earth Energies & Cosmic Consciousness"
Paulina Howfield

Paulina Howfield specializes in Body and Planetary Energy Alignment, and has been interacting with and researching sacred sites, earth energies and their related psychic phenomena for over 15 years. Her work has taken her around the globe in her search to understand the 'messages' inherent in the geometric principles, leyline co-ordinates and symbols of the sites of our ancestors.

Using slides to illustrate her talk, Paulina will focus on the sites of the ancient Mayan, Hopi, Navajo, Egyptian and Celtic civilizations, discussing their relationship to extraterrestrials; psychic and natural phenomena; inter-dimensional time portals; and the past, present and future of our collective human identity.

February  meeting :

In Ghosts, Spirits & Exorcism, The Rev. Barry May, Senior Police Chaplain, chose several cases that showed a dark, invasive energy can inhabit homes or objects and sometimes people. In some cases the haunting stemmed from a cursed object brought into the house - a claim of many religions. When called to exorcise cases of possession or poltergeist activity, he used a cross, holy water and prayer. He told us of spiritual healings at the Manjimup Conference where 1500 attended. He said that ghosts are different from demons, and in exorcism it was an advantage to find the demon's name.

It does make one wonder if the entities of this other spirit-world or dimension manifest according to the expectations of the witness. Would people who were more religious-minded perceive a presence as a ghost or demon, while others a little more attentive to the X Files see it as an alien? At all-hours Barry's duties entails attending road accidents, breaking news to families, comforting people traumatized by crime. He came across as a dedicated Christian, but not as broad a one as you'd expect from his work as a "deliverance minister". His talk was a reminder that traditional ways of dealing with the paranormal are still in use.

Whilst on Christianity:
Michael Hesemann (Germany) interviewed "Monsignor Corrado Balducci of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and Propagation of the Faith, The Vatican.

M. Balducci remarked: " UFOs exist, there's no question about that ...Their existence can no longer be denied, for there is too much evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials and flying saucers as dominated by UFO research."

The above comes from the Appendix (9 pages) of Whitley Strieber's 1998 book Confirmation - The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us . Monsignor Balducci was quite open to the claims of UFO research and speculated on how aliens may differ from us materially or spiritually. His further statements on the above appeared on the front page of the London TIMES, Aug. 29 1998. (Viewed in Alexander Library) Britain's December UFO Magazine (page 65) mentioned the TIMES report, plus the fact that the Vatican is currently spending millions at its Tucson observatory in Arizona. Of course once it was announced officially that an alien presence actually existed, whole populations would need time to recover and adjust to new religious concepts.  is our internet address. It contains our Journals, articles, meetings, comments etc. Recent statistics of this website showed it averages 20 hits a day from 10 different countries. USA being our biggest customer.

Mary Rodwell and Elizabeth Robinson have returned after their very successful week lecturing at the UFO Congress in Nevada. They have been asked to return to the US for filming, and Elizabeth will go on to Canada and Venezuela. On August 20 Mary will talk to us about her work. Professor Frodsham will speak at the Nexus Conference in Sydney, May 21/22.

Books highly recommended: Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda (1997) is in the public library system and is the most up to date and comprehensive on the UFO mystery. Stark glimpses of what the rest of the world prefers to hide from. It concludes with a fresh realisation as to why the cover-up stays in place.

Linda Moulton Howe's Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. 2 High Strangeness. (1998) Military admissions support the many experiences that lift veils on myths, origins, and our religious origins. It's material that science and theology need to question and evaluate. It's not yet in public libraries but try requesting it.

Logo wanted. Is there anyone out there (to coin a phrase) who could design a suitable logo? The best of those submitted will receive a prize. It's for letterheads, and may replace "the Aurora - charged particlesfrom the sun" photo (top of page) used since 1993.  Artists, beam yourselves down some inspiration!

M. Legg - Ed.

Friday February 19,  1999  7.30pm  Murdoch University

Ghosts, Spirits and  Exorcism
The Reverend Barry May

Barry May served as a police officer in South Australia and Papua New Guinea.
He was ordained into the Anglican priesthood in 1969, and served as a priest in Papua New Guinea  and in South Australia and Western Australia.
He is now WA’s Senior Police Chaplain
He has been interested in the paranormal since the mid seventies, and for over twenty years has been involved in exorcisms of houses and individuals.
He is a member of the Dalkeith Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow.
He is married with seven grandchildren.

 New committee member Mary Rodwell, and author Elizabeth Robinson, (Secrets, Truth & Destiny) have just flown to the US to speak at the 8th International UFO Congress, - Laughlin, Nevada.
(Both are founders of Perth’s ACERN  -Australian Close Encounter Resource Network)     The  seven day Congress at the River Palms Resort, will have  ‘30 Top International  Speakers.’   We wish both Mary and Elizabeth an enjoyable and successful Congress, and we look forward to hearing all about it when they return.

Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D., (New Dimensions, ABC Radio) speaking about his book Seven Experiments to Change the World, emphasised the mysteries still unsolved by science:  phantom limbs; the great migratory movements of animals, fish and birds; the architectural ingenuity of termites to rebuild a nest to match the original.  When damaged and bisected by a metal sheet the nest was rebuilt with arches and tunnels corresponding on both sides of the sheet.  The mysteries supported his theory of an invisible blue-print behind nature - morphic fields.

1999, a date that stirs reflection and premonition, brings us to ASPR’s 20th year.  The Society’s early days began with it dusting the cobwebs off the claims of mediums and researchers of the last century; it grew as members enjoyed evaluating and mapping anomalies old and new.  The picture forming over the last decade seems to indicate that a psychic reality runs parallel, and a time-anomaly away, to consensus reality; that this other aspect of life - a spirit or morphic world - has become the domain of an alien presence which taunts, perhaps threatens, the normal world view.
The UFO abduction scenario which does not make sense to mainstream science, could be an attempt to decondition us from our narrow conception of reality - hopefully to expand our consciousness, our spirituality, thus enabling us to survive on earth.  There are quite disturbing interpretations of course,  but rather than repeatedly denying and turning away, ASPR has become a meeting place for healthy curiosity.  Members and people interested feel it is both enjoyable and wiser to keep looking and evaluating these increasing, well-documented, world-wide claims.

 1999 also brings a countdown to Y2K and disturbing possibilities.  By this time next year we will know how we have faired.  As pressures in the psycho-physical seem to resonate in the psychical - and vice versa - perhaps problems can be kept to the minimum by studying the matter.  Time magazine Jan 18, devoted 11 pages to it.

Harry Mason’s wide ranging and well illustrated December talk was endlessly thought provoking, with weapons testing and weather extremes.  Great satellite shots of West Australia.  Wonderful photos from the Voyager space craft made us wonder about those massive coronal discharges from the sun seemingly aimed at us, “slowing the revs of the earth, straining the tectonic plates.” -and probably affecting us as well.  Discussions continued with Harry in the supper room.

Anyone well read on UFO matters knows the NSA is behind all the coverups, denials and dirty tricks to keep the truth from US citizens  The film Enemy of the State is described by David Stratton in The Australian as “a hugely enjoyable experience” and NSA as “America’s most powerful and ruthless government security agency.”  No UFOs were mentioned but it’s recommended for thrills, a few laughs and an overload of realising what the new Big Brother surveillance could mean.
So, when you get a newsletter from your letter box just remember
to hide it in the junk mail.
And don’t look up.

 Joking, of course.
Well, half joking.

Morley Legg

"The reality that surrounds us is a ‘multiverse’ rather than a universe."Colin Wilson.

Friday  December 4th  1998  7.30pm   Murdoch University

 By Harry Mason

Harry Mason, geologist, physicist, covers developments
since his Fireball talk in June, 1997

 This new lecture will provide an update of recent fireball and other exotic anomalous events from around the planet.  Topics to be covered will include fireballs, exotic light emission events, electrical power generator and line outages, possible weather engineering, possible sabotage including several aircraft crashes involving large loss of life.

It is contended that many of these events indicate a rapidly developing alternative scenario to that being presented by the popular press.The evidence suggests several possible sources - solar activity, alien activity, or man-made weaponry coupled with international economic blackmail, or possibly a combination of these aspects.

The September meeting.

A week after speaking at the Sydney UFO Conference Elizabeth Robinson told us about her Close Encounters and the different sorts of alien beings involved.  Her descriptions of them are similar to those abductees have reported in other parts of the world.  She also went into her spiritual development and her work as a psychic healer, all of which inspired her book  Secrets, Truth and Destiny.  A cover story Is there anybody Out there? on Elizabeth and her book appeared in the West Magazine of Sept 26

An important development:  The morning after Sydney’s UFO Conference ABC Radio National interviewed a University student.  He talked for several minutes about different aspects of the UFO mystery and sounded knowledgeable and fair minded, admitting “the phenomenon doesn’t provide hard physical evidence that we can take into a lab and deduce as being evidence or proof of an abduction.”  When finally asked, “Do you believe this stuff?”  he answered,  “I believe something very important and unexplained is going on.”  It was then announced that Adam Dodd was a Queensland University Student doing an honours thesis on UFOs, and alien abduction.

In his autobiography Sounds From Another Room  - Memories of planes, Princes and the paranormal, Sir Peter Horsley (RAF Air Marshall) writes with sensitivity about different aspects (Rooms) of his life:  going to sea as a deck hand, joining the RAF in 1940, his near death experience when adrift in the English channel after being shot down, psychic encounters, the wartime UFO sightings in which senior officers became interested, suspicions of meeting an ET, becoming Air Marshall, becoming Equerry to the Royals, assassinations etc.  A very unexpected and unusual inroad into some of our pet interests.  (Leo Cooper, London 1997)

? The Annual General Meeting.   Nominations for the committee must be submitted in writing and be signed by the proposer, the seconder and the signed consent of the person nominated.  All three must be financial members of ASPR.
? Conscious Living Expo, Showgrounds Nov. 26-29.  Simon Harvey-Wilson, Mary Rodwell, Elizabeth Robinson will be speaking on 29th, 3.30 to 5.30pm.
? This year we received only enough material for one Journal of Alternative Realities (green)   We would like to bring out another early in ‘99 and therefore urge our writers to complete contributions over the holiday period.   Remaining Journals on sale to non members for $3.


Friday September  18,  1998  7.30pm  Murdoch University

My Secret life Awakened:   From Trauma to Transformation
Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree.  She is a writer, public speaker, and practises privately as an intuitive therapist and psychic healer.  She has appeared on TV and radio and in several magazines.  Elizabeth has just written a book about her UFO abduction experiences called Secrets, Truth & Destiny which has been described as “A mesmerising and eminent narrative, powerfully written ...a compelling personal journey into the energy and wisdom of the universe. Australia’s answer to the Celestine Prophecy.” (Stewart Dawes, Editor, Conscious Living Magazine.)
Her book  details the profoundly moving and evocative story of her transformative spiritual journey.  “My incredible and confronting alien encounters began in 1992.  Four years later, the depth of my inner life was dramatically revealed through spontaneous memory recall and hypnosis, disclosing a lifetime of alien interaction.”  Autographed copies of Secrets, Truth & Destiny will be available for purchase after the talk.  Elizabeth is also a director of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) which runs an abduction support group here in Perth.

 Paul Davies new book, The Fifth Miracle is about his surprise realisation that life on earth appears to have originated below earth.  Research into drilling kilometres below the ocean floor has shown that there appears to be more bio mass below the surface than on it - billions of lively organisms per cubic centimetre in deep hot volcanic vents.  (Could this be support for the Gaia myth: earth a living creature?  Are we a parasitic hybrid or the evolving earth brain?)  Prof Davies looks forward to digs below Mars and other planets to see if life exists there.  Questioned by Phillip Adams about the likelihood of aliens visiting us brought up the ‘economics’ - Our economics - meaning ET visits were extremely unlikely.  Sending signals was much cheaper than sending creatures across light years in saucers, Davies said.  Even making wormholes was too costly.
Sharing the interview, Seth Shostak (Sharing the Universe), backed the anti UFO lobby with the idea that if there was any likelihood of UFOs being a reality then “there would be thousands of University academics working night and day to prove it - for Nobel Prize recognition. And they aren’t doing that.”  An answer, as if to warn glib mainstream scientists that they are sailing into a cosmic iceberg, was provided a week later by Stanton Friedman.

UFOs are Real.
Stanton Friedman at the Burswood Theatre. (Aug25)  It was a joy to hear the ever enthusiastic nuclear physicist telling about main cases and laying down the basic facts to show there is overwhelming evidence that flying saucers and ETs are landing on earth; admittedly a lot of it shown in slides: statistics, photographs, documents. He exposed coverups and the empty statements of sceptics (really debunkers) as he went.  Paul Davies came in for a ribbing for copying platitudes he should have checked. Friedman said, “There is nothing to back up the empty statements of sceptics ... I have a grey box and everything doubtful goes in to be double checked.  Sceptics don’t do that.”  He ranged over many facets but could only gloss over some recent developments.  He beamed at receiving our Journal and during the talk held it up and congratulated ASPR/UFORUM.  About 10 ASPR people were noticed among an audience of 650!  At $37 & $29 a ticket that shows interest indeed.  Question time ended at 11.50 pm!

The July Meeting:

Simon Harvey Wilson explored the idea that Close Encounters and paranormal events are related to shifts in consciousness.  Ideas from numerous schools of research showed promise in providing a scientific understanding of the UFO phenomenon.  Shamanism, telepathy, psychokinesis, and  topology -  which covered the 11 dimensions of superstring theory -all came together in what he terms the Realm.  The realm is beyond, yet interpenetrates and enfolds, space-time.  It stores information in a nonlocal fashion which facilitates clairvoyance , telepathy and Remote Viewing.  He concluded by saying that “the Close Encounter phenomenon may be helping dissolve the barriers between this realm and normal consciousness. ... This realm is currently the subject of classified research by several governments who do not yet want the public to know of its extraordinary potential,  for fear of a religious backlash, and the challenge it poses to many long cherished scientific beliefs.”

Another realm of a sort: - Channel 9 filmed much of  the July meeting to support a 6pm news release on August 11.  It showed Simon, some of the audience, and two previous speakers:  Harry Mason, and, Elizabeth Robinson with her new book  Secrets, Truth and Destiny.
We have arrived.
Tad is an ASPR member.  His Open Eye Bookshop (416 Fitzgerald St. N. Perth)  most probably has the best collection of books on UFOs and paranormal etc. in WA.    Discounts for ASPR members.   Phone/fax 9227 7787
Our 1998 Journal of Alternative Realities will be on sale at the door ($3) or free to members who have not yet received one.   Sets of past issues are available in the following libraries:  Perth (Hay St.), Kalamunda, Battye (Alexander Lib.),  Midland,  Fremantle

Morley Legg (Ed.)

Friday July   24,   1998  7.30pm  Murdoch University

Close Encounters, Consciousness & the Paranormal
by Simon Harvey-Wilson

     Some ufologists believe that the paranormal events experienced during UFO Close Encounters show that aliens have a deeper understanding of the link between consciousness and physical reality than we do.  In this talk Simon will suggest that further research into consciousness is therefore central to a better understanding of the UFO phenomenon.
     Simon is a member of ASPR’s UFORUM committee, and is the WA representative for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).  He also teaches an Adult Education ‘UFO Studies’ class at Carine TAFE.
     This talk is an updated version of the one Simon gave to the Brisbane ‘Australian International UFO Symposium’ in October 1997, where he was the only WA speaker.

 The May talk.

Professor Frodsham spoke about the American Computer Company’s (ACC) case against AT&T and the American Air force.  ACC claims that parts of the 1947 crashed alien space-craft at Roswell had been fed into US industry and reverse-engineered into the laser, transistor, computer chip etc.  (Colonel Phillip Corso made similar claims in “The Day After Roswell.”). ACC believes that the resulting massive profits should have gone to the American people, and not to multinationals who set up ‘inventors’.  The talk dealt with the wealth of material appearing on the Internet.  What’s this got to do with psychic research?  Well, the ensuing wrangle over staggering millions of dollars threatens to unleash those treasured top secrets about UFOs and psychic research.  There could be a vein of disinformation in this to be wary of, but it’s certainly a case worth watching.  ACC claims to have Bell’s Shopkeeper Lab Note Books which were written up from the crashed alien craft,  from which ACC is producing the transcapacitor - a neural net device to revolutionise PCs by an advantage of 50 to a 1000 times in miniaturisation or memory- due on the market in 1999.

It was good to hear Prof. Paul Davies with Phillip Adams (Are we Alone. SBS) briefly mentioning UFOs and abductions.  Prof. Davies said he had experienced so called ‘sleep paralysis’: the malevolent presence, the fear etc. but labelled it lucid dreaming, and  felt that UFO stories, although sincere, were Bible/fairy stories with technological trappings.  Due to the vastness of space/time it was unlikely that ETs would visit us.  His scientific reasonings for dismissing UFOs were impressive but it does seem odd that he avoids the recent quality literature that reasons, and claims evidence, that ‘they are here.’  This is where the many sides of the question need to be openly debated, but perhaps much of what he knows is classified.

   The Constitution.
A committee meeting on June 23 questioned that part of the constitution which appears at the top of the newsletter*.  It was agreed that it should be changed to:  The object of the Society shall be to support the examination, in a scientific spirit, all anomalies and of those faculties of humankind which appear to be inexplicable on any currently recognised hypothesis.      This will enable us to examine many phenomena which, at the moment, do not fall within the purview of the Society.  Members will be asked to vote on this proposed change.  (It was also noted that according to the constitution the AGM is held in November.)

The lighter dimension.
At the 1997 UFO Symposium an MC felt such a bout of ‘abduction anxiety’ coming on after hearing the morning session that he phoned Brisbane’s Mental Health Hotline.  A voice answered:
If you are Obsessive Compulsive, press 1 repeatedly.
If you are Co-Dependent ask a friend to press 2 for you.
If you have Multiple Personalities  press 3,4,5, and 6.
If you are Delusional press 7 and your call will be transferred to the Mother Ship.
If you are Schizophrenic listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to press.
If you are a Manic-Depressive it doesn’t matter which number you press.  No one will answer.
If you are Dyslexic press 96969696969696.
If you are Paranoid we already know who you are and what you want, and we will contact you  later.
If you are an Abductee listen for the voice which already told you to forget everything.
If you have Short Term Memory Loss, please try your call again later.
If you wish to report a Conspiracy it’s too late.  The Men in Black have just pulled in to your drive.
If you have Low Self Esteem, please hang up.  All our operators are far too busy to talk to you.

The Suggestion Box:  Many thanks for the positive ideas.  We are working on them.

Paul Davies mentioned the difficulties Christianity had with the existence of ETs.  We are checking the validity of Richard Boylan’s report that the Vatican has initiated a serious study of UFOs.

Friday May 15,   1998  7.30pm  Murdoch University

Professor John Frodsham

 In July 1997, Colonel Phillip Corso published a book “The Day After Roswell” in which he stated that alien technology recovered from the Roswell crash had been back-engineered by the United States.
Shortly afterwards Jack Shulman, President of the American Computer Company announced independently that his firm had developed a device called the transcapacitor which it had back-engineered from laboratory notebooks dealing with technology from the Roswell crash.
The transcapacitor will be on the market next year and should revolutionise our PCs.
The lecture will discuss the implications of these developments with particular reference to the American Computer Company’s extraordinary claims.

 The March Meeting:

Discovering the Alien Agenda
Warren Aston told of the 1940 Udo Wartena case, in which Udo claimed two ETs invited him aboard a ‘saucer’ where he spent two hours talking with the crew. Warren was convinced of the importance of the case after studying Udo’s handwritten accounts and talking with Udo’s family in Montana, USA..

The two human-looking ETs behaved impeccably - as we would expect from evolved intelligence  (a welcome change from the usual intimidating abduction by ‘greys.’)  They appeared to maintain a strict non-interference policy with regard to religions or cultural matters, although they did advise that we develop “a cheaper and more practical energy source” which would be “of the utmost importance to mankind”  (Something our oil monopolies would advise against.)  They made allusions to prior visits to earth - to live among us from time to time for long- term surveillance  and to ‘give help where needed.”  Warren reminded us that  “help where needed” had not prevented wars, plagues or famines, but there were clues that they have leaked technology to us (see ‘slide’ box over) to entice us away from a preoccupation with tribal warfare to, hopefully, the intrigue of refinding our place of origin in the stars.

The craft appeared to be water-fuelled (hydrogen) with a propulsion system capable of overcoming gravity laterally, the details of which  led into Nanotechnology - manufacturing through the control of matter at the molecular level.  It is now realised that US pioneers of nanotechnology were members of MJ12 which was formed to study UFOs - and surely the one recovered at Roswell.

This early contactee case, uncontaminated by coverups and disinformation, gives glimpses of the agenda of at least one ET group and nudges us to ask not so much who the aliens are, but who we are.  Warren suggests we stop avoiding the inevitable religious and philosophical implications of extra-terrestrial contact.

His concluding remarks:  “While the long term prospects may be positive and exciting, the revelations likely to come in just the next few years have the potential to rock our society to the core....I suspect that there will be some surprises in store for all of us as the great cosmic drama between light and darkness is played out as we face - and then hopefully embrace - our real origins and our ultimate destiny.

The long, wide ranging talk (his segment of humour brought the house down) formed corroborations between old and new research that offered more hope of embracing ‘the wider reality of the universe.’
The large audience responded with long, loud applause.

     “We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us.  More I cannot say at present.  We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers....”
                                                                                                                                    Dr.Wernher von Braun. (1/1/1959)

     “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been the people of other worlds.”                                                                              Dr. Hermann Oberth (1894 - 1989)

Friday March 20,   1998  7.30pm  Murdoch University


By Warren Aston - International Speaker

    “... Seven years before the Roswell crash Udo Wartena witnessed a large disk-shaped craft taking on water supplies in Montana.  He spent two hours on board conversing with the crew..”

     After four years  of investigation Warren Aston believes that this 1940 case will come to be recognised as a landmark in Ufology. He discusses exobiology, contactees, abductions, new cover-ups, a major advance in engineering science linked to revelations in Col. Corso’s The Day After Roswell, and the agenda of at least one alien group.

     Warren has lectured at Cambridge University in the UK and is a regular speaker at UFO conferences, including two symposiums in Brisbane, and the MUFON Symposium at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA in 1997.

 In February

Professor Frodsham spoke to a packed lecture theatre on the mainly hostile intentions of EBEs.  He listed key cases from key books that demolished the attempts to explain abductions away.  Most of his material was drawn from David Jacobs’ latest book Threat which dealt with information extracted from 700 abduction investigations:  Abduction runs in families; abductees are given false ‘screen’ memories.  Aliens have a highly efficient breeding programme and warn us of a magnetic pole reversal soon.  The praying mantis aliens appear to be the master geneticists - they create Hybrids which vary from alien-like to beings indistinguishable from humans.  Researchers’ viewpoints were categorised as positive or negative:  an intervention by cosmic saviours, which we experience as an expansion of consciousness;  or the arrival of that ’neither benign nor neutral’ predatory intelligence.

On Feb 26 Professor Frodsham was interviewed on ABC Radio (Thursdays ‘unusual topics’ 9.45am) on The Coming of the 2nd Millennium.  He commented on prophecies, earth changes, and said it was largely a coincidence that the millennium approached us as we were about to face the consequences  of overpopulation and planetary mismanagement - ”...our wanton disregard for the mess we’ve been making of the earth for the last couple of hundred years.”  He admitted the subject had its depressing side but that it was intellectually exciting -  “...just keeping up with what’s going on is, in itself, enormously exciting.”

Simon Harvey Wilson was also interviewed on Fremantle’s 100 FM.  He gave an excellent coverage of ASPR:  He mentioned our meetings, our interests, and encouraged people to come and hear Warren Aston.  He was asked about his experiences in India and Sai Baba.  Several people phoned in with stories and comments that led to many topics - from his UFO Studies course at TAFE to Consciousness.

Titanic is a film that certainly raises consciousness.  Watching so many people being forced to face the realisation of death amid luxury affects one.  The ship  (our technology) is in collision with an iceberg (nature).  The Titanic becomes a metaphor for the earth.

M. Legg  (Ed.)

Friday February 20,   1998  7.30pm  Murdoch University

“Neither benign nor neutral”:
Deconstructing  Alien mythology

By Professor John Frodsham

Opinions on the implications of the Alien presence fall into three contending factions,
believing respectively that:
   1)  The EBEs are benevolently  concerned with human welfare.
   2)  The EBEs are malevolent and hostile.
   3)  The EBEs are loftily impartial observers.

This presentation considers all three points of view before concluding that the weight of evidence to date  suggests that most of the Alien species we have encountered must ultimately be classed as hostile to humanity, albeit perhaps with good reason.

Books & Insights

 To lean from the psychical to the political for a change:  In Abduction John Mack  was very critical of US multinational corporations:  “Among these institutions, for-profit business corporations, which impact every part of the globe, are perhaps the most powerful agents of planetary destruction that humans have created.”  At the 1996 Brisbane symposium he enlarged on this theme to say that “society organises itself particularly through a certain elite group to determine for that society what is real.”  This organises a sense of self, a ‘world view’ of what is to be believed.

The above became particularly interesting when reading Global Spin -The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism by Australia’s Dr. Sharon Beder.  She makes a thorough investigation into the hard work transnationals have put into shaping the beliefs of society for their ends, exercising far more leverage on governments than voting citizens.  She shows how corporate control of the world media is involved in increasing consumerism to levels dangerous to the environment and society.  From her details of the common practice of scientists being carefully chosen to stress certain findings in favour of others, we begin to better recognise the parallel of Government Intelligence easily deflecting any serious study of UFOs.

Dr. Beder’s research (no talk of UFOs) implies that being ‘UFO literate’ entails our being aware of the massive tactics in place for an ‘elite group’ to create a ‘world view’ for all to believe in.  We who study ufology and think for ourselves believe this ‘world view’ needs drastic revision.

Verity James’ programme on unconventional viewpoints (ABC Radio,Thursday mornings)  began with Elizabeth Robinson speaking for 20 minutes on her abduction experiences.  Her book Secrets, Truth and Destiny (Key Publishing) should be available in May.

We have arranged for our next speaker to be flown to Perth.  Please notify friends of details

7.30pm  Friday March 20th 1998 -  Murdoch University
By Warren Aston

Seven years before the Roswell crash Udo Wartena witnessed a large disk-shaped craft taking on water supplies in Montana.  He spent two hours on board conversing with the crew.
After four years  of investigation I believe that this 1940 case will come to be recognised as a landmark in Ufology.”   “I will also examine a major new advance in engineering science.....This information is even more relevant since the release of Col. Corso’s book The Day After Roswell last July.”     Warren Aston.

     Warren has lectured at Cambridge University in the UK and is a regular speaker at UFO conferences, including two symposiums in Brisbane, and the MUFON Symposium at Grand Rapids, Michigan USA in 1997.
     He is from New Zealand but since 1975 he has resided in Brisbane where he operates his own business.

90% of the universe consists of strange dark matter unlike anything we now can comprehend.”
                                                                          Robert Hazen -  MIT’s Technology Review

Morley Legg (Ed)

Friday  December 5,   1997  7.30pm  Murdoch University

Personal and Planetary Healing   ‘As above, so below
Daniel Sowelu

    Much has been said  and written about the astrological alignments at the end of the age of Pisces.  However, much of this material has reinforced the misconception that astrology reflects energies that are superimposed upon us from some external source,  a viewpoint that can abdicate taking a deeper sense of personal responsibility for how these energies work in our own lives.  Using the current astrological line-ups, Daniel will discuss how these constellations reflect our inner journey and healing processes, against the backdrop of the “Bigger Picture.”
    Daniel Sowelu (B.Sc. Dip Ed) is a therapeutic and experimental astrologer, Primal therapist and group leader in his 14th year of practice.  He has specialised in integrating traditional astrology with alternative psycho-therapies and the meditation arts.  He also writes the Searching the Stars column for Nova.

The September meeting.

 To digress for a moment; in some ways the apprehensions arising from the world stock market turmoil is indicative of an apprehensive humanity waiting for the official truth about UFOs.  Would it be good news or bad news?  In both scenarios -stock exchange or paradigm exchange - the serious players would be anxious to see whether all they believed in, and in a sense bought real estate in, would meet with triumph or disaster.  Such anxieties do hang in the air.  In Adelaide I spent hours browsing through the Sceptic’s Journals (none in Perth’s Alexander) as I feel it part of a researcher’s job to explore both sides of the divide.  The contents reminded me that there is, unfortunately, a war between ‘them and us’, and a tone of ridicule and contempt is apparent in many articles.  Reactions occur.  I have met sceptics who are openly contemptuous of our delvings, and luckily, sceptics who are respectful of opposing views and who seem able to adjust. (Some ASPR members started out as sceptics)  A point of truce is the physicists claim that the distinction between past, present and future is humanity’s illusion.  This is a humbling concept when it means none of us really have the last word even though on off days we feel it is appropriate to try.  Knowledge of these tensions should enable us to make Open Discussion Nights more conducive to sharing diverse experiences and ideas  Many thanks to the people who did so.  Airing such data and comparing it with that of other countries should help us to understand what is happening

 The International UFO Symposium in Brisbane was quite wonderful.  There were sixteen speakers.  The main fault was having to cram information of the astonishing kind -with no time to digest it - every day!  Simon Harvey-Wilson’s opening talk on Conscious-ness was well received.  Professor  Sun Shili from Beijing University received tumultuous applause as he approached the microphone, and again for conveying greetings from China’s UFO buffs and his thanks for being invited to Australia.  (A heartfelt hope that facing the UFO mystery together dissolves world conflicts?)  China too has UFOs and abductions.  His ‘civilian’ UFO newsletter goes to 323,000  (ours to 300)  Half a million copies of the first main UFO publication sold out in ten days.  With slide projections, and speaking through an interpreter, he dealt with three main cases.  Budd Hopkins with slides of his art, surveyed human initiative and spirituality carrying us through alien contact. Joe Lewels (The God Hypothesis) went further along these lines with his Christian beliefs.  Glennys Mackay spoke of her contacts and spiritual work.  Bob Dean ended on this note, but began with his military background to reveal the astonishing knowledge already gleaned about different sorts of aliens in the fifties, and more in following decades.
Colonel Stevens (Air Force Intelligence) confirmed this early knowledge, adding his research into major leaks from Area 51.  Giorgio Bongiovanni spoke of contact with beings and his permanent stigmata. Graham Birdsall of Britain’s UFO Magazine ran through UK cases, particularly Bentwaters.  He advised us to watch developments on Pyramid research (Bauval/Hancock etc.)  Warren  Aston intrigued us with his research on a pre Roswell contact case which remains uncontaminated with disinformation.  Warren has lectured in the US.  We are arranging his coming to Perth.  Alfred Bielek, the last speaker, took us all by surprise.  Al, a US Navy physicist (Harvard) is a survivor from the Philadelphia Experiment -1940-43-83!  He is tall, erect, 81 years and, speaking without notes and leaving much of the miraculous understated, a master of the complex story that ends (and begins) after jumping from a ship disappearing into hyperspace.   ‘We fell.... and we fell ...and we fell ... and we never hit the water....

 Some hours later after closing ceremonies 8 of us were in the restaurant talking of little else but Al Bielek.
We ran through aspects of the story until someone would shake their head and we would laugh and laugh - a delicious unloading of the tensions of the days.  It was a pattern repeated when others dropped by to comment and question.  His story of being caught in the rent in space-time was remarkable.  We respected him, we loved his talk but the jury is still out ...well, until we hear from those who booked to go to his workshops.

 Eleven ASPR members attended the Symposium:
Simon Harvey-Wilson, Judy Bryning, Richard Birkett, Matthew Richards, Ellis Taylor, Marie Ward, Mary Rodwell, Wendy Meynert, Elizabeth Robinson, Sheila Legg, Morley Legg .

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