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Journal of Alternative Realities

March 96


Editorial................................................. Morley Legg
Ufology on the Internet.............. Michael Jordan
UFOs Yes! But are they Real?................ Michael Jordan
The MUFON Symposium............... Morley Legg
From the Files............... Brian Richards
Fire and Brimstone................ Simon Harvey-Wilson
An Expansive Experience.............. Marianne Batenburg
UFO Propulsion and Element 115............. Simon Harvey-Wilson
In Defence of Dr. Mack............... Michael Jordan
Letter in Defence ................. Dr. Bruce Cornet
Recommended Book List ........... The editors
Transmundanus............ Brian Richards
Book Reviews................ S. Harvey-Wilson, M. Legg

Copyright: ASPR/UFORUM March 1996 Perth, Western Australia

ASPR holds public lectures, usually every two months. Members are notified by post.


Before attending the MUFON Symposium in Seattle it seemed sensible and psychologically correct to brush up on the sceptics position by reading Curtis Peebles Watch The Skies: A Chronicle of the Flying Saucer Myth. Peebles was deft at watering down all UFO cases to rational explanations - even to the cattle mutilations being due to predators, that insects often leave a clean surgical-like wound. Believing that sceptics should be read as a means of maintaining balance I easily gave in to maybe it is just fantasy hype, maybe we do over-dramatise and enjoy having our UFO expectations justified. But then after hearing the MUFON speakers in Seattle (in fact after meeting Kelly Cahill and hearing of her abduction) it seems only right that we should also speculate on the what if its true? scenario, just in case it is true.

Mankind has long held the belief that there is a spirit world populated by our ancestors - along with a menagerie of good and bad demons that can exert some influence on earth life. But the rise of science that focussed on mechanistic concepts was able to discredit such beliefs by maintaining that the paranormal arose out of faulty perception. And as for Extraterrestrials, science maintains that although they probably exist they would reside on planets too distant to make it possible for them to visit earth. However, they would probably try to contact us by signals only detectable by radio telescopes. Science never expected that they were already here, filling up the vast spirit or nether region that exists right beside us, through which they seem to have easy access to life on earth.

Assuming there could be some degree of truth in this - the reporting of abductions and aliens from reliable witnesses is growing - we should attempt to map the relationship between our earthly existence and alien existence, and to see if we have the means or need to bridge the gap on our terms. We are severely handicapped by science and the media not taking credible reports seriously, and by their conviction that our spherical earth proves there are no dimensions beyond three physical ones plus time. However, the much reported easy-access of aliens to earth life raises provocative questions:

What is their origin? What is their goal? Is it short term or long term as far as we are concerned? Is it purely predatory or partly so? How and when have they gained access to earth life? Are they old inhabitants of the unseen dimensions known by mystics and recorded in myths, or are they newcomers? What grade or sort of intelligence is it? What do they want from us? To what degree is humanity handicapped, endangered or enhanced by their intervention in our affairs? Is it better to know about it, or not know about it? What is their population? Is there an intelligence behind the intelligence of these visitors? Is the abduction routine a sham for some other purpose? If we are in danger, is the government we voted in providing a military force capable of protecting us?

These questions may have seemed absurd to an outsider, or even to members of ASPR when it first began 16 years ago, but the growing number of world reports of a cover-up and the stories of abductees are now too voluminous to ignore. It is a sign that since the alleged stagnation in psychical research in the mid eighties, as ABC Radio Science Show presenter Robyn Williams once commented, we have made progress in unearthing a new phenomenon. Thus we have suspicions that a new reality is emerging from 20th century scientific reality? However, TIME Magazine (Feb.19th,96) devoted nine pages to Is Anybody Out There? - where astronomy experts placed the main hope of finding traces of alien intelligence on specks of planets 45 light years away. No mention of abduction stories at all. Which view will become the more accurate? An intriguing discrepancy looms when we are faced with a last minute report like Ufology on the Internet.

The idea of a UFO splitting and going in two directions and disappearing, as often reported, is analogous to us standing at a fork in the road. That is where we stand now in our map-making with Linda Howe warning of the dark and menacing side of UFO research, warning that humanity could be in danger by remaining ignorant of an alien presence that was neither benign nor neutral. (see page 8) Whereas on the other hand we have John Macks research findings that facing the trials of abduction results in the expansion of both consciousness and spirituality. Much of the New Age movement echoes such rosy expectations.

Are we faced with choosing either the bad or the good, or being prepared to cope with a more intensive mixture of both? Is this the pressure that might initiate another step in our evolution? The articles in this issue consolidate our knowledge and nudge us in new directions. Hopefully we can enjoy assembling a diversity of theories that can help us choose the right paths to follow.
The common retort of sceptics is But youve got no evidence. We have a good answer to this in Michael Jordans UFOs- Yes! But are they real? and also in his obtaining permission to publish Dr. Cornetts Letter In Defence of Dr. Mack from the Internet. The evidence is there for those willing to look for it. Sightings shows there are traces of it locally. Fire and Brimstone and Element 114 provides some enjoyable speculation. A UFO book list was offered on the Internet, but UFORUM decided on one of its own which is more up to date. Transmundanus and An Expansive Experience remind us that there are poetic and gentler ways of sensing the Cosmic mystery.

Finally the book reviews provide the necessary balance to show we are not solely interested in UFOs. Authors Peter Fenwick and Barbara Brennan dont even mention them but they explore dimensions - through the study of healing and the afterlife - from which aliens may intrude into our mindscape.
Morley Legg




The magnitude of articles floating around out there in cyberspace on our favourite subject of UFOs is probably greater than the number of these enigmatic craft visiting our planet.

The Internet abounds with articles on every aspect of ufology. These range from current information on recent events, meetings, sightings, films etc. from respected researchers and reasonably reliable sources, to wild speculation and obscure theories long since discarded by mainstream researchers.

If one treads warily between contributions from cranks, prompted by some ego-driven compulsion to inform the world of their privileged insights; there is much of interest and value on the Internet.

Dr. Richard Boylan recently told of a NASA scientist, Dr. Bergruns revelation that NASAs Voyager space probe of Saturns rings took photographs of an estimated 7,000 mile long elliptical shaped craft orbiting in the rings.

When I emailed Richard Boylan for original details of this saga, he responded by email telling me that NASA Science Consultant Richard Hoagland was to meet with the Washington Press Club (Friday 15th March 96) along with other NASA scientists. Boylan claimed that the rumoured subject of that meeting was the disclosure of evidence of extraterrestrial artefacts found both on the Moon and Mars

So far no news in the Australian media about this meeting
Michael Jordan


by Michael Jordan

Recently in the course of work, I talked with a young student who was obviously suffering from anorexia. As she sat opposite me, her frail voice seemingly just able to escape her skeletal frame, she assured me that the problem was simply the fact that she was overweight. I wondered what bizarre twist of the human mind was able to develop that unshakeable conviction despite all evidence to the contrary. Quite simply, she had made up her mind that her perception was the correct one and either was not interested in or had insulated herself against the opinions or observations of others. In many respects this is not unlike the attitude of most sceptics when it comes to the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Early in 1995, nuclear physicist and lecturer Stanton Friedman examined much of the relevant evidence leading to the conclusion that some UFOs are intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is outside our solar system. Beginning with the correct assumption that most UFO sightings tum out to be conventional phenomena viewed under unusual or difficult circumstances, Friedman firmly made the point that despite this fact, it would be irrational and illogical to assume that all sightings must therefore fit into this category. Friedman also noted that both the quality as well the volume of sightings far exceeded his expectations.

Fundamentally the evidence for UFOs depends on sighting reports, radar tracking (including simultaneous radar/visual sightings), still and moving pictures, close encounters involving one or more witnesses and physica traces (thousands of recorded cases).

There have been literally thousands upon thousands of UFO sightings covering centuries and spanning the entire globe. Stanton Friedman writes, The notion that most sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects are dimly seen under poor circumstances by incompetent observers for a very short time is both irrelevant (even if it were true) and demonstrably falls on its face." (Friedman,1995).

In its categorisation of more than three thousand sightings, Project Blue Book Special Report 14 defines UNKNOWNS as sightings, "wherein the description of the object and its manoeuvres could not be fitted to the pattern by any known object or phenomenon." (Davidson, 1976) Twenty one point five percent of all sightings evaluated fell into this category. Of primary importance was the consistent finding that UNKNOWNS constituted the best quality, most detailed sightings, posing the question - if we have so much detail about them and they do not fit any of the known criteria (aircraft, natural or astronomical phenomena etc.), then what are they?

"Why are UFOs only seen by people when they are alone ?" ask some sceptics. Not true. Mass sightings, that is large numbers of craft seen at the same time, as well as single craft, have been viewed by multitudes. Countries such as Mexico, Belgium, Peru, China and America have all been treated to such displays. On the nights and early mornings of July l9, 20, 26 and 27, 1952, UFOs flying over the Capital buildings in Washington DC (the cheek of them!), so violated restricted airspace that President Trueman asked to be advised on all developments.

There were thousands of sightings over Belgium in 1989/90, sometimes on three radars at the same time. When all terrestrial and meteorological expatiations were exhausted, Colonel Wilfried deBrouwer, the Chief of Operations of the Belgian airforce was left with two questions. "Why Belgium?" and "What is their technology?".

One point that needs constant reiteration is the fact that highly qualified observers consistently report sighting UFOs. Documents retrieved under the Freedom of Information Act, indicate that UFOs visited important military bases across the United States in 1975. Unusually lighted objects were viewed by service personnel from bases in North Dakota, Michigan, Maine, Montana, Florida and New Mexico.

The majority of sightings by astronauts were subject to strict censorship but not before Major Robert White, Donald Slayton, Commander Eugene Cernan and Major Gordon Cooper had spoken about their observations. Major Cooper also testified before the United Nations, "I believe that these extra-terrestrial) vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets."

When any subject is as shrouded in deliberate disinformation and controversy as the presence of unidentified flying objects in our space, perhaps the first step towards trying to clear some of the haze should be to pose some questions. For example, one could begin by asking in all sincerity, "If UFO's are merely the results of misidentification of everyday phenomena, then why in heaven 's name are government agencies such as the National Security Agency, the CIA, the FBI, the DIA and the military, not only collecting and retaining thousands of documents, but classifying them TOP SECRET, denying their very existence and resisting affidavits requiring their disclosure ? Under Freedom of Information action by CAUS (citizens against UFO secrecy), the CIA alone has released over nine hundred pages of documents in relation to UFOs and over one thousand pages have been extracted from FBI files. Friedman writes on this matter:

An appeal in Federal Court resulted in the National Security Agency being forced to search its files for UFO information. They found two hundred and thirty nine UFO documents including seventy-nine from other agencies of which twenty-three were, believe it or not, from the CIA. They released none. They were petitioned to show the one hundred and sixty NSA documents to the Judge, Gerhardt Gesell, so that he could determine whether they were properly invoking national security. They refused to show him any of the documents, but did provide him with a twenty-one page TOP SECRET ++IN CAMERA Affidavit justifying their withholding." (Friedman, I995).

Why don't the majority of scientists exhibit a more positive approach to the whole question of UFO research? A part of the answer to this question has to do with the fact that ufology throws up information which is heretical to some scientists. Just as Cardinals of the church ready to condemn Galileo, refused to look through their telescopes because they knew he was wrong, the antics of UFOs are too disturbing to be taken seriously by most scientists. Quite simply, if UFOs are alien craft, then the careers of some of the people responsible for maintaining the body of assumptions that make up our present consensus reality, are at risk.

To be fair it is a mistake to expect any simple solutions or conclusive proof, precisely because the phenomenon is complex and the form of UFOs has changed radically over time, appearing to stay just in advance of our own space technology, in defiance of the laws of physics (as we understand them). Probably the most respected and knowledgeable authority on UFOs was Dr. J. Allen Hynek who spent most of his life studying this subject. In relation to his research Dr. Hynek wrote:
In the area of UFOs, deeper acquaintance reveals a subject that has not only potentially important scientific aspects but sociological, psychological and even theological aspects as well. (Fowler, 1980)

Friedman, Stanton (1995). The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of F1ying Saucers.
Fowler, Raymond ( 1980). The Andreasson Affair. Introduction by J. Allen Hynek



The MUFON 1995 International UFO Symposium

by Morley Legg

Anyone with a persistent interest in UFOs, or even in related paranormal and New Age matters, should make at least one visit to a MUFON Symposium in their lives. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) holds a Symposium in a different state of the US each year. The trouble is that if you attend one, like this one in Seattle, you will want to attend the next, to catch up with the friends and interesting acquaintances you met previously. The social aspect is a necessary ingredient to aid in understanding the explorations into new and uncharted territory. The Symposium has a cost, of course, around $60 US for all sessions over three days, plus $320 hotel fees for four nights. Food is extra and what with an air fare to the US it can by awfully expensive, but the journey itself and the amount of close hand knowledge you receive makes it unforgettable, and worthwhile.

By Friday July 7, 1995, at the massive Red Lion Hotel in Seattle, 500 had registered to hear the 14 top speakers on the widening frontiers of the UFO mystery. Everyone had a name tag with country or state and it was good to see the sprinkling of international visitors. Across from the great ballroom where the lectures were to be held the Vendors room was being set up by the sellers of books, videos, brochures, alien jewellery, tee shirts, gadgetry, one of which was a mini metal UFO that spun in midair for five minutes - even when you passed your hand beneath it - on magnets and gyroscopic stability. ($40)

The Reception opened Friday night and by 7.30 the area was full and it was a struggle to get around the buffet table, or to the bar, but the closeness helped the exchanging of greetings with a surprising number of people. Phillip Klass, the major sceptic (or debunker), was present and being greeted warmly. I shook his hand and said I was pleased that he attended these meetings. I have to, he quipped, The CIA insists on it. A joke of course. It seemed understood that Phillip is so set in his disbelief and responses that he is no longer taken seriously, and forgiven - though he was later twice caught photographing and taping lectures when signs outlawed it.

It was fortunate that the night before I left Australia the UFORUM committee interviewed Kelly Cahill and was riveted by the telling of her UFO experience. This multi-witness case was of great interest to many US listeners, the first being Linda Moulten Howe. She had just returned from England after making a study of their current crop circles. I questioned her on what I called the darker side of UFO research - cattle mutilations - and she admitted the findings were disturbing, and said she had been wondering whether to make a clear break from her submitted talk and to issue a warning that humanity could be in danger . She felt it was time the implications should be taken seriously.

In the Vendors room Robert Girard had set up his counter on the end wall, and received a free copy of our June Journal of Alternative Realities, which he thumbed through and said he liked it and would be quite eager to sell them in the US for $6 US (He didnt say what he thought of the article on him and ARCTURUS). He wasnt the only book seller on UFOs. Several others had tables. I asked the girls at Wildflower Press how they coped with the savage reviews Robert Girard gave some of their books. They looked sheepish for a moment and then said with profound diplomacy, We love him and forgive him and it no longer bothers us, and we shared a giggle. Katharina Wilson had also set up a table. I gave her our June Journal in which her letter to Andrew our treasurer appeared. We too had exchanged letters and she had compiled for me a folder containing papers and brochures on her work.

Saturday morning the ballroom began filling quickly. The Symposium opened with the Welcoming Address by Chairperson Marilyn Childs, MUFONs Regional Director. The first of the speakers, Katharina Wilson, calm and assured, began by telling of her abduction experiences and her efforts to comprehend them through piecing together the jig-saw of happenings. Although she has been criticised for haziness between waking life and dreams and abductions, her meticulous presentation of material confirmed clarity and sincerity. Her closing words to the rapt audience of 900 were:

Although the only information I have to go on may be circumstantial to most people, it is with an inner knowing that I continue on this path of discovery. For all we know about it, the UFO phenomenon may simply be a vehicle for human evolution, and a way for us to discover ourselves and the incredible universe in which we exist.

There were nine speakers on Saturday. Restrictions on space prevents mentioning them all. Dr. Lewels fascinating talk Quantum Physics discovers the Holographic Universe showed how the holographic model confronted mainstream science with the likelihood that there may be a more subtle reality underlying objective reality, prompting it to face up to the existence of UFOs and the paranormal. His concluding remarks (similar in ways to Katharina Wilsons) focussed on the religious or moral aspects implied by the holographic model. He stressed that we are an integral part of the environment:

The lesson is that we are interconnected to all living things... animals, plants, the air we breathe, the rivers lakes and oceans and the earth itself.....we must have tolerance and show respect for others regardless of race, religion, skin colour, nationality, sex, sexual preference, or planet of origin. How many of us can say we are able to do that?

Michael Lindemanns talk, Maps, Myths and Millennial Madness, seemed the most enjoyable because it was the most dramatic. There was an immediacy in response of the audience as he ran through the experiences of key figures, and wittily listed the different scenarios to best account for the enduring patterns of high strangeness. He stressed the value of maps to gain an idea of where we stood in relation to the alien presence. The map is not the territory, he stressed as he ranged over the maps of the past and those to come. His rhetoric was exhilarating:

There is an overwhelming sense that we are being intruded upon; that our destiny is no longer our own, or ever was; that we are pawns, even spectators, in a drama vastly larger than we can see, much less understand...

Stanton Friedman displayed his painstaking knowledge of the Roswell case, nit picking and splitting hairs in efforts to get an even sharper focus on these events, which each day slip further into the past. An interesting, restless intelligence at work..

Spaceships of the Pleiades. The Billy Meier Story. Karl Korff , beginning with I am not a believer or a sceptic, I am a researcher. told of the cloak and dagger lengths he went to in Switzerland to clear up the suspicion that Billy Meiers photographs of UFOs were not genuine. He found clear evidence that they have been hoaxed. He claimed Meier had long preyed on the gullible and consequently had handicapped genuine UFO research.

Sunday: The social aspect again in the restaurant for breakfast, catching up on gossip from Paul Norman and Judith Magee (Melbourne) and later Glennys Mackay (Queensland) to hear of her canvassing speakers for a symposium in Brisbane. The gossip between talks proves endlessly fascinating when so many people with different backgrounds and experiences are eager to talk It was a bonus meeting Mildred Biesele, State Director of Utah, whom we arranged to meet a month later in Salt lake City. She had been to nearly every Symposium since 1977. At her home we met a German scientist who told of a young woman abductee who had just reported a similar story to Kelly Cahills. He also admitted he would not dare tell his university colleagues that he had been to a UFO Convention in USA.

Sociology Professor Charles Emmons spoke of the prejudice ufologists faced from academe, which often saw them as a handicap to funding. The single strongest motivation is the curiosity that comes from having had ones own experience. ....People are gradually coming to develop their consciousness beyond scientific materialism.

Then came the highlight of the afternoon. Linda Moulten Howe began telling of her recent visit to England and showed pictures of the latest crop circles. She said tests were now able to prove whether a crop circle was either man-made, or was formed by the stalks appearing as if they had been suddenly forced to grow bent in an unexplainable way. She also played the recording of a raucous sound that was heard during a cattle mutilation in New Mexico, and told of the reactions of a shocked and hesitant farmer who had witnessed a cow being dragged along by an invisible force. Lindas work has often been dismissed by sceptics who believe predators are responsible for the mysterious clean surgical cattle mutilations. She showed slides, first advising the squeamish not to look, of the bloody mess predators made. Then she made her suggested departure from the talk and added her stunning address, her State of the Planet message. Her plea was that perhaps it was time that humanity should be warned of the dangers of an alien presence that was neither benign, nor neutral, and that was completely ignored (apparently) by Government and media. She said that communion with aliens was as difficult as viewing seven different films on seven screens with seven sound tracks playing at the same time, with humans trying to make sense of it. It took her 25 minutes over time. She closed to thunderous applause. In the foyer, immediately afterwards, she was surrounded by a growing mass of people asking questions.

The closing hour involved a panel of the fourteen speakers answering questions from the audience. During this session two people who had just flown in after seeing the Alien Autopsy film in England were introduced to voice their opinions. They ranged from The film may have merit but more tests need to be made to We dont need this film which is probably faked and can only damage ufology. We already have enough evidence.

A final announcement was that the 1996 MUFON Symposium would be in Greensboro, North Carolina. Many began their hurried goodbyes after this, but a good hundred stayed overnight and left at various times on the Monday morning. The general assessment was that Symposiums did vary, but this one, the 26th, ranked with the best.

A portable laser powerful enough to cut cowhide requires an electrical generator the size of a large freezer. ... If you could afford such a laser; why would you lug it out to a field in the middle of the night where a farmer might take a shot at you for messing with his cows? Why not just buy your own cow? And how are the cows killed without a struggle and no tracks and no blood.?
Linda Moulten Howe

The psychic increase and growth of perceptive abilities, however, occurring after the abductee is aware of the intrusions, may indicate a different genesis - an internal evolution of consciousness -stemming from our need to know what is and what has been done to us, and what we can do to meet the situation in a more empowered position.
Karla Turner


by Brian Richards

For those with a special interest in UFOs, it has been decided to run several sightings reports from our files in each edition of the Journal. These reports will be picked at random from around 199l/92 to the present time, but some will have been selected for their high degree of strangeness.

Silent Triangle 5th March 1992. The witness, Jackie L. of Kalaroo, WA., was travelling north along Wanneroo Road at 8.5Opm when she noticed a bright light behind her at 45 degrees. The light seemed to keep pace with her car. First impressions were that it was a helicopter. When the witness turned left into Whitfords Avenue, she was surprised to see in front of her a large triangular-shaped craft with white lights at each apex. Off-centre, towards the rear shone a green light. No sound was heard, and as she watched, the object simply vanished.

Glowing Rainbow 2nd September 1992, Junnacubbine, WA. The witness, Yvonne, was putting the cat out at 10.40pm. She noticed their pig sheds some distance away were bathed in an orange glow. A further distance away, about two kilometres, a rainbow shaped arch of light hovered just above the ground. On each 'shoulder' of the arch were two white lights. The whole 'arrangement' of light was estimated to be larger than two jumbo jets. Yvonne's husband, Ron, watched through binoculars until the object disappeared over the brow of a hill and faded out. There may be no connection to this incident, but a woman in Northam reported hearing a strange humming sound at 10.30pm the same night.

Bedroom Incident 23rd February 1993, lam. A husband and wife, 'David and Susan' of Leda, WA woke up at 1am to find their young daughter, Anna, crying. Their son, four was still asleep but the girl was standing in her cot very distressed. When Susan woke up, she had a strong impression she had been inside a UFO. When David awoke, he found the room illuminated by a bright light. He was unable to identify the source. He was sleeping in a different room to his wife that night. David felt apprehensive, on the verge of panic. Something was going on outside he didn't understand. The couple felt nauseous and sleepy.
When sleep did come it was short lived, because at 2am they were awakened by a sound like a train, but the nearest track was twenty kilometres away at Baldivis. The noise seemed to come from the east and was accompanied by a throbbing sound. They could also hear two helicopters which circled for fifteen minutes, perhaps searching for something.
The couple felt uneasy and apprehensive for the rest of the day and suffered headaches. Sand was inexplicably found in the son's bed. David's watch, checked at 1am was found to be one hour forward. It was never known to be wrong. David is a prison warden and an accurate reliable timepiece is an essential requirement for his job.

Missing Time August 1991. The witness, Dean, cannot recall the exact date. The event occurred when the witness was travelling on his motorbike towards Hall Creek. At about 8pm he spotted a UFO overhead. The occupants of two other cars had stopped to view the object. At this point Deans motorbike cut out. He dismounted to find the fault, suspecting a disconnected HT lead. He then remembers kick starting the bike and continuing along the road. His destination was only ten minutes away (from start to finish), but was amazed to find the time was lO.20pm. He had 'lost' two hours and seventeen minutes and also discovered a fresh scar on the back of his ankle Dean has been troubled by the incident and is trying to find out what really happened.


by Simon Harvey-Wilson.

One reason that is often given as to why the US government has not been studying the UFO phenomenon, or does not have a crashed UFO hidden somewhere, is that if it did, military hardware, or technological advances, would have appeared over the last few decades that did not have a convincing research and development background. In other words the scientists involved would not have been able to explain where they got their ideas from without mentioning UFOs.

This attitude of course assumes that these hypothetical classified military researchers are such idiots that they would give the game away in this fashion, which is not very likely. But it does raise an interesting question. How do you take advantage of an alien-inspired technological development without raising suspicion? One solution would be to keep it in reserve, perhaps for years, until normal human ingenuity invented it anyway, although it is hard to imagine that any government would be that patient.

On the other hand, the process might work the other way round. Even if they do not have any recovered UFOs, the US military could not have failed to accumulate a comprehensive data base on the appearance and performance characteristics of UFOs. (Some of that information might even have come from reading UFO magazines.) In addition to their own classified research, if the military analysed normal scientific discoveries from unclassified sources, sooner or later something might turn up to help them understand more about UFOs. In this respect the general public could be seen as a money saving source of back-engineering by proxy. It is well known that patent offices in most western nations will confiscate (or should that be 'steal'), and then classify, any invention that they consider has national security potential.
Bearing this in mind, consider this recent invention. On 23rd November 1994 a photo and four line caption appeared in the Western Australian newspaper called 'The Sunday Times'. It showed a small glass sphere on a long stalk next to a much larger-by-comparison commercial light bulb. Datelined "Washington", it read: "This electrodeless sulphur lamp, which blasts gas with microwaves to produce a bright white light much more cheaply than conventional bulbs, has been invented by Fusion Lighting Inc for the Defence Department. One lamp can replace nearly 100 conventional high-intensity bulbs.

I heard no more about these lamps, and they certainly didn't appear in my local hardware store, until I picked up the December 1995 edition of 'Popular Science' magazine. There, as part of their 8th Annual 'Best of What's New Awards', was another small article on the SOLAR l000 sulphur bulbs, as they now seem to be called, which were the magazine's Grand Award Winner in the Environmental Technology' section.

The article claimed that the bulbs put out more light than ninety 100-watt incandescents and consumed 25% to 50% less energy. "Microwaves excite sulphur powder inside the bulb's hollow quartz sphere. The resulting glow resembles natural light, which is more aesthetically pleasing than that of many fluorescent or mercury-vapour bulbs. Apparently the bulbs were due to hit the market in the 1996 northern spring for use in large buildings, such as factories or shopping malls.

So what is so interesting about some newly invented bulbs that produce a blindingly bright light by stimulating sulphur with microwaves? Perhaps nothing, but they do have three features in common with UFOs.

Firstly, UFOs too are sometimes blindingly bright, yet witnesses often report that this light seems different from the normal bright lights they encounter in their daily life. Perhaps the same technology is used to illuminate the outside of UFOs, although conventional wisdom among ufologists suggests that this is done by somehow causing the atmosphere around the craft to fluoresce. It has been suggested that UFOs can switch this brightness on and off in order to attract our attention. Abductees also often report a puzzling, seemingly sourceless, light inside UFOs.

Puzzling light sources are not limited to UFOs. Sometimes a bright paranormal light is seen around saints and mystics. For example, in the late sixteenth century the Spanish priest Francis Suarez was seen by a fellow priest to be levitating nearly a metre off the ground surrounded by a blinding light while deep in prayer in his room.

Secondly, as well as being dazzlingly bright, some UFOs are known to give off powerful microwaves, which is just radiation or 'light' from that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls between infrared and very short radio waves. The microwave band has wavelengths between 30cm and lmm and is best known for its use in microwave ovens and radar. Microwaves from UFOs are sometimes pulsed, for reasons that we do not know. It has been suggested that this radiation may be a product of the craft's propulsion, or some sort of defensive system. It may also be how some UFOs create the bright plasma field that surrounds them.

Modern research has shown that microwaves can be used to affect the mind. This radiation might be used by UFOs as a form of camouflage to make witnesses 'see' the UFO as a less threatening object such as a cloud or helicopter; to prevent them from seeing the UFO at all; or to project a reassuring voice into the witness head.

Thirdly, UFOs, aliens, poltergeists, and even haunted houses, are occasionally associated with an offensive smell which is sometimes sulphurous in nature. The sulphur connection is perhaps the most interesting, mainly because it has a longer history. Microwaves are only a relatively recent discovery, whereas the human nose has been around for a lot longer. Likewise, it is now being suggested that UFOs and the Close Encounter phenomenon has been with us for centuries, and that evidence for this can be found in folklore, mythology, carvings, cave paintings and religious history.

Sulphur is the ninth most common element in the universe, and has a long and chequered history. From a chemist's perspective it is a non-metallic, very reactive, element that is essential to life. It is number 16 on the Periodic Table of the Elements, sandwiched between phosphorous at 15, and chlorine at 17, and is an ingredient in many chemicals, such as sulphuric acid. Sulphur is used to make gunpowder, in the vulcanizing of rubber, and unfortunately it is an ingredient in acid rain and mustard gas.

UFOs have frequently been reported flying around, or even into, volcanoes. Sulphur is plentiful in volcanic regions where its healing properties have been used for centuries either applied to the skin, or in traditional mineral drinks. Sulphur drugs are still used by modem medicine in the treatment of skin diseases. As a solid, sulphur is yellow, but when burnt in air it produces a blue flame and sulphur dioxide, a colourless, pungent, suffocating gas which can be used as a food preservative.

A gas that may be sulphurous is reported in numerous Close Encounters. In his book Dimensions Jacques Vallee reports on a strange, possibly alien being named 'Springheel Jack' that terrified residents of London back in 1837. On at least two occasions, when confronted, Jack made good his escape by spurting a fiery gas that burnt with a blue flame and rendered his victim unconscious. Vallee reports that elves were also said to be capable of affecting, or harming, humans by emitting some sort of noxious breath. In his classic books Passport to Magonia and Dimensions Vallee details the connection between today's close encounter reports and much older descriptions of entities such as fairies, elves and dwarfs. He suggests that these earlier creatures may be the same entities that we now call 'aliens'.

In the 1964 Cisco Grove UFO incident in California, a robotic looking entity emitted smoke, vapour, or gas, from its 'mouth' in an apparent attempt to get a witness down out of a tree. The effect of the odourless gas on the witness was one of gasping for breath, and then losing consciousness.

Further back in history sulphur was believed to be an ingredient in hell-fire and lightning. In fact brimstone is the ancient biblical term for sulphur. In alchemical tradition sulphur represented the soul, or the fiery male principle, which was opposed by the spirit, or watery female principle, represented by the element mercury. In the cryptography, or secret writing, of the alchemist, sulphur was represented by an equilateral triangle standing on its base. A triangle is hardly an original symbol but it would be interesting to compile a report on all the different symbols that witnesses have see on the outside of UFOs, or on the clothing of aliens, to see how often, and in what context, triangles appeared.

In the middle ages unpleasant sulphurous smells were associated with the devil. There was even a female demon, called a succubus, who seemed obsessed with obtaining semen from sleeping men, while one called an incubus could adopt various disguises to achieve its aim of impregnating women.

It is easy to see how a society dominated by religious thinking could associate the appearance of strange, occasionally foul smelling, entities with the devil. Today's abductees should perhaps be thankful that we live in marginally more tolerant times. It is estimated that in Europe over a 250 year period, starting in the mid-fifteenth century, about 150,000 to 200,000 people were executed for witchcraft, which included having sexual contact with the devil. Today in the late 20th century, such sexual interference is more likely to be attributed to 'aliens'. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that we know very much more about the origins of these entities. In his book 'Ufology' James M. McCampbell gives a list of the various other unpleasant smells associated with UFO sightings.

Do the three similarities of bright light, microwaves, and sulphur, prove that this new type of light was inspired by classified UFO research? Of course not. But noting, and speculating on, such similarities is one of the few inexpensive and interesting research methods available to poorly funded ufologists until either the military comes clean, we obtain a crashed UF0, or they land and are kind enough to hand us a spare workshop manual.

Parapsychology and the UFO by Manfred Cassirer, 1988
Occultism by Julien Tondnau, 1972
Dimensions by Jacques Vallee, 1988
Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, 1969
Miracles: A Scientific Exploration by D. Scott Rogo, 1983
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International UFO Reporter Winter 1995, Vol 20, no 5.
Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 1991


By Marianne Batenburg

My perception of "Reality" changed abruptly in December 1989. I had made an evening appointment to see and talk to a clairvoyant, who had already helped me through various crises in my daily life. A meeting of this kind with Linda often guarantees that the unexpected occurs.

Since it was a warm evening, we sat outside on her veranda, overlooking a little valley, one of those secluded pockets of nature that Darlington is well-known for. We talked-about many things occurring in our daily lives. In the background Toni Child's CD "Union" was playing. I believe the repeat button had been pushed accidentally, for the music never stopped.

Around midnight, a large light appeared on top of the pine trees in the distance. The shape was distinctly that of a giant-sized walnut. I commented that it must be the reflection of the tennis court lights but then realised that it was way past tennis-playing time. All was silent, except for Toni Child's voice singing. softly and persuasively, in the background.

Linda and I talked on quietly. Slowly, the bright light from the walnut-shape on top of the trees, started pervading the whole view of the valley. I felt totally at peace, very safe and perceived this process as totally "normal". The soft light travelled through the little valley, slowly, up to the bushes in front of the veranda we were sitting on. The shrubs and herbs looked as though they had been covered in frost; it reminded me of those occasional, beautiful early mornings when my garden in Holland had been touched by the frost during the night. This night the feeling was warm, comforting and sheltered.
This feeling and what I saw, lasted about two to three hours. The walnut shaped light had disappeared from the top of the trees and I realised that Toni Child's CD kept on singing the same words "..you will see it in your lifetime" (From the song "Stop Your Fussin"). Apparently the CD had actually got "stuck on a groove." which, I believe, is impossible for a CD. Slowly, the light and warmth started receding and eventually there was only a little patch of light left in the valley, looking like a true "fairy garden", full of tiny, glittering sparkles but that feeling of warmth and security remained.

By this time it was 4am and we had bee sitting on the veranda for six hours, so I decided to leave Linda's house and go home.

It was only when I woke up the next morning that it slowly started to dawn on me, that I seemed to have been witness to "something amazing"; or was it "so amazing" ?

I knew Reality from a daily-life-perspective and what I had witnessed and experienced this particular evening felt like Reality too.

Over the next few days and weeks, I started analysing aspects of this experience and looking for "clues" of what I needed to learn from it all. To start with, the walnut-shaped light was symbolic. Walnuts are hard on the outside, difficult to crack, but very tasty, soft and nutritious on the inside. The title of Toni Child's CD, being "Union", provoked many thoughts. "Union" with the Divine maybe? "Union" with the Self? The "Union" of humanity? I reflected on the words which the CD kept on repeating .you will see it in your lifetime. I wondered what I might see in my lifetime? Would it be "Union", with any of the possibilities I had come up with? Maybe I would witness the prophecies occur, concerning the dramatic changes to the planet and humanity as a whole, in the near future. I was also surprised at not having reacted, at the time, to the CD "getting stuck" whilst playing. The whole episode seemed so "normal" that evening. Only when I started using my Mind to make sense of the events, did I become confused.

During the months after this experience my life started changing quite dramatically. I was confronted with myself, my truths, my expectations and my fears, my marriage broke up, I was tossed into an unknown world; a world I had been seeking for many years.

This experience of "the play of Light", turned out to have been the turning point of my daily life and the true beginning of the expansion of my known reality.

I look back and realise that there was no fear, only warmth, safety and encouragement. Whatever or whoever is "out there", is Benevolent.


by Simon Harvey-Wilson

In 1989 a physicist called Bob Lazar appeared on TV in the US to announce that he had been secretly helping the military back-engineer alien spacecraft. His contribution to the project had been to help identify the fuel in one of these craft He claimed it was a non-radioactive substance that was either element 114 or 115, whose atoms were so large and heavy that they gave off Gravity Waves which, when amplified, distorted spacetime enough to enable the craft to cross vast distances of space.

Unfortunately no-one had ever heard of these elements, so UFO researchers were unable to tell if this story was disinformation. The Periodic Table of the Elements lists, in order of increasing size and weight, all the types of atoms known to occur on earth. It begins with hydrogen at number 1, and wends its way up to element 92 called uranium, the heaviest natural substance known to exist. Atoms bigger than uranium, are artificial and must be made in a nuclear reaction in a laboratory.

Over the past 50 years scientists have been systematically trying to make elements with atomic numbers higher than uranium. However most are unstable, meaning that they rapidly undergo radioactive decay into smaller atoms. For example, by 1991 scientists had only managed to make three atoms of element 109, and they had only survived for three thousands of a second. Do elements 114 or 115 exist, and are they stable enough for use in a UFOs propulsion reactor as Lazar claimed? In the late sixties nuclear physicists predicted that, contrary to the normal trend, elements around 114, might be unusually stable. But how stable is stable?

We may now be closer to finding out. NEW SCIENTIST magazine of March 2nd 1996 describes research done in Germany, where on the 9th Feb 1996, scientists briefly managed to create element 112. To do this they had fired 5 billion billion zinc ions at a lead target over a 3 week period, resulting in the creation of a single atom of element 112 which survived for less than one thousandth of a second. This, said one of the scientists, Gunter Siegert, was a long time in nuclear physics.

The German team is now keen to create element 114, which they believe may have a half-life of more than a few seconds, meaning that half the atoms in a sample will decay within that time, and half of what remains decays in the next few seconds, and so on.. Hardly stable enough to fuel a space craft. But Lazar has spoken about holding a lump of 114 or 115 to see how heavy it was, and making an indentation in it with his fingernail. One does not do this with a radioactive substance.

So we may soon find out if Lazars story is true. Physicists predictions about the stability of these elements may yet prove incorrect. In the meantime it is interesting to note that Gunter Sigerts opinion of element 114 was that ...I dont foresee any application for it.


by Michael Jordan

Members of ASPR as well as other readers will be familiar with the work of Dr. John Mack in dealing with people claiming to have experienced abduction by alien entities. Dr. Mack, a distinguished professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, was the recipient of a Pulitzer prize for his biography of Lawrence of Arabia. He is also the author of a book published in 1994, Abductions: Human Encounters With Aliens.

Needless to say neither the Harvard establishment nor the majority of Dr. Macks academic colleagues approved of his dealing with such matters. His persistence and conviction in continuing his research with abductees was viewed as a blatant act of intellectual defiance.

Early last year a Special University Faculty Committee (perhaps inquisitorial would be an apt description) was set up to examine Dr. Macks involvement with this whole subject and to determine whether such an association was appropriate for a Harvard academic. Somewhat surprisingly to many interested observers, following deliberation and review of submissions received on behalf of Mack, the committee whilst reminding him of his responsibility as a Harvard professor, confirmed his right to continue his research in his area of choice.

One of the statements received in support of Dr. Mack was from Dr. Bruce Cornet who is distinguished for research and publications in a number of science and geology journals. Dr. Cornet has a Ph.D. in geology and palynology. Although, as it turned out, Dr. Cornets submission was not used by the Harvard committee, I thought that his conviction in the face of his evidence, for the continued presence of more than one sentient, intelligent, humanoid species, to use his description, would be of great interest to ufologists in ASPR. Consequently I approached and gained Dr. Cornets permission to reproduce his letter in this edition of our journal.

Letter of Defense written for Dr. Mack

Dated: 11 March 1995

Bruce Cornet, M.S., Ph.D.
27 Tower Hill Ave.
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701

Arnold S. Relman, M.D.
Special Harvard University Faculty Committee
Office of Legal Counsel
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Dear Dr. Relman & Associates:

I have been contacted by Dr. John E. Mack, and have been asked by Dr. Mack to communicate to you my professional judgement regarding a number of issues that your Committee is addressing. I am concerned that any "findings" that you make with regard to Dr. Mack's work will be based on inadequate or biased data and misinterpretation, and on an inadequate understanding of the benefits his work is having on his patients, not to mention mankind.

I wish my present STATEMENT to be included as a formal part of the Official Record of your inquiry into the research being conducted by Dr. Mack.

My education and professional backgrounds are as follows:

I earned my B.A. in biology (1970) and M.S. in paleobotany (1973) at the University of Connecticut, and my Ph.D. in geology and palynology (1977) at the Pennsylvania State University. I did post-doctorate research in geology and paleobotany at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University (1989-1990), and worked closely with Professor Paul E. Olsen, one of the leading experts in the country on ancient climatic cycles and dinosaur evolution. I am the author or coauthor of 21 refereed scientific papers and two books, all on paleontological and/or geological subjects. I have 14 years experience in the oil industry, and was president of Geminoil, Inc., which successfully explored for and found oil on the East Coast in the early 1980's in Triassic age rocks thought to be barren of hydrocarbons. I was an integral part of the largest, NSF funded, continental coring project on the East Coast (1990-1992), which successfully recovered the first detailed history of the earth's climate preceding and during the early part of the age of dinosaurs.

During my doctoral studies at Penn State I discovered angiosperm-like pollen in rocks 100 million years older than the oldest accepted age for the flowering plants, and I publically announced my discovery not long after the majority of botanists had cast their vote for the dominant theory, which stated that no such fossils of that age could exist. Subsequent discoveries of leaves and flowers strongly support a Triassic rather than Cretaceous age for the oldest angiosperms. One of my most recent discoveries on this subject is acknowledged in the January 1995 issue of Discover magazine.

Selected references for my publications are given below:

Cornet, B., In Press. A new gnetophyte from the late Carnian (Late Triassic) of Texas and its bearing on the origin of the angiosperm carpel and stamen. In Taylor and Hickey (eds.), Angiosperm origin, evolution and phylogeny, Chapman & Hall, NY.

Olsen, P.E., Kent, D.V., Cornet, B., Witte, W.K., and Schlische, R.W., In Press. Stratigraphy of the Newark rift basin (Early Mesozoic, eastern North America): Results of the Newark basin coring project. Geological Society of America Bulletin.

Cornet, B., 1993. Applications and limitations of palynology in age, climatic, and paleoenvironmental analyses of Triassic sequences in North America. In Lucas and Morales (eds.), The Nonmarine Triassic. New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletin, 3: 75-93.

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Ziegler, D.G. and Cornet, B., 1985. Newark rift system: a potentially prolific hydrocarbon province. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bull., 69 (Abs.): 1452.

Cornet, B and Ziegler, D.G., 1985. Structural styles and tectonic implications of the Richmond-Taylorsville rift system, Eastern Virginia. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bull., 69(Abs.): 1434.

Cornet, B., Phillips, T.L., and Andrews, H.N., 1976. The morphology and variation in Rhacophyton ceratangium from the Upper Devonian and its bearing on frond evolution. Palaeontographica, 158B: 105-129.

Cornet, B. and Traverse, A., 1975. Palynological contributions to the chronology and stratigraphy of the Hartford basin in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Geoscience and Man, 11: 1-33.

Cornet, B., Traverse, A., and McDonald, N.G., 1973. Fossil spores, pollen, and fishes from Connecticut indicate Early Jurassic age for part of the Newark Group. Science, 182: 1243-1247.

With regard to the issue of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, it is my professional and academic judgement that there are ample physical, geophysical, and photographic data collected by me during my two and a half years of research into the UFO phenomenon to support the hypothesis that this planet is currently inhabited by more than one sentient intelligent humanoid species, and that this non-human species has in its possession technologies thousands of years beyond our own. Through my own personal experiences I have observed and witnessed this phenomenon, and interacted with this intelligence. From direct field investigation I have overwhelming photographic and geophysical evidence for the existence of these technologies and this intelligence, and for the ability of this species to conceal its activities through the use of technology-assisted mind control techniques and telepathy. My success in obtaining these unprecedented data appears to have been deliberately planned by the non-humans as part of a long term agenda to gradually educate mankind without causing undue harm or damage to his religious and socio-economic structures and institutions. I can state from personal contact with this species that their behavior, culture, and appearance are so different from ours that no simple and direct contact is currently possible without overloading man's capability to recover from the intellectual and cultural shock. My education by the extraterrestrials has been slow, progressive, and benign, with considerable compassion, foresight, and planning to allow me to recover from the many tolerable shocks I have endured through their revelations. Because of my scientific training and critical inquiry, I first attempted to model what I had learned in order to build a credible theory for their activities and purpose. I have attempted to falsify my interpretations wherever and whenever possible, and I required the non-humans to give me adequate redundancy of evidence before I would draw any substantial conclusions. It has been made clear to me by them that they will push our envelope of acceptance of new realities only as far as we can tolerate the rate of change (i.e. without causing rupture of the envelope). I can demonstrate from the sequence of my many personal experiences, contacts, and discoveries that they have carefully laid out many clues, symbolic and actual, for me to contemplate and/or follow as my awareness of their reality and the reasons for their methods has increased. They want us to know them without fearing them. They will no longer tolerate cover-ups.

After watching the miniseries on television called Intruders in May of 1992 (based on the work of Hopkins and Mack), I was moved to want more information on the subject of alien abductions. Prior to seeing that miniseries I had no interest and almost no conscious knowledge of UFOs or aliens. I went to the bookstore and found one book that in hindsight changed my life, research interests, and career goals. It was Silent Invasion (1991) by Ellen Crystall. From reading that book I discovered that I lived next to a major UFO hotspot in Orange County, New York. I contacted Ellen, and she took me out into the field with her. It only took two visits to the Pine Bush area before I realized that what I was seeing was too weird to be explained as either natural phenomena or conventional aircraft. I began a 20 square mile magnetic and geologic survey of the area, which was completed in 1993. From that survey I discovered magnetic anomalies that could not be produced by any natural or known phenomena. I discovered and documented locations for apparent underground transmitters of polarized magnetic photon beams out into space. One physicist told me that my data proved a theory that such a form of "invisible" light actually existed! I found areas where the magnetic background sometimes became so unstable and changed so radically that I could feel it change moment by moment. I recorded transient magnetic anomalies that were measured in tens of thousands of gammas, which is far beyond anything normal or cultural. And I witnessed and recorded my compass pointing towards the south during the photographing of a UFO performance, indicating a synchronous aerial magnetic anomaly.

I have photographically recorded with time exposures (sometimes with accompanying dynamic camcorder records) over 100 night sightings and close encounters, including low fly-overs and spectacular maneuvers of plasma lights in the sky. The shapes of these craft were anything but conventional, and they certainly were not figments of my imagination (there were sometimes multiple witnesses). Their stealth technology is awesome, and beyond anything our military has admitted to having. For example, I was in a helicopter over the hot spot in daylight when a craft buzzed us at Mach 8 less than 500 feet away. [See photo 1 photo 2 photo 3] We saw a flash of light and felt a very muffled shock wave that bounced the helicopter. We captured three such passes on film and videotape, which allowed me to determine speed and plasma light characteristics. But why then did these craft put on so many spectacular performances for my cameras? The military would not display top secret technology for any civilian camera.

I have redundant documentation that these craft use ionized plasmas [See fig 5] for light sources rather than conventional lights. I have extraordinary photographs that show plasma bubbles being generated (identified and confirmed by plasma physicists). [See fig 6] The plasma lights can be powered up to 30 times normal size and brightness, lighting up the sky and causing the ionization of the atmosphere to produce plumes of visible nitrous oxide gases. The photographs are conclusive! Such displays have to involve enormous amounts of energy. I have photographic and audio documentation that they can mimic conventional aircraft light patterns and colors, produce conventional aircraft sounds, and even change shape to confuse and/or deceive observers. From my observations, most craft travel silently; they can hover, make high speed right angle turns, and can accelerate to incredible speeds in an instant (documented with video and photographs). The performances for my cameras were clearly designed to show me their technological capabilities and how they can transformation to create illusions. I have documented with cameras on tripods two feet apart that their craft can project different images to each camera and observer. I have dozens of photographs that show how they can manipulate and bend their plasma lights by powerful magnetic force fields around the craft to produce all sorts of figures in the night sky on my photographic canvas. I have time exposures showing double helix patterns complete with nodes, Fibonacci vortices, giant loops of spiral light, and various types of wave forms, small spirals, alternating loops, and harmonic oscillations that cannot be reproduced by camera vibration or any known natural phenomena. I even have two photographs showing craft diving into the ground without any visible or detectable effect. I don't know of any stunt pilot who could create such an illusion, if that is what it was!

I have dozens of photographs that prove that the pilots of these craft are capable of either reading my mind or controlling my mind during a photographic event. Sequences of time exposures for several encounters show purposeful movements or signatures of light just after the camera shutter opened and just before it closed. [See fig 12, fig 13, and fig 14] One sequence shows a craft making right angle elevator moves timed exactly across the gaps between pictures, indicating a synchronicity that is undeniable and impossible to explain without employing some kind of telepathy! My being able to capture a craft travelling at Mach 8 past my helicopter with single photographs [See photo 1 photo 2 photo 3] taken at 1/1000th of a second is extraordinary proof that there was a mind link during the fly-by. There is no other way to account for such timing or synchronicity. The distance the lights moved at that exposure time was how I established their approximate speed. Try photographing a bullet leaving the muzzle of a rifle without knowing when that rifle is going to be fired; muzzle velocities are typically less than a third the calculated speed of the craft. I captured on film three such craft buzzing the helicopter like that, and each picture shows the plasma lights on the craft just entering the frame! I also have corroboration from a video record of one of those events. Through photographing numerous performances I became aware of changes in my mental state during the events. I found that I could override or confuse the situation by deliberately changing my thoughts and reactions, which resulted in out-of-sync patterns of light movement. Through experimentation (with willing performers) I have accumulated an extraordinary body of evidence that strongly supports if not proves the existence of intelligently controlled non-human technology on earth.

My gradual education by the extraterrestrials progressed to the point that I would sometimes be escorted by a UFO as I drove along a highway at night. A single bright white light would move close to my vehicle, and position itself just off to the right side of the highway. The craft itself was usually as black as the night sky, and only occasionally would a silhouette of its shape be glimpsed. It would pace my vehicle about 1/8th to 1/4 mile ahead of me about two or three tree heights above the ground. This light matched the speed of my vehicle, stopped with me for tolls, and made the same exit and turns I made. On several occasions such a light would precede me home (so that I would always have it in sight while driving), and then park itself in the sky for awhile before leaving or blinking out. One time a UFO light paced my van with my family in it from Red Bank, New Jersey, to Newark airport. I got photographs. Another time when a friend (who works as an editor for the New York Times) and I entered the UFO hotspot area in New York, a craft (with one large white light and a small red light) moved in front of us and escorted us silently into the area, stopping with us (just above and ahead of the traffic light), then turning with us several times. I had a clear telepathic link with one of the occupants, because I got a mental greeting and felt an expression of joy or excitement that I was there. When I told my friend, who was driving (he was impressed beyond words), that we were going to make a turn up ahead, the craft sped ahead and waited for us at the turn! I know of no helicopter pilot who could do that without first bugging our vehicle!

Another time two UFOs paced me along the Garden State Parkway, one on either side of me, all the way from the Atlantic City exit to Red Bank, a distance of about 72 miles. I had clear telepathic contact with occupants of both craft, who complimented me on the cable TV show I had just done on UFOs in Atlantic City, and who even made some funny statements, such as, You must have a problem refueling." I was telepathically told not to slow down or stop. One craft moved silently back and forth across the highway in plain view of other drivers, and shot ahead several times. For me it was entertaining to see this activity, and realize how unperceptive and blind to this reality most humans are. That craft stopped and hovered over some buildings, and began glowing a powder blue color. The size of the elliptical craft was enormous. The other smaller craft paced me all the way to Red Bank, and allowed me to photograph it at an intersection. As I slowed to a stop for a red light, the craft slowed to a stop just ahead of me. I thought of taking a picture, and grabbed my camera, which was on the seat beside me The craft turned around and came back towards my truck. I braced and steadied my camera against the side window for one second exposures. The pilot stopped the craft over the intersection in front of the camera, and turned on many lights so that I could get two spectacular photographs. This really happened, and I've got photographs to prove it!

There are now many reports being made by individual human beings that they have had direct personal contact with Extraterrestrial Beings who pilot these so-called Unidentified Flying Objects. But to me they are no less identifiable than any conventional aircraft I see in the skies. I have had many sightings and encounters with such craft, and now can identify several different types, their sizes and shapes, their flight characteristics, and their lighting characteristics. It is my professional and academic judgement that these craft have been designed and built by non-humans. Based on my own abduction experiences, of which I have had three since I became involved in this research, and based on fragmentary spontaneous recall of abductions that go back at least to my senior year in high school, memories of which did not begin to surface until after I saw Intruders on television, I can say without equivocation that these beings do exist. I have met them. I know what they look like, feel like, smell like, and telepath like. I have had telepathic conversations with them in their presence and while they were in their craft. They are not a figment of my imagination, an hallucination, or characters in a lucid dream. I know because of the surgical procedures some of these beings have performed on me, marks and scars of which still can be detected. I have also sustained serious injuries: e.g. just before being paralized and then knocked unconscious (from an energy blow to the back of my head, which left a large brown bruise). I looked into the intense plasma lights of a shuttle craft as it landed next to my parked vehicle. A sharp pain shot through my left eye. As I turned away a clear telepathic voice said, "Do not look at the lights; look straight ahead." But it was too late. The vitreous humor in that eye was permanently damaged. My wife was there also, and remembers the craft and missing time. Every day I am reminded of that experience by what I see! I can never forget it. I am not bitter. But there are many people who have experienced these traumas, and they don't want their intelligence insulted by some professional with a belief problem who says, "It's all just in your head!"

It is my understanding that your Committee is contemplating declaring that Dr. John Mack's work with persons who have reported to Dr. Mack that they have been abducted by Extraterrestrial Beings is both violative of the standards of the psychiatric profession and contrary to the standards of scholastic research demanded of faculty members of Harvard University. If such is the case, and if such happens, then Harvard University will sink to a new standard for incompetent leadership and psychiatric malpractice.
Even if Dr. Mack communicates his personal beliefs regarding these phenomena, or his personal beliefs are known to the patient prior to counseling, his integrity and honesty would have far less damaging effect than a psychiatrist who does not believe in the reality of such experiences or who refuses to consider such a reality when treating a patient. It is my professional and academic judgement that The Committee would be committing a very serious error if it were to conclude that any such communication of belief on the part of Dr. Mack to his patients is professionally or academically unsound. A professional must look objectively at all possible explanations for reported contact with extraterrestrial beings, and must consider all available evidence, including the vast literature on UFOs. I have found that most scientists in mainstream science are profoundly ignorant of that literature, and the wealth of valid data it contains. I am appalled by the attitudes of scientists, who turn in their academic credentials in order to ridicule a phenomenon about which they know so little, and all because of appearance and vanity. How unprofessional and closed minded can one be!

In my opinion, it is Dr. Mack who should convene your Committee in order to determine the validity and integrity of your inquiry. I do not consider it irresponsible for Dr. Mack to communicate to his abductee-experiencers and associates his judgement that the UFO phenomenon is real, and the possibility that experiencers are actually being abducted by UFO occupants. On the contrary, I consider it his duty as a professional psychiatrist to examine evidence for alien abduction so that he can help the experiencer deal with his or her trauma. It is only through revealing the truth about a problem that someone can deal with that problem effectively. You should know that!

If I were accorded a reasonable opportunity to appear personally before your Committee, I would be able to answer any questions which The Committee might have concerning the specific data and experiences that form the basis for my professional judgement in each of these related areas. I challenge you to come with me into the field so that I can introduce you to our non-human earth inhabitants. They have been around here longer than we have, and I can show you earth-shaking lunar evidence in support of that statement also!

However, without your willingness to undertake such an inquiry, it is my firm professional judgement that your Committee will be doing Dr. Mack, your respected university, and your personal professional reputations a grievous disservice if you manifest the "findings" set forth above on the basis of a record which is so transparently devoid of any reasonable effort on your part to become objectively informed of the undeniable evidence and substantial proofs available in this field. Albert Einstein said, "Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any information about the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it. Propositions arrived at by purely logical means are completely empty of reality." It is the experiencers who know the reality of which you are so ignorant.

I do hope that you will listen to the evidence in support of Dr. Mack before you precipitiously rush to judgement against him and his patients in this important matter.

Sincerely yours,

_____________________ Dr. Bruce Cornet

Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved, Dr. Bruce Cornet

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(My night by day)
Opalescent in a sea of green
Call me to stay awhile

Uplifted then
And reaching out.
The solar energy of life
Embracing every thing.
Supercharged and moving on
along the passage-ways of time.

Genetic memory
Or fleeting moments of recall?
A life once lived a long long time ago?
I do not know.

Theres mystery all around.
And psychic things
Beyond our ken.
Unspoken words
Which tell of higher planes
An interaction,
Numbing reason
Stretching reality and imagination
Beyond belief.

Where did I go?
Why did they take me?
To probe and prod
A bit of this
A bit of that.
A scrambled, addled psyche
Feeling low key
More than high key
Tinged with tension
Touched with sorrow.

Is this all Im left with?
so little recall!
Yet an inner strength emerged
Lifting the fog of ignorance
From my myopic mind.

Much more aware now,
An insatiable appetite for knowledge
That cannot be appeased
Filling every crevasse
Of my barren brain.

Am I in tune at last?
With healing hands
And soaring senses-
Longing to embrace philosophies
Of life and afterlife.

A touch of magic

Reaching out beyond the stars.

Brian Richards
February, 1996



An Investigation Of Over 300 Near-Death Experiences.
By Dr Peter Fenwick & Mrs Elizabeth Fenwick.
Headline Book Publishing, London, 1995. Hardback, 278 pages. ISBN 0-7472-1186-8

The cover of this book states that Dr Peter Fenwick is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and Consultant Neuropsychiatrist to three hospitals including the leading psychiatric teaching hospital in the UK, the Maudsley Hospital. He holds a research post as Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and as Britains leading clinical authority on the near-death experience, he is President of the British branch of The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).

His wife and co-author Elizabeth Fenwick, a Cambridge graduate and professional writer, is the author of many books on health and family matters.

The information in this book was obtained from over 350 detailed questionnaires returned to the authors from people who claimed to have had Near-Death-Experiences (NDEs). Women provided 78% of the replies. Most of the NDEs occurred during illnesses, although two were during attempted murders, and a few were during suicide attempts.

Rather than giving us endless accounts of peoples NDEs, the Fenwicks devote one chapter to each of the major features of a typical NDE. There are therefore chapters dealing with: feelings of peace; out of body; into the tunnel; approaching the light; the being of light; the barrier; another country; meeting relatives; the life review; the point of decision; the return; and the aftermath. The text is sprinkled with quotations from the original questionnaires, interspaced with the Fenwicks gentle but observant comments. Frequent references are made to results obtained by other NDE researchers such as Dr Kenneth Ring.

As a neuropsychiatrist Peter Fenwick is in an ideal position to comment on suggestions by sceptical researchers such as Dr Susan Blackmore who claim that NDEs are caused by hallucinations, lack of oxygen to the brain etc. He rebuts her arguments firmly and sensibly without resorting to detailed biochemical analysis that might have left the average reader floundering. His most telling point is based on the dynamics of human memory. One cannot claim that NDEs are the product of confused, oxygen starved, or even damaged, brains without explaining how these people are able to remember their experiences with such clarity, consistency, and overwhelming sense of reality. Memory does not normally work adequately while one is unconscious or comatose, yet that is exactly what it seems to do during NDEs.

I found the last few chapters of this book the most interesting. Here the Fenwicks start to ask pertinent questions, and discuss various models of how mind, memory and consciousness might work. Two puzzling questions emerge. Firstly, why is it that only some dying people have NDEs, and secondly, why is it that many people who are not dying have experiences similar to NDEs, such as out-of-body experiences? Examples of many such mystical experiences are to be found in Dr Richard Buckes classic book Cosmic Consciousness. At the end of their chapter entitled Mind Models the Fenwicks write that:
...whatever it is, the near-death experience is not simply the product of a confused or dying brain but a mystical experience which may happen at any time to anybody. ... One is forced to the conclusion that either science is missing a fundamental link which would explain how organized experiences can arise in a disorganized brain, or that some forms of experience are transpersonal - that is, they depend on a mind which is not inextricably bound up with the brain.
In the last chapter, entitled Beyond the Grave, the Fenwicks discuss some theoretical frameworks that might help explain NDEs. One of these ... might allow for the possibility of the soul or the continuation of personal consciousness. An extension of this idea is the suggestion that consciousness or mind may be able to operate non-locally, thus influencing other minds, or even matter, at a distance. The authors then refer to an old, but largely ignored, theory of mind called the Transmission Theory:

In its simplest form, a transmission theory states that mind and brain are different and are linked together in some way. Sense data is transformed by the brain for transmission to an external mind. Mind in its turn can will an action which is transmitted to brain and so is able to initiate brain processes and thus actions. Although memories are held partly within the brain, a large part of memory is stored external to the brain, and in this personal identity is located.

It is beginning to look as if such a theory could be correct, but testing it scientifically may be difficult. Peter Fenwick has previously suggested trying to validate the out-of-body component of NDEs by locating signs and optical illusions near the ceiling in hospital wards that contain patients who are considered most likely to have NDEs. I was hoping that this book would contain some results from such research, but it does not. Nevertheless, in writing The Truth In The Light the Fenwicks have firmly thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the scientific community. The implications of consciousness being able to leave the body are extraordinary and challenge numerous long cherished medical and religious paradigms. This is a timely and possibly historic book, and as such is recommended reading.

Simon Harvey-Wilson


A Journey of Personal Healing
By Barbara Brennan.
Bantam Books. New York. 1993

Putting a few reminders of caution aside for the moment, this might prove to be one of the most promising books of the decade. Mainly because it genuinely puts health, disease, and healing into a cosmic perspective. Anyone wanting to get better from whatever it is that ails them, has first to wake up to the awareness that life as well as illness and disablement of any kind has meaning and purpose. That knowledge in itself offers healing and hope.

The New Age appearance of this large book may prejudice the more discriminating reader who feels that intuitive gifts are often corrupted by naivety, and wishful thinking. Barbara Brennan is in a different class altogether in that her Higher Sense Perception (HSP) and intelligence are obvious. There is a depth and consistency in her wide-ranging knowledge, strange as much of it will be to newcomers. If you have doubts that there are gifted psychics then here is a book that can best help you judge.

Apparently some people do see auras, and some even develop techniques to repair and recharge them, and to teach others to do likewise. Until recent times science has seemed hostile to the idea of auras and been reluctant to study the changing bio-energetic patterns that take place in social interactions. This neglect has often set the mood for scientists to feel suspicious of unqualified people making what seem to be outrageous statements. Barbara Brennan, however, describes herself as a healer, therapist, and scientist who has devoted more than twenty years to research and exploration of the human energy field. Following an advanced degree in atmospheric physics from the University of Wisconsin, she worked as a research scientist at NASAs Goddard Space Flight Centre. Her achievements continued until she founded the Barbara Brennan School of Healing which offers a four year certification program in healing science. The School has 650 students, according to a recent letter from a Secretary.

Her large two column book, a mixture of new teachings, exercises, and her personal experiences goes deep into new territory and could be emotionally moving at times to readers with difficult relationships or family bereavements, bringing feelings to the surface that may take them by surprise. Her wide perspective opens insights into lifes joys and difficulties and also its direction. Anyone with a growing awareness of the planets problems, and the difficulties into which our children are heading will be interested in her findings and claims. We desperately need to arrive at a new philosophy of life that will sustain us.

From the beginning Brennan states that a major contribution to illness is a failure to realise the purpose of our lives, and that there is much more to us than what we perceive with five or more senses. Different levels of us exist in other realms of the cosmos but we can only gain access to them via different states of consciousness. And this is where she moves into territory most of us only read about: other dimensions, past lives, reincarnation, channelling, Higher Sense Perception (HSP)

We all seem aware enough of life in the physical dimension where modern medicine has pushed knowledge of it to the limits. But then there is the aura (which creates and controls the physical), then the hara , then the core star. As multidimensional creatures enmeshed holographically with forces we perceive little of, it is our task to raise our perceptions of these levels to correct imbalances, to find out who we are and what we are meant to do. Each level is separated by a quantum leap from the other. It is the consistency in her writings that makes one feel obliged to hear her out, and not revert to feeling our initial assumptions and beliefs are under threat.

The illustrations attempt to show the intricate skirmishes of energies going on behind the body language during social exchanges, of which most of us remain unaware. One of the most interesting privileges that HSP (Higher Sense Perception) gives is the gift to watch auric field interactions between people when they are relating to each other. On the fourth level of the auric field, everything we do with each other shows up in a living, moving, constantly changing display of coloured fluid-like light, or bioplasma

Her psychology too has clarity and freshness as she explores the unspoken contracts we create in relationships, describes how the negative ones can tear us apart, and how twists and changes in the interplay of auras can set disease or healing in motion. Interesting too is the description of different character structures that confuse or prevent harmonious relationships. There are exercises to restore wellbeing by the continuous expansion of awareness:

When these energies flow directly from the core through the haric level of our life task, through the auric level of our personality, and through our physical bodies, we create health and joy in our lives. It is when blockages occur that disease can set in.

In some circles channelling has a bad name, mainly because it has a history of people being led, and gradually misled. Barbaras channel is a being called Heyoan who philosophises well on many matters. See what you think. Barbara speaks often about Heyoan and past lives but admits the terms might represent the play of an alter ego, or tuning into inherited ancestral memories. Whatever it is, she gets positive results from accepting the material as it comes.

One Sunday, during the weeks of reading Light Emerging, Radio 92.1 played an audio-cassette of readings from the book. That week the ABC Health programme played a report from Columbias Hi-Tech Presbyterian Medical Centre where they were trying out an energy healer who described her work and said the hospital authorities seemed open minded and were testing the results. On another night on the TV Sightings programme Dr. Norman Shealy, a Harvard trained M.D., told of his work with a Negro psychic healer named Henry Rucker. Patients spoke of his miraculous cures, and one told of being cured of encroaching blindness. Rucker demonstrated his repairing of energy fields, rippling his fingers a few inches away from patients bodies. Shealy revealed that blood tests taken in each of the three patients immediately after his treatment showed that the DHEA level had risen 23%, 55% and 100%, proving spiritual healing has a biochemical effect. One suspects Barbara Brennan would probably use her hands in similar ways to repair and recharge auras.

There is certainly enough material in this book to set off a medical revolution. Undoubtedly she gets results as case histories show. In some ways it seems too good to be true. To be more certain about such claims you would need to meet her, see her working and interacting with others. At least we have a photo of her on the last page. That is reassuring indeed.

Morley Legg


The Internet offers UFO Books - The Serious Literature, a list of 67 books with short reviews, compiled by Keith Rowell. He points out that his list contains authors that are believers and debunkers and stresses that: In order to join the debate about the reality of the saucers, you need to read at least half of these books. However, because his list was compled in 1992, we have decided to provide a list of our own which is more up to date and not exclusively centred on ufology.

Baer, Randall. Inside the New Age Nightmare. A cautionary testimonial from a New Ager flipping back into Fundamentalism after a terrifying experience. Worth knowing about

Barclay, David. and Therese. (editors) UFOs The Final Answer, 1993. Nine articles on UFOs.

Blum, Howard. Out There: The Governments Secret Quest for Extraterrestrials, 1991. A journalists slick account of VIPs secretly looking while pretending they arent.

Bowen, Charles. The Humanoids, 1969. Summary of evidence from The Flying Saucer Review.

Brennan, Barbara. Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing, 1993. Revolutionary insights into how we exist on many levels from a gifted ex NASA scientist. (Reviewed on page 24)

Bryan, C.D.B. Close Encounters of the 4th Kind, 1995. Voted by many as the most enjoyable and informative UFO book since the 80s. A neutral report on the five day Conference at M.I.T.

Crystall, Ellen. Silent Invasion: The shocking discoveries of a UFO Researcher. New York 1991. This is the book that inspired Dr. Bruce Cornets sudden interest in UFOs. (see page 17)

Fowler, Raymond E. The Watchers 1, 1991 and The Watches 11, 1995. One of Americas leading abduction researchers continues working with Betty Andreasson Luca.

Freixedo, Salvador. Visionaries Mystics and Contactees, 1992. An ex-Jesuit priest takes a brave honest look into the dark side of UFOs. Wide religious vision and lucid writing.

Girard, Robert. Futureman. The author of the Arcturus catalogue blunty and brilliantly suggests humanity was probably created by, and is still controlled by, aliens.

Good, Timothy. Above Top Secret: The World Wide UFO Cover-up, 1988. The most important book about the ongoing government cover-up. A sequel is due out this year.

Good, Timothy. Alien Liaison: The Ultimate Secret, 1991. A reliable introduction to the wilder tales circulating in the UFO subculture in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Disturbing in places

Hamilton, Clive. The Mystic Economist. At last, an economist with an expanded environmental consciousness. We need multitudes of economists with such spiritual awareness to heal the world.

Hopkins, Budd. Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions, 1981. Hopkins first book about abductions. An interesting lead-in to what has happened since.

Howe, Linda Moulten. An Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms, 1989.

Jacobs, David. Secret Life: Firsthand accounts of UFO Abductions, 1992. The first most thorough account on what goes on in UFO abductions.

Kaku, Michio. Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps & the 10th Dimension, 1994. A physics professor writes about recent research into the possibility of other dimensions. UFOs are not mentioned but this is a readable and informative book.

Lindemann, Michael. UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints, 1991. Compelling comments by Stanton Friedman, Budd Hopkins, Linda Howe, Don Ware, Bob Lazar

Mack, John. Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, 1994. The Harvard professor concludes that abductees develop expanded environmental and spiritual awareness.

OLeary, Brian. Exploring Inner and Outer Space: A Scientists Perspective on Personal and Planetary Transformation, 1989. Dr OLeary is an ex-NASA scientist-astronaut

Randles, Jenny. Abduction: Over 200 Documented UFO Kidnappings Investigated, 1988. British researcher shows abductions are not just a North (or South) American phenomenon.

Ring, Kenneth. The Omega Project: Near Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large, 1992. A world expert documents the similarities between NDEs and UFO abductions.

Sagan, Carl. Contact, 1985. Science fiction/fact. Sagan imagines the possibility of SETI contacting extraterrestrials who are capable of interdimensional travel and of reading our minds.

Schnabel, Jim. Dark White: Aliens, Abductions and the UFO Obsession, 1994. A very witty and readable debunker tries pulling the mat from under serious research, and almost succeeds.

Strieber, Whitley. Breakthrough: The Next Step,1995. His latest book. Documents further direct and meaningful encounters with aliens

Talbot, Michael. The Holographic Universe, 1991. A wide and penetrating coverage of where UFOs, the paranormal, and all of us fit into a new view of the universe.

Thompson, Richard L. Alien Identities, 1993. Documents similarities between craft and beings described in ancient Indian Vedic texts and the modern UFO phenomenon.

Turner, Karla. Into the Fringe,1992 and Taken,1994.. Shows how persistent abductions, (some of which she suspects could be the work of military intelligence), plague certain peoples lives.

Vallee, Jacques. Dimensions: A casebook of Alien Contact, 1988. The best statement of Vallees thesis that UFOs are a manifestation of a time immemorial alien control system.

Books that are unavailable in Australia can be ordered from Arcturus Books:
 1443 S.E.Port St.Lucie Blvd./  Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952  USA
For a catalogue send to Arcturus Books $2.00US if you are in USA or $3.00US if you are not in the USA.
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