Journal of
Alternative Realities

June 1995


Editorial Morley Legg
Translocation Michael Jordan
The Arcturus Oracle Morley Legg
Jack Webber Professor John Frodsham
Visitors At Rendlesham Carole James
A Letter from Katharina Wilson
Ripperstone Farm Brian Richards
UFOs and the White House Lawn Simon Harvey-Wilson
A Pattern in Nature Morley Legg



So far we have published two PSI Magazines and then changed the name of our last November 1994 issue to the Journal of Alternative Realities. This current issue is our fourth. To date all have concentrated exclusively on UFOs. The reason is that it seems to be the most prolific anomaly our Western technological civilisation has ever been confronted with, and yet prefers to avoid. Fortunately ufology is becoming more established and the quality end of research is grappling to keep up with active frontiers. It is still not quite sure what it has got hold of. The articles Ripperstone Farm and Translocation will vouch for that. Whitley Strieber may be right when he said that the UFO may be a screen to what is really going on. The paranormal aspect makes genuine inquiry much more difficult and therefore the interests and theories of ufologists have been largely ignored by establishment science.
But it looks as if a major confrontation has finally arrived. Professor of psychiatry John Mack of Harvard Medical School did research on alleged abductees and found they were sane, believable and had apparently experienced what they claimed. Now the Harvard Medical Committee is examining his work and their decision will range between having him sacked or applauded for his controversial research. This is a major trial with much at stake, and the outcome may be known in about two months. A decision either way must make waves. It is hard to imagine the issue fading away to a non event, but it could happen if the players were pulled aside and warned that publicity could damage National Security, or perhaps International Security. On the grounds of the latter is it unthinkable that the US could adopt a new post-Cold War strategy and admit to an Alien Presence? Former President Reagan often hinted that such a threat could draw the world together. Such an admission, of course, would produce revolutions in other areas.
Professor Frodsham¦s article on Jack Webber shows how psychic phenomena in the 1930s differs from that which we experience today. Hopefully, comparing the differences, and realising our sense of reality is being mocked in all cases, may at least reduce the extent of our ignorance.
Different again is the paranormal mystery in our South West in 1957. The case was mentioned in an article in the West Australian (March 11) by Georgia Sweeting. A mystery rain of stones fell on a farm in Pumphrey. It went on for two weeks and drew hundreds of sightseers, many of them journalists, scientists and sceptics. I remember one newspaper report from that time of stones falling onto a tent floor, as if passing through the canvas without leaving holes. They ranged between pebble-size to fist-size, and felt warm. Many similar cases have been reported in other parts of the world and appear to run to a pattern. Western science has always been reluctant to confront such happenings and in the article it is typical of a spokesman from the museum to suggest there must be a logical climatic explanation, but two weeks duration is too long for stones to be floating down from a cyclone. These are intrusions of other realities into ours and hopefully we have reached a time of confronting such mysteries instead of alluding them to fantasies and delusions. Becoming conscious of an alien presence may suggest we live in a universe of aliveness, rather than in an infinity of seemingly meaningless matter and energy which we see as stars and planets stretching across time and space.
Much opposition to the idea of an alien presence on earth stems from mixtures of ignorance, prejudice and fear which many people would label as common sense. But balanced scepticism based on constant inquiry is essential to gauging the matter realistically.
Usually, anyone waking up from periodic nightmares in which they feel paralysed (said to be a common sleep disorder) could be suffering from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) - where an electrical disorder in the brain causes the mind to waken yet the body stays asleep. This undoubtedly accounts for many mistaken abduction stories, but can this explanation apply to those who experience the set abduction pattern explained in David Jacobs¦ SECRET LIFE?
In his book DARK WHITE sceptic Jim Schnabel discounts the UFO obsession, and has indulged in clever hoaxes to prove his point.. He writes brilliantly however, and pin-points weaknesses ufologists should take note of. One observation of his is that _some or all cases of alleged alien abduction, satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder, spirit possession, might be understood.... as self victimisation syndromes - syndromes in which the goal of the symptoms or behaviour is the fulfilment of the role of victim.÷ The cases he chooses may suggest this but it certainly doesn¦t apply to _all cases.÷ He doesn¦t mention at all the hard evidence cases that are so well documented by Linda Moulton-Howe.
Nevertheless, we have a duty to keep on listening to the more informed sceptics and hope they can point out our errors, and face up to some of their own.

All this visible universe is not unique in nature and we must believe that there are, in
other regions of space, other worlds, other beings, other men.
Lucretius 99-55 B.C.
He who cannot draw on 3000 years is living hand to mouth.
Everything eats, and in turn is eaten by something else.


By Michael Jordan

Any investigation into incidents in a UFO/abduction report must begin by attempting to clarify some simple alternatives. Basically either a physical event took place or it didn¦t. If not, then the reporter is either misrepresenting what occurred or is genuinely mistaken. If this is not the case, then the researcher must determine what evidence, apart from the anecdotal variety, there is to support claims for an event-level happening.
It appears as though the emphasis of the recent spate of books dealing with this subject, is on events following the purported abduction. Surgical and other procedures dependent entirely upon the perception (imagined, induced or real) of the abductees are reported in minute detail. However, the focus tends to become less intense when it comes to itemizing crucial physical evidence no matter how seemingly insignificant, which may assist verification.
It is important to explore the connection between the sighting of a UFO and any experience which follows as a result. The sighting is a physical event and if succeeded by a reported experience, it is possible that the sighting triggered an altered state of consciousness in the observer altering his perception to the extent that what he feels sure is happening to him, may not really be happening at all.
In his recent book on UFO¦s, _Gifts of the Gods÷, British researcher John Spencer writing on the subject of sightings and experiences says, _a look at the evidence suggests to me that we have basically two phenomena: sightings and experiences. I believe that it is highly unlikely that there is any connection whatsoever between the two.÷. (Spencer, 1994, p.10). What then are we to make of cases in which there are multiple witnessed sightings leading to landings and physical evidence of craft and occupants? Events such as the crash retrieval at Roswell (1947), the mass witnessed R.A.F. Bentwaters (1980) case and the abduction of Travis Walton in 1975 are particularly significant because of their linkage to craft, sighting and subsequent paranormal experiences.
The UFO literature includes some well documented abduction cases which involve translocation; humans taken from one spot on the planet only to be dumped unceremoniously in another location, perhaps thousands of miles away. Let us look at a handful of these cases, each the subject of thorough investigation:

  1. (1) Budd Hopkins reported at a recent conference, on a young New Jersey couple who were driving home from a weekend vacation in 1974 on a clear sunny Sunday afternoon. Suddenly they were subjected to a seemingly instantaneous transfer. They found themselves still in their car but night had fallen and they were in the middle of a field with the car¦s engine still running. Understandably stunned by the change in their circumstances, they eventually drove across the field to a dirt road, at the same time endeavouring to regain their grip on reality. For the next few months the couple were subject to panic attacks. Neither person associated the experience with the UFO¦s for one moment. Indeed fourteen years passed before a chance reading in Omni magazine, lead the woman to make any connection between the incident and previous events in her life. The subsequent reporting of this accidental realisation to Hopkins, lead to further investigation into the case.
  2. (2) Returning home from work in his home town of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, in the early hours of the morning of January 4th, 1975 a waiter, Carlos Diaz heard a high pitched noise and was blinded by what he later described as a bright pulsating light. It seemed to him at the time that, _the air and the street were vibrating÷. (Blundell & Boar, 1990, p.76). The next thing to happen was that Diaz¦s body was tilted and he was rapidly lifted upwards (presumably an alien version of tipping the waiter!). Not surprisingly Diaz passed out. He came to with the impression that he was housed in a brightly glowing sphere and was the focus of attention for three green-skinned creatures who were tugging tufts of his hair, although fortunately this decidedly unfriendly mode of introduction was painless.
  3. Carlos Diaz was later found in Buenos Aires, five hundred miles away, lying dazed at the side of a road. Close to him was a bag containing his working clothes as well as a local newspaper La Nueua Provincia which he had bought in his home town and would not be available in Buenos Aires until the following day. Doctors in the nearby hospital found him to be in a state of shock but were unable to explain how some of his hair had been pulled out without damaging the roots.

  4. (3) Instant undesired transport seems to have been a readily available commodity in Bahia Blanca, for prior to the Diaz case in 1968, Dr: Gerald Vidual and his wife were driving in the town when hours seemed to suddenly telescope into seconds. During this sensation they were aware of a buzzing noise. When this stopped, they found themselves dumped in Mexico, some three thousand miles away. Subsequent examination by investigators found that the paintwork on their vehicle was badly scorched.
  5. (4) The next case to be considered was extensively investigated and brought up to date by Chilean UFO researcher J. Antonio Huneeus at the MUFON conference in America in 1987. On 25th April 1977, an army Patrol of seven men under the command of Corporal Armando Valdes was on watch on a deserted plateau, 12,000 feet above the small town of Putre in Chile. At 3.50 a.m. one of the soldiers on sentry duty, Pedro Rosales spotted two violet lights that descended towards the plateau and soon lit up the whole area. Unaware whether this was part of an army exercise or a real attack, he alerted Corporal Valdes who immediately ordered his men to cover him and stepped forward, climbing over a stone wall, in order to approach the object. Soon he was out of sight in the blackness of night as the object appeared to vanish. For fifteen long, frightening minutes nothing happened, then suddenly Vales reappeared behind the group of waiting soldiers. He was mumbling, _You do not know who we are or where we come from, but I tell you we shall return. µ (Randles, 1988, p.138).

    He then collapsed unconscious, to be cared for by his men. With the approach of dawn¦s light the soldiers were stunned to see that their Commander was sporting a heavy growth of beard which would have taken several days to grow. Corporal Valdes¦ watch had stopped at 4.30 a.m. and the date read-out said April 30th, remember that this was the 25th April. In the nearby town, the local school teacher, Professor Araneda, taped an interview with Valdes and his men and it was not long before journalists were wanting to do the same thing. This was soon put to a stop when the army issued an order forbidding Valdes to talk of his experience.
    In 1983 following newspaper enquiries which attempted to re-examine the case, a Chilean army communique ratified the occurrence of the event and General Julio Canessa, Vice-Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean army confirmed that the only way that anyone could communicate with Valdes was by direct order of President Pinochet. According to Jenny Randles, when the paper was granted this permission, all Corporal Valdes would say was, _I do not recall anything of those fifteen minutes, they are a void in my mind. I do not even recall the words I spoke when I returned but the kids in the patrol maintain that I said them. We must wait a little while. But I shall talk one day÷. (Randles, p.139).

  6. 5). The final case in this group of translocation reports involved a witnessed abduction in an area of rural Florida on January 3rd, 1979. Four people were driving home after visiting a local farm. In the car was Filberto Cardenas plus a married couple and their teenage daughter. When the vehicle unaccountably stopped, Cardenas raised the hood to cheek the battery. Suddenly all four people saw a blinding flash of light move downwards in front of them accompanied by a distinct buzzing noise. Then right in full view of the screaming witnesses, Cardenas was lifted into the air and out of sight. The three astonished passengers reported what had occurred to the police.
    Some ninety minutes tater a confused and groggy Cardenas was found sixteen miles away from his abduction point. He had pain in both legs, problems with his eyesight and abrasions on his body.
    What, if anything, can be deduced from these cases? At the risk of stating the obvious, they are not events happening in the minds of the participants. We are dealing with the conscious recall of physical events, there can be no accusations of confabulation of experiences under hypnotic regression. With the exception of the first case, abduction was preceded by physical sensations such as seeing lights and hearing a distinct noise or experiencing a strange change of atmosphere. Following the actual relocation, there appears to be little or no conscious recall of what happened during the period before reappearance. This is not a remembered time.
    Time does not appear to pass in the way that we know, but takes on an elastic quality. Although to the percipients the experience may have seemed instantaneous, in actual fact hours or days have gone by. If whoever is doing this has the technology and knowledge to take humans at will and dump them more than three thousand miles away, as in the case of Dr. Gerald Vidual and his wife, then they deliberately choose not to make this an instant transfer and materialisation. They need to borrow us for a time. Why? Despite the magnitude of abduction cases and the involvement of a formidable army of professionals attempting to standardise a methodological approach, I do not believe that we are one step closer to answering this question. Granted there is a distinct difference between testimony and proof and no one can state definitely that all translocation reports have a basis in objective reality. However, the testimony continues to mount and despite every effort by an unsympathetic media and a disbelieving public, it won¦t go away.



Since these universes are constantly overlapping and splitting through time, we are ultimately the beneficiaries or the _maleficiaries÷ (receivers of bad gifts) in this parallel universe game.
Fred Alan Wolf
The presense of aliens on the planet represents µan influence capable of disrupting the momentum of history on a global scale in completely unpredictable ways....The status quo in all its aspects - science, religion, social order -is entirely up for grabs if the UFO reality is as big and strange as it appears to be.¦
Michael Lindemann


Insights From the Dark side of the Earth

By Morley Legg

Revelations are never easy to deal with. In addition to upsetting society they can undermine one¦s sense of place and worth. These are the lesser reasons why the world keeps avoiding the revolutionary claims of an alien presence on earth. The main reason, however, is that the very idea threatens the power-grip of the religious-scientific- economic establishments. Subsequently most people feel it¦s safer not to delve too far into it.
Those of us more curious and willing to risk a look, however, are fortunate that the growing flood of literature on the matter - from gifted insights to the wildest misconceptions - is being sorted out by the Florida author and bookseller, Robert Girard.
His reviews are disseminated world-wide in the monthly ARCTURUS catalogue which supports the resolve to gain a new and more mature grasp of mankind¦s origins, purpose and destiny by researching UFOs and related phenomenon.
We usually think of oracles as speaking mysteriously and prophetically about hidden knowledge in archaic language . Robert Girard lets us know that it is nothing but Robert Girard speaking, and he is speaking American, and make no mistake, much of it is inspired. His views on the human condition provide us with a new sense of place - and a new sense of predicament.
He is impatient to the point of cynicism about the way we are pussyfooting with the consequences of overpopulation; with not facing the UFO reality squarely, and sentimentalising it when we do. If we don¦t make urgent, honest endeavours to cure these problems, he has said, then Something on higher octaves will do it for us.
In the catalogue he is most allergic to those childlike religious messages being conveyed to us through starry-eyed channellers and contactees. He has his reasons, of course. Some channellers certainly copy-cat the naivety sentiments unquestionably. Mostly he is tongue in cheek and friendly enough but, before we stress the sublime, we should start from the dark end of his playfulness. When asked if UFORUM could publish some of his reviews he laughed and said it would frighten our readers away, but he then switched to enthusiastic approval. To start with the harshest:
CRASH COLLUSION. A QUARTERLY GUIDE TO THE FRINGE General theme of this issue is _Altered States of Mind,÷ and contents bear it out: articles on _psycho-active÷ substances psychedelics and Shamanism, sex magic, crop circles and animal mutilation, language and meaning, MIB, and other tidbits. We hope this sudden enthusiasm for drugs as an aid to UFO-related research is some kind of fluke. We¦d sure hate to see drugs added to a stewpot already slobbing over the rim with psychotics, schizophrenics, crazies, zealots, reality-destitute and blockheads... $3.50 11. Sept 93

68. Thomas I.D.E. THE OMIGA CONSPIRACY: SATAN¦S LAST ASSAULT ON GOD¦S KINGDOM ...... The fundamentalists rise again, forcing That which They Do Not Understand into That Which They Believe Cuz It¦s In The Bible. In this version the apparent sexual fixation on the part of the aliens is equated with Satan, since _Satan uses orgasm for his nefarious purposes....÷ This book is for the lowest level of ufologist•the ones whose minds are paralyzed under the cruel tyranny of spiritual domination. $12.95

Jim Keith¦s CASEBOOK ON ALTERNATIVE 3 ...It is the author¦s thesis that...the book has a basis in bloodcurdling fact. which brings us back, of course to the insatiable American appetite - and market - for anything and everything that is low, sinister or violent. You want mind control? You got it here, with some cyborgs and drug zombies thrown in...
It rates as five star black comedy when you realise he is offering these books for sale. Ridicule can be a cruel weapon, particularly when belief is involved, or if you, or a friend, is the author. But perhaps we do need jolting to discriminate between the sick and healthy ends of research. His rationale is that sound research can help us adjust to new realities, and that sloppy belief, spread by the well-meaning, could lead into major disasters, and we are running out of time.
Many are highly amused by his negative reviews, and are no doubt endeared to him because he refuses to ingratiate himself, and they like an abrupt change after a page or two of straight reporting. Many like him better when he praises books, which he often does with brave and gifted authors like Linda Moulten- Howe, John Mack, Richard Thompson, David Jacobs, Jenny Randles. In spite of lapses of taste, the ARCTURUS catalogue, which reviews about a hundred items a month - books, journals, videos - is providing the world with a rare and important service.
Continuous access to the full range of this literature has moved him to write THE REVOLT OF THE FREE. (1990) As a bookseller and booklover (?)(he has a personal library of over 2000 books) he has increasingly studied UFOs and related material without being sucked into the whirlpool of gullibility and belief. His overview grants him a unique insight into the human condition, as well as into the crunch into which it is heading.
He introduces the idea that life on earth is made up of levels of awareness - of steps, or _octaves.÷ Life on each octave can see down the steps, but the life contained in each has no way of seeing up. The plant has some sense of sun, soil and moisture, but senses nothing about the sheep that eats it; the sheep knows and eats the plant but little about man¦s cunning to exploit and eat sheep; man is brilliant at seeing down the steps, and although religions teach of forces above or below, dominant scientific man believes there are no realities beyond his senses, or intelligences in the octave(s) above him.
It is easy to see how we exert enormous influence (and damage) on the life octaves below us, but the only physical or sensual signs of µoctaves¦ above us are the intrusions of the paranormal or UFOs.

5 Man
Each step represents a separate 4 Animals
µAwareness-Energy Quantum¦ 3 Plants
2 Fungi
1 Bacteria
0 Earth

We may comprehend the stars as suns, and reason that they are enormous spheres of incandescent matter, but their reality and purpose probably majors in other dimensions and remain incomprehensible to us. Over a hundred years ago the Caucasian mystic Gurdjieff spent decades gathering the remnants of ancient teachings from esoteric schools scattered throughout Asia-Minor, and he then set up his System to teach about µoctaves¦ above ordinary man and the spiritual consciousness-raising exercises necessary to gain access to them.
Girard¦s reasoning, aided by ufology, is impressive and electrifying, and to many offensive. He sees narrowness and apathy dragging humanity into an abyss, along with other earth octaves. After such a barrage of his insights, all unpalatable, one expects there must be solutions. But alas, they are impracticable. They would cause dangerous reactions. Besides being blunt and brutal in his analysis of the human condition he is frighteningly accurate. He is ruthless in exposing the µpriest-kings¦ who used the µpolitical materialists¦ to maintain power over the gullible; and he gives us glimpses of alien workings in the octave above ours. Samples:

His extended vision gives us a devastating picture of the bad news, and if it is deserving of an ovation it is because as literature, as revelation, it comes close to being a masterpiece.
Obviously THE REVOLT OF THE FREE caused strong reactions. In his second book, FUTUREMAN (1994) he attempts to clarify his view. He admits to errors in the former, its shortsightedness, and lack of hope, but again he is as hard as nails in assessing our position. FUTUREMAN gives hope until you realise he is saying there is only slight hope. With six billion getting geared for consumerism it is already too late to suffer the solution he had devised for us: a generation or two of the misery of living in a largely sterilised world which would allow only a select few to have any children. Realise though that this extreme solution is to enable us to survive as a species, along with the maximum diversity of other species. (It will be interesting when the Green Parties discover him) It is the right book, however, to give to those scientists and leaders who show signs of waking up to face the degree of validity in this disturbing new cosmic scenario.
He asserts that aliens have tampered with our genetics aeons ago and that is why the missing link remains between Neanderthal and Cro Magnon man - we have by-passed Darwinian evolution. The current UFO abduction campaign - increasingly tampering with our octave with engineerings beyond our comprehension - indicates that the creation of Futureman - a man-god hybrid - is underway.
Some of his political insights find alignment with Noam Chomsky¦s dictum that most of us don¦t bother to see through deception. Girard asserts that the aware need to know about unpalatable truths, and those who don¦t want to know endanger all. The latter comprise the µunwanted¦ which he wants cut down to size by our doing, rather than by the aliens¦ doing.
It¦s been said that his µdeep South¦, Georgian origins, give him a racial bias that could be an attraction to fascists who could misuse his ideas. He may favour white intelligence in some areas but he states intelligence is not the criterion, it is attitude. He writes with the certainty that the gods are angered by us and will get rid of us because they, like he, see us as 6 billion µunwanted, unfit, unjustified and unawakened lives ... a biological infestation overrunning the planet.¦ He does not consider that there could be µconservationists¦ among the gods, who, as much channelling indicates, have our spiritual development and survival at heart. It is imperative, however, that we should heed his warnings. After all, our numbers and activities do endanger all life on earth.
By contrast consider the paradise of everyday life in Perth. The norm is that there is little to worry about except interest rates, the safety of our home or car, the crimes that happen to others, and nothing much to watch on telly. The really big problems remain overseas, and whatever happens here can be sorted out by politicians. The talk of millions being spent on searches for signs of intelligence light years away confirms that we are unique and safely alone, forever insulated from any unease we may suffer from wondering about the validity of UFOs and paranormal.
Against this we have Robert Girard as a modern oracle, telling us what our scientists and politicians have failed to tell us. His view is unsettling, to put it mildly, and quite alien and ridiculous to those who think no further than the shallow end of the media¦s coverage of science, politics and religion.
We can only read and enjoy his rhetoric, withstand his excesses, and wonder to what degree his view is accurate, and if we have got any time, what we are going to do about it.
We may need a little black comedy to lighten our load.

In answering a request to quote from his books he wrote: _Quote anything you like. I¦m glad I wrote those books, though I feel very sad inside for what the human species will go through before such concepts as _brotherhood,÷ _equality,÷ _freedom÷ and _individuality÷ take on their old relevance. Futureman is a book that¦s hard on its readers, but somebody has to say such things out loud.÷
Catalogue Requests: Write to ARCTURUS BOOKS 1443 S.E. Port St. Lucie Blvd. Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952 or phone from WA after 11pm weekdays: (407) 398-0796 New applicants are sent one current Arcturus catalogue and backlist (free). Read the inside cover on receipt. Futureman costs $12.00 (US) postage extra.


The urge to accumulate is irresistible and incessant; it is incessant because the things that we want, the things we accumulate, are not the things that can satisfy our true needs......
.........Humans currently appropriate 40% of the net product of the earth¦s land based photosynthesis. Seventy years ago we used up only 10%, in 35 years we will consume 80%.
Clive Hamilton

Abduction cases offer the UFO community the first good chance in years to co-ordinate a massive research effort that might just pay dividends, if only in our understanding of the Human psyche.
Mark Rodeghier


By Professor John Frodsham

With the exception of Florence Cook and D.D. Home, most of the distinguished teleplasts have come from the Continent or the United States not from England. Yet one of the most interesting materialisation mediums to have emerged from Britain in recent times was the Welsh coalminer Jack Webber, whose death at the early age of thirty-three in March 1940 was a great loss to psychic research. Webber was a simple man, a coalminer who left school at the age of fourteen to go down the pits, where he toiled unremittingly until a few years before his death. Until he was twenty-one he not only had no inkling of his own psychic powers but treated all accounts of psychic phenomena with disbelief and scorn. It was only when he met his fiancee, who belonged to a staunch spiritualist family, that he began attending seances and in so doing learned, much to his astonishment, that he himself possessed considerable psychic talents. (1)
Webber¦s mediumistic development is highly instructive. Most of us tend to believe that great mediums are born not made. This, of course, is true, but great mediums like other geniuses are not born fully-fledged. Their powers develop over the years only through constant practice and after much hard work. Webber discovered his own gifts through the simple process of table-rapping. It was not until two years after this that he was able to fall into a trance. He was then for the first time controlled by entities who sometimes manifested themselves, in the early stages at least, with quite distressing violence. A year or so after this Webber developed healing powers. Under trance thick oil would ooze from his hands. With this oil, which had the consistency of Vaseline, he would massage the patient who was more often than not cured of his affliction. Often during the day, half-entranced, he would go out into the marshlands and open country near his home, gather certain herbs, return home and brew them into potions which he then administered to the sick. His healing powers were undoubted for he had many successful cures to his credit, but his ministrations exhausted him so much that they put a severe check on the physical phenomena which were then beginning to manifest themselves through him.
At this time he was still working down the mines, where he remained until 1936. The combination of intense physical labour, of a type we can hardly imagine today, followed by almost equally wearing trance sessions at night reduced him to a state of near exhaustion. It may, in fact, have been these years of continuous, grinding over-exertion that brought about his sudden and premature death. In any case, he was soon compelled to give up both his work as a healer and his toil in a Welsh coalmine in order to devote himself entirely to physical mediumship.
Curiously enough, Webber was for many years afraid of the physical phenomena that built up around him. At night when he went to bed loud rappings would be heard, the bed clothes would be ripped off him and objects would fly wildly around the bedroom while voices spoke and muttered around him in the darkness. Only when he fell into trance and still more powerful phenomena appeared did Webber lose his fear of these manifestations. It was not until shortly before his death that he was able to accept the physical phenomena he himself produced without exhibiting a trace of fear.
Webber¦s mediumship aroused keen public interest. In the fourteen months from November 1938 to the end of December 1939 he gave over 200 demonstrations of his powers at seances attended by over 4,000 people in conditions ranging from public exhibitions to demonstrations held in his own home. Since Webber never used a cabinet, numerous photographers were able to obtain excellent infra-red and flash photographs of ectoplasm. Strings and sheets of this substance, often many yards long, are seen in these photographs to be emerging from the medium¦s mouth and fanning out on the floor in front of him where they are often held up for our inspection by the sitters. Webber was invariably tied to a chair with a rope some fifteen yards long. When the tying-up had been completed the ends of the rope were sewn up, sealed with wax-and then impressed with a seal provided by a sitter. A piece of cotton was then tied at the base of Webber¦s thumb, a piece of paper threaded on through a needle hole and the other end of the cotton tied to the base of his opposite thumb. This made it quite impossible for him to move his hands more than a few inches. Such precautions did not stop the rope from being removed by unseen hands during the seance. On one occasion the rope was removed from the chair, taken right across the circle, and tied around the chair of a sitter opposite, being wound under the seat and around the chair legs. When the seance was over the rope had to be cut through to free the unfortunate sitter. On several other occasions, a few seconds after Webber had been roped in the chair the lights were switched on only to show the medium standing on the far side of the circle with the ropes resting on the chair precisely as tied. This was astonishing since it normally took close on five minutes for two people to tie Webber securely to his chair and much longer to untie him. Even more surprising was the fact that shortly after Webber had been seen standing on the other side of the circle he would begin to spin around rapidly, the lights would be put off and five seconds later he would be found back in his chair roped precisely as before with the cotton and the sealing wax unbroken.
It must be emphasised here that such performances were witnessed by literally hundreds of reputable witnesses, all of whom were prepared to swear to the supernatural character of the phenomena they had seen: In June 1939, for example, three highly-placed representatives of the BBC were present at a seance in which they themselves tied the medium into his chair and fastened his coat to him with cotton, yet during the seance, even while the medium¦s hands were being held by two of these gentlemen, Webber¦s jacket was taken off his back without the cotton being broken. A few seconds later the coat was returned to Webber with the cotton intact and knotted around the coat buttons as it was in the beginning.
On May 28, 1939, Bernard Gray, a leading journalist from the Sunday Pictorial, attested on oath as preface to a report in that paper that he had attended a seance on May 24 at which Webber had displayed remarkable physical phenomena: _ ... I want to describe first two astonishing happenings which make the rest seem small in contrast. Happenings which I, personally, can only compare with the miracles of the New Testament._THERE WAS THE APPEARENCE, IN MID-AIR, SO TO SPEAK, OF A PERFECT HUMAN FACE. I am sitting, remember, only one removed from the medium . . I am my normal cool and vigilant self - alert for any sign of deception, accustomed to the eerie glimmer of light we get from the red bulb near the ceiling . . Before me rises a kind of tablet - rather like a slate - and from the upper surface it sheds a luminous white light. I watch it intently, not in the least perturbed. I saw it in its normal state before the seance started, an ordinary piece of four-ply wood, about a foot long and nine inches wide. Now it hovers in front of the medium¦s face its soft radiance lighting his features so clearly I can see the closed eyes and the twitching lips. It moves gently down to his hands and I see quite clearly that the arms are still bound to the chair . . The glowing tablet has moved over to me. It hangs motionless so close to my face that I feel that if I breathe hard I shall blow it away ... Then above the tablet I begin to see something white emerging from the darkness. Almost invisible at first, it grows stronger every moment, like a motor-car head-lamp advancing through fog; until I can clearly see it as a diaphanous ellipse, standing on its end, as it were on the tablet . . Now, framed in this luminous halo, I can perceive dimly what appear to be features. They are becoming clearer, easier to trace. There¦s the nose, and - yes - the mouth. The eyes and, my God¦ The eyelids are moving. The tablet moves still closer, the eyes soft and natural, are looking directly into mine. I jerk myself back to a detached, inquisitive state of mind, examine the thing in front of me closely and searchingly. It is not like the pictures of spirit faces many of us have seen in spiritualist papers.It¦s not white and unearthly, like the frame in which it is set. RATHER IS IT A HUMAN FACE - BUT SOFTER, FINER AND÷ SOMEHOW DIFFERENT I can trace the cheekbones fading back from the eyes. The lips, they are quite clear. The chin, rounded and delicate, is silhouetted against the lower rim of the halo. I recognise it suddenly as the face of a very old lady. Just like a lovely miniature - for it is much smaller now I come to think, than the face of any human adult ... I am watching the lips. They part a little, move with an effort. There¦s a whisper. What is she saying? Why is she speaking to? Yes - I¦ve got it. µMY BOY, MY BOY¦ WHISPERS A WOMAN¦S VOICE, IN THE TONE A WEALTH OF LOVE OR MAYBE COMPASSION ... The tablet and its burden move away. I can see it floating around our circle. Other sitters are exclaiming that they can see it quite plainly, that it¦s wonderful. I AM GLAD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SEE IT. (2)
Gray¦s article, which caused something of a sensation even in a Britain preoccupied with rumours of impending war, had been preceded in February by a lengthy article occupying two centre pages of the Daily Mirror written by _Cassandra÷, a columnist well-known for his often vituperative opposition to spiritualism and all that it stood for. _Cassandra÷ had attended this seance, not because he wished to go, but because the Mirror¦s staff photographer, Mr Leon Isaacs, had been asked to take infra-red photographs at the seance so _Cassandra÷ had taken him along there in his car. The phenomena _Cassandra÷ witnessed were by no means as spectacular as those seen by Bernard Gray but were nevertheless quite impressive. _Cassandra÷ heard bells ringing, saw luminous trumpets shooting around the room _like fishes in a tank÷, heard the splashing of water though there was none in the room, listened to voices and finally witnessed the levitation of numerous books and a heavy table. (3)
Webber¦s chief interest for us, however, lies not so much in his materialisations but in his production of ectoplasm which flowed from him in great quantities, always under strict control conditions. In his useful book devoted to Webber the well-known British healer, Harry Edwards, points out that Webber produced two types of ectoplasm - namely ectoplasmic arms and ectoplasmic rods. These arms were used to apport objects - for Webber was famous for his apports - as well as to construct voice boxes which either emanated from the medium or were attached to the trumpets. The arms were soft and flexible though coarse in texture. They were equipped with tentacles at the end which could be used for moving objects. At times the ends of these arms were self-illuminated by a blue ring of light with a dark centre. These lights, which strongly resemble those produced by earlier mediums, first appeared near Webber¦s solar plexus and then moved out to his sides and above his head. They were at all times responsive to the commands of the Guide.
The ectoplasmic rods were generally invisible and could not be photographed. Nevertheless , these rods were sometimes seen by sitters when a little daylight was allowed to filter in through the window. Edwards described them as strong, thick, straight structures, three to six inches in circumference, which attached themselves to any levitated object. (4)
_At one sitting the author saw, against a very dimly illuminated area lit up by the glow of luminous paint, a rod extending from the ceiling straight down to the far side of the medium.
This looked like a plank about four inches wide (the thickness could not be gauged ) but this structure was perfectly straight and precise, the edges being as clean cut as a rule. Again in a very dim red light a structure has been seen by all sitters emerging from the solar plexus region as thick as the trunk of a medium-sized tree about eight to ten inches wide at the base close to the body and slowly tapering off to where the trumpet joined it. Experience in sittings has given further knowledge of these rods. When a trumpet has been temporarily rested upon the lap of the sitter, three or four places removed from the medium, and is again taken into use, the rod has been felt across the linked hands or knees of the sitters. It is felt to be rigid and extremely strong, as may be gathered from the downward pressure that the sitters in question have experienced. It can best be likened to a rod of iron. These rods are capable of very great strength. At times the trumpet has been pressed against the sitter forcing him back into his chair in spite of every effort to resist. A solid mahogany table, so heavy that it takes two people to lift it, has been taken from a corner of the room and deposited in the centre of the circle. (5)
Edwards describes one dramatic instance in which a Christmas tree, ten feet tall, fastened into a wooden crate nailed to the floor with eight-inch nails through pieces of timber some four inches thick, was wrenched out of the fastenings, pulling up the floor boards in doing so, and levitated to the skylight. (6) The force needed to accomplish such a feat must have been formidable. Since telekinesis, as Richet remarked, is the first stage of materialisation, it will be seen that Webber¦s developing powers, so strongly telekinetic as they were, heralded the onset of the very promising materialisations which were just beginning to develop before they were cut short by his early death.
The quantity of ectoplasm which Webber produced, far exceeding that of any other medium I am familiar with, makes the above assertion more than credible. Webber produced most of his ectoplasm from his mouth. At the beginning of a seance he would lean over against the ropes that bound him with his head over his feet while the ectoplasm poured from his mouth like heavy vapour and spread across the floor. The whole process, which took place in silence, occupied only a few seconds. Almost immediately this mass of vapour would condense and solidify into a length of material hanging from his mouth.
Several descriptions of this material have been given by sitters. It was variously described as _closely woven silk of a rich quality÷; _like wet toy balloon rubber÷; or _a wide piece of thin seaweed÷.(7) The photographs show that this ectoplasm resembles a skin rather than a woven fabric and is quite distinct from the ectoplasmic mantle found swathing a phantom, which is far more intricate in its texture as well as being light gossamer. Edward¦s states that at one sitting ectoplasmic hands detached the red bulb from the ceiling-hook and held it up against the ectoplasmic material in order to illuminate its semi-transparent texture. On another occasion, sitters in the circle felt ectoplasm cover their heads while the floor space around their legs was almost filled up with the substance. This phenomenon was accompanied by a marked drop in room temperature. (8)
The photographs of Webber¦s ectoplasm are quite remarkable. None of the early mediums, as far as we know, produced ectoplasm in such quantities. Eva C, for instance, produced only a fraction of the amount of ectoplasm that normally emanated from Webber. Frequently the ectoplasmic material was so long that the wide-angle lens of the camera was unable to cope with it. Nevertheless, no matter how much ectoplasm was produced, its reabsorption into the medium was virtually instantaneous. It disappeared, as Edward¦s puts it, _with a sound like the twang of a piece of elastic÷. (9) The mass of ectoplasm shown in plate 31, for example, disappeared almost instantaneously the moment the white light was switched on. This surely disposes once and for all of the _regurgitation theory÷ which asserts somewhat simple-mindedly that ectoplasm is simply cheesecloth or some other substance swallowed by the medium and brought up at will. It should be obvious, quite apart from other objections, that not even a python could possibly swallow five yards of material in the space of a second.
The final stage of Webber¦s development consisted of the production, first of floating heads illuminated by luminous plaques, then of hands, and finally of full-sized figures. The heads were generally only four or five inches high, resembling those produced by Eva C. These heads, which were invariably surrounded by a white, ectoplasmic cowl and were fully formed, appeared to be linked to the medium by an ectoplasmic connection but could travel from him about six feet or so in any direction. All these heads could speak quite clearly though it took some time after their formation for the sound to emerge. Xenoglossia (that is, the use of languages unknown to the medium, who, it will be remembered, was only semi-literate) was a frequent feature at these sittings. On January 27, 1940, conversations were carried on between the startled sitters and the loquacious heads in both Swedish and Portugese. (l0)
Hands of all shapes and sizes also appeared which, even when they were not seen, were felt by the sitters. The hands were slightly wet and yet warmer than body temperature.
These materialisations were seen by hundreds of people, many of them highly trustworthy witnesses. At a seance given before the Cambridge Society for Psychical Investigation, Webber, working under strict control conditions, produced materialised heads on three consecutive nights. One of these, with the countenance of an Indian, alleged that it was the head of the well-known cricketer, Prince Ranjitsinhji, who had been up at Cambridge many years before. (11) Another convincing report runs as follows:
_For me, the most outstanding event of the seance was the materialisation of two faces. A luminous plaque rose from the floor, and came within a few inches of my face: rising from it, partially concealed in what appeared to be a shining band of material, some two inches wide, was the face of a woman - I should estimate her to be between 40 and 50 years of age; the face was perhaps a little larger than three-quarters life size, and near enough for me to observe the fine moulding of the features, which were illuminated with a glow from the plaque. Particularly, I noticed the nose and nostrils, which seems to be perfectly chiselled as from alabaster or some similar material.
_The face was quite solid - three dimensional, without colouring, but obviously alive; I encouraged it to talk while it floated there, resting on the plaque which was quite unsupported. The lips moved in an attempt to answer me but produced strange µticking¦ sounds that seemed to precede any attempt at speech on these occasions. Eventually the woman whispered: µI have no pain now. I do not suffer as I used to ... Isn¦t it glorious ... Mother¦ , . Then the plaque withdrew and the face disappeared.
_The woman¦s face was remarkable for the fine moulding of the features - almost like a piece of Greek sculpture; the absence of skin creases probably accentuated this, and while it was obviously the face of a mature woman, there was a suggestion of youthfulness about it. The eyes were partly in shadow; owing to the lighting arising from the plaque, so that it was difficult to determine whether or not they had been materialised; yet during the whole time the face remained there - a matter of several minutes - there was no suggestion of eyeless sockets.
_The second face which appeared after an interval ... also came to within a few inches of my face, supported by the luminous plaque. This time the strong masculine features were surmounted with a white, typical Egyptian head-dress: The long Roman nose gave the face a look of severity, and the eyes - what I could see of them - looked piercingly into mine. This face was unlike its predecessor in that there was a suggestion of swarthiness about it. Pronounced facial ridges in the flesh enhanced the severe expression, and the set of the jaw and mouth suggested a powerful character ... This too was solid and three-dimensional in appearance, certainly more lifelike than the first, nearer to life-size, and without the mask-like appearance that characterised the first, before it spoke. (12)
The materialisations produced by Webber were never particularly impressive as he did not live long enough to be able to develop his powers to the full. Their interest for us lies rather in that they occurred comparatively recently, were thoroughly covered by the press, took place in sittings held under conditions of strict control and, most important of all, were well-photographed. There can be little doubt in view of the quantities of ectoplasm that Webber was producing shortly before his death that, had he lived, his materialisations would have ranked among the finest ever witnessed. Who knows but that scientific investigation into these materialisations might have written a new chapter in psychic history and persuaded British researchers, traditionally sceptical of physical phenomena, to display an intelligent and lively interest into a subject they had neglected for so long.
Of much more interest in some ways than Webber¦s materialisations were his dematerialisations and apports. In February l940, during a routine sitting, Webber¦s jacket was dematerialised in such a way that while the coat sleeves remained on his arms under the ropes with the shoulders and lapels of the coat in their proper position, the back of the coat was draped across the front of the body. Plate No. 7 clearly shows the jacket in this impossible position. The only way to reproduce such a puzzle is to cut the back of the jacket off and drape it across the front of the body. Attempts have been made to duplicate this feat by using two coats but there is so much bunching of the extra material that the result looks nothing like the photograph. Webber himself believed that the back part of the jacket had been dematerialised and brought through the body like an apport and then rematerialised across his chest. This surprising feat was accomplished in the space of a few seconds while the medium was in deep trance and roped firmly to his chair. (13) The photograph in question, which is unique in the annals of psychic research provides us with conclusive evidence of the processes of dematerialisation and rematerialisation.
Rematerialisation followed by reintegration is a phenomenon closely akin to that which produces apports, by which we mean the introduction of various objects into a closed space through penetration of matter. Like most great teleplasts Webber could produce apports and did so on several occasions. The most notable of these was a public sitting in Paddington on November 8, 1938, at which a brass bird was apported from a neighbouring room. Immediately before this occurred, Webber¦s _control÷ had told the chairman of the sitting, Harry Edwards, that the entities intended to bring a brass ornament in the form of a crane into the room through the medium¦s body and would permit it to be photographed during the process of apportation. Plates Nos. 10, 11, and 36 shoe the bird in question, an ornament 3 + of an inch high weighing two ounces, emerging from the medium¦s body wrapped in ectoplasm. To the best of my knowledge this is the only photograph extant which actually records the very moment of apportation. It is all the more remarkable since the sitters were told beforehand not only that precisely this object would be apported but were also informed that it would be photographed, as indeed it was, passing out of the medium¦s body. (14)
At other Webber seances several similar articles were also apported, among them a small stone statuette of Buddha, a mosaic ornament in the form of a brooch and an Egyptian seal depicting Osiris. It is interesting that all these objects, including the crane, share a common Eastern and occult significance. Furthermore, all of them with the exception of the crane, were of unknown origin. They simply materialised from Webber¦s body. Prior to their arrival he had sensed a tightness in his abdomen which indicated to him that the process of apportation was about to begin. He had therefore asked to be searched in front of the sitters just before he was roped to the chair. It is obvious from the very size of the objects concerned;(reproduced on plate 36) that none of these apports could possibly have been hidden about the medium¦s person and that they must all have arrived in much the same manner as the crane. These were not by any means the only apports that Webber produced during his seances but they are certainly the most spectacular.
Webber¦s feats of apportation put him in the same class as the greatest teleplasts. Crookes himself, working with D.D. Home and others, witnessed the arrival of apports on no less than twelve occasions. Stainton Moses;. on August 28, 1872, heard a sma11 hand-bell move from a neighbouring room ringing loudly, pass through a closed door and finally, after completing a circuit of the room, materialise on the table close to his elbow. Enrico Morselli (1852-1929) Professor of Psychiatry at Genoa University, witnessed during the course of thirty sittings with Eusapia Paladino.÷the sudden appearance, on the table or in the room, of objects come from a distance through doors and walls such as flowers, branches, leaves, nails, coins and stones÷. Dr Julien Ochorowitz (1850-1918) when working with Stanislawa T. frequently observed the disappearance and reappearance of objects in full light. Madam d¦Esperance produced spectacular apports of flowers. On August 4, 1880, she caused a plant twenty-two inches in height with twenty-nine leaves, all of them smooth and glossy, to appear in a water carafe which it filled so completely that it could not be removed. In the photographs which were taken of this plant almost immediately after its appearance, it can be seen that the roots were wound around the inner surface of the glass as though they had germinated on the spot and never been disturbed. On June 28, 1890, the same medium excelled herself by apporting a golden lily seven feet in height bearing eleven large blossoms. After the plant had been photographed by Professor Boutleroff it vanished as mysteriously as it had come leaving behind only a couple of fallen blossoms.

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By Carole James

Peter Robbins is a New York UFO researcher who has made a special study of the UFO incident at Bentwaters Air Base in Britain in December 1980. Peter had lectured on it in the US and Britain and been writing a book with Larry Warren who witnessed the landing. I met Peter in New York in 1991 where he gave me a tape of his talk. Professor Frodsham heard it and said it was a µsuperb piece of research.¦ However, Peter wrote recently to say he and Larry had made visits to the site to refresh memories and their book was now ready to go and could be available in Australia before the US edition. Carole James, a Nottingham member of EMUFORA, went with Peter and Larry to Rendlesham and wrote an article about their visit. Peter suggested to her that ASPR/UFORUM might reprint it. We have obtained permission and have selected passages that show the case is of major importance. Peter has always kept us informed of developments and would like to do a lecture tour in Australia. We wish him success with Left at East Gate.

In 1980, Larry Warren served in the 81st USAF Security Police based at RAF Bentwaters. He was one of several eyewitnesses to the UFO activity in nearby Rendlesham Forest....Peter also offered to travel to Nottingham during their stay and give a talk about the affair at the East Midlands UFORA meeting.
On the night of 28th December , Larry was on Guard duty, the time was approximately 1.30am. An army truck pulled up and he was ordered to get into the vehicle. There were other guards in the truck, but none of them knew what was happening or indeed, where they were going. They were driven from the Bentwaters base towards the Woodbridge facility and turned left at East Gate (hence the title of their book).
The truck stopped at a clearing in Rendlesham Forest, which is owned by the Forestry Commission. It crossed Larry¦s mind that they were violating a treaty with the British Government, because they were not supposed to carry firearms outside the military base. He was armed with a loaded M16 gun at the time. The men were ordered out of the truck and told to hand their weapons in. There were other small groups of soldiers already there. Together they set off in small groups into the woods.
When they arrived at the edge of the woods, which backed onto a farmer¦s field, they saw a large patch of white mist over a field known as Capel Green. The mist was about two foot from the ground and approximately fifty feet in diameter. Suddenly, they noticed a red light silently approaching from the far side of the field, it went into the mist and there was a blinding flash of light which was so bright they were forced to shield their eyes. When Larry looked again, the mist had disappeared and in its place was a large triangular craft with a white light on top. As a he looked at the object, it seemed to distort slightly.
The soldiers were told to close in and surround the device, which they did. At this point, Larry noticed their (the soldiers) shadows were cast on to its surface and that they appeared very large. It was as though they had a light shining behind them casting their shadows on the craft, but apart from one of the spectators who was filming the event, there was nothing but the darkness of the woods behind them. Larry also observed two cows that had wandered over from the far side of the field, they too stood watching the craft. His attention was suddenly diverted from the animals as a shaft of light came from the object. Inside the light , there were three beings, which he described as _small with enlarged heads and big dark eyes÷. They seemed almost semi-transparent in appearance.
The figures approached Larry¦s Wing Commander - Colonel Gordon Williams, who also stepped forward to meet the beings. There didn¦t seem to be any verbal communication or gestures on either part - if there was any communication then it would have had to been telepathic. They held a face to face confrontation until a noise in the woods made the beings withdraw slightly. After a short time they resumed their positions.
One of Larry¦s senior officers ordered him, along with a number of others to go back to the clearing where they had left their weapons. During the retreat, according to Larry, all hell broke loose. A triangular object smaller than the main craft appeared in the clearing where the trucks were parked . There were many officers in the area and one of them literally grabbed hold of the object, which carried him approximately ten meters before he let go of it.
None of the men spoke whilst on their way back to camp, Larry said they simply looked at each other without saying a word. They were probably suffering from shock. The next day they began to discuss what had happened. The driver of one of the trucks said that a being passed through the glass of the windshield. Terrified, he kicked out with his boot and smashed the screen out. Others reported seeing small probes which passed through the side of the truck, only to appear on the other side.
Larry remembers seeing British policeman at the scene, they were taking photographs of the craft, until an American officer confiscated their cameras. He also recalls someone filming the event. Later he heard the film had been flown to a USAF base in Germany. He also learned that Colonel Charles Halt, who had been present, had recorded a running commentary of the incidents on a small tape recorder, which was over four hours long.
The men who had been present in Rendlesham Forest were sent for debriefing. They were shown film footage of UFOs which had been recorded dating back to the Second World War up to the present day. They were instructed not to speak about this to anyone, or they could make life hard for them. They were also made to sign a pre-written statement about the previous night¦s events.
Later that day, Larry used a public pay-phone to call his mother in America. ... He started to tell her about the UFO but the line went dead. He was sent for and questioned about his phone call. Larry denied making it. They then played him a recording of his telephone conversation. He was given the choice of a fine or losing one of his stripes - he chose the fine.
The US military hierarchy wasted no time in sending most of the witnesses to new postings in Egypt, until things had calmed down in Suffolk. On Larry¦s return he was given office duties. He felt that his superior officers regarded him as a trouble-maker and that they could keep a close eye on him if they kept him on indoor duties. Little did they know that Larry was busy acquiring documents pertaining to that fateful night¦s events. Also, by asking questions he found out that on one occasion a machine of undetermined origin had remained motionless above a storage area where nuclear warheads were kept. A beam of light had shone down and had penetrated the bunkers, rendering the weapons useless.
In May 1981 Larry received an honourable discharge and left the Air Force behind, but he couldn¦t forget what he had witnessed that night.


Alien Jigsaw Home Page (Katharina Wilson)

In the ARCTURUS Catalogue Robert Girard said of her book: _...the most clearly and bluntly worded description we have of what it¦s really like on that examination have utterly no control of the can¦t trust yourself once you¦ve been abducted, and you can¦t trust _reality÷ any longer .... ALIEN JIGSAW may never be surpassed for its ability to communicate almost perfectly the exact emotional reaction of a human trapped in an alien setting. I can¦t recommend a book on the subject of UFOs more highly than this one.÷

Editor¦s note: Alien Jigsaw is built up from her extensive diary of dreams and experiences, which she feels to be intrusions by an alien reality. In the prologue she explains that extensive medical and psychological tests in the US has proved her to be stable and mature, a µnormal functioning adult.¦. Her letter to Andrew Milani is of added interest to us as she mentions the case of Sabrina which appeared in our last Journal of Alternative Realities. She is a speaker at the 1995 MUFON Symposium.

Dear Andrew:
I have just finished reading the article about _Sabrina¦s÷ experiences. It was like reading about my own abduction experiences. I found the description of the µaliens¦ proximity during her encounter a chilling reminder of how µblind¦ we are to their presence. The next time I feel their presence in my house or around me, I¦m going to look a lot harder, and perhaps even take a photograph, even though I don¦t see anything. You never know what might show up.
Her description of the `Blue¦ makes me wonder about something. Her µBlue¦ still reminds me of the Beings I saw in the underground experience, but clearly, her Being has black eyes and the Beings I saw had vivid blue eyes. As in most cases, I have more questions than answers. I can only say one thing with certainty: there are many different Beings visiting this planet and several of them have their own agenda. That much I know for sure.
If you have any specific questions relating to this article, please don¦t hesitate to ask me. I could talk and speculate about it all, but that would not get us very far.
Just a few points you may be interested in: I have seen evidence of teleportation or telekinetic abilities in some of the Beings; during many of my experiences, I describe being inside crafts that are the size of µthree story malls¦; I¦m glad to know that I¦m not the only one who has spent, µ hundreds of hours reflecting, very intelligently and lucidly, on her experiences,÷ and I am very familiar with the neutral, not overly friendly, matter-of-fact type of communication with some of these aliens.
I thought the question concerning Whitely Strieber¦s books was great! I would have answered exactly as Sabrina answered, and then wondered about the other books he has written (of which I have not read either). Also, the part about jumping up prior to being lifted or floated upward into their craft was interesting. I don¦t recall ever reading about that before. And finally, I would have to re-read and probably think long and hard before I would comment on the part about the Being not eating, and the _contacts÷ outside the mall, and the bit about the glove and the investigators. Very strange, yet very familiar.
If I seem somewhat hesitant to commit myself to some of this, it is because abductions are (in some ways) extremely personal to the individual experiencing the events. A blue knit glove may mean something entirely different to Sabrina¦s unconscious mind than it would mean to mine. it reminds me of the conversation I had with the female alien who told me she was a chocolate addict. I then tried to write down my name and address on a thin tablet of chocolate, but before I could, it crumbled.
Some of these events just don¦t make sense. I don¦t think we should expend too much time trying to figure out why they do everything they do, because I¦m beginning to believe that is exactly the point of distraction. If we are sufficiently distracted and led on the proverbial wild goose chase, we¦re not going to have the time (or the energy) to pay attention to what is really important.
In these cases, I recommend that the abductee document everything that has happened to them, but if all of it doesn¦t make sense right away, don¦t worry about it. It may be possible that there is no sense to make out of everything they put us through. But, since it will have been documented, then later, perhaps when someone else experiences the same experience, say with the blue glove, we can compare notes.
Katharina Wilson


The Visitation

By Brian Richards

During 1977, a fairly remote area of the west Welsh coast was subjected to an extraordinary amount of Ufo sightings, landings and reports of µaliens¦. The national and local British press had a field day, running witnesses accounts that were written at best µtongue -in-cheek,¦ and at worst, cruelly vindictive.
This is the true story of the Coombs family and their harrowing experiences over a twelve month period from mid January to mid December 1977. Whether they encountered true paranormal phenomena or unknown laws of physics applied by aliens, is open to conjecture. Maybe the two are one and the same. What is known by Clive Harold, who wrote The Uninvited, from which much of this account is taken, is that the Coombs could not have been a more honest, hard working farming family. They knew nothing about Ufology, shied from publicity and sought no financial gain. Some Ufo groups blamed the Coombs experiences on a fertile imagination, whilst others offered unequivocal support.
In this rather isolated area of Wales there were (in 1977) a number of high security if not top secret, military establishments: RAF Brawdy, RAE Missile Range Army Pendine Tank Range and an American Navy submarine hacking station. Ufo¦s were reported over these bases and it is known the military were involved in some µrather unusual activities¦ and searches. But the sheer number of sightings over a twelve month period would suggest more than a modicum of interest from a higher intelligence. Perhaps there was an anthropological/ ecological survey, surveillance, monitoring, testing or what you will. But then any µwave¦ or µflap¦ of Ufo µs may be just this. To human logic and reasoning, many of these so-called µhigher intelligence activities¦ border on the absurd. The actions themselves may not have been frightening, but the unknown and the loss of control generate the fear and apprehension.
This story should not be confused with The Uninvited 2 by Frank Taylor 1984. His account relates to the Ellis family of Matlock, Derbyshire who experienced a series of events in many ways similar to the Coombs, but in other ways more sinister.
14th January 1977. Hanging motionless over the field near the cliff top, a great ball of incandescent light transfixed Pauline¦s gaze. With so much military activity in the area she had seen many lights in the sky over the years; flares, rockets, planes - but this was different. Twenty minutes later it started to move, gently at first, swinging side to side like a pendulum. Then it dropped out of the sky to disappear below the cliff. Pauline¦s husband was asleep in his chair. She shook him awake and related what she had seen. Curious, he put on his boots and headed out in to the cold night to search the cliff top path for whatever it was that came down. He found nothing.
Pauline remained troubled by her sighting. The next day the papers were full of Ufo reports. Billy had laughed off the suggestion that Pauline¦s µlight¦ was a flying saucer. But he added that there were some strange things going on. µThere were nigh on fifty frogmen below the cliff. Unmarked army trucks, soldiers in camouflage. Navy there too¦ he added, µbuilding the same path beneath the water. Doesn¦t make sense¦.
Pauline was thirteen miles from home. Her twins, Layann and Joann were in the back and Keiron her youngest son in the front. Her thoughts wandered to her family-the nightmares Layann had been having lately, dreaming of a shadowy figure in her room . Twice this had happened. Twice Layann woke up screaming, and on each occasion the TV set had burnt out its wiring. In fact two TV¦s and two cars had succumbed electrically, scores of light bulbs had exploded and they¦d lost count at the number of blown fuses. Even Clinton, her eldest son had complained of strange humming noises outside the bathroom window which seemed to enter and fill the whole room.
Pauline¦s reverie was broken by Keiron calling for her mum to look into the night sky. There it was. Back. She tried to dismiss it as µjust another star. But Keiron insisted it was swaying side to side. Her thoughts turned again to the fifty people who had reported Ufo¦s to the police recently. There were the two schoolboys who had seen a domed Ufo with pulsating green and yellow lights hovering over an office block in Haverfordwest. The same boys had approached a blue light in a field near their school which rose up and sped away when they approached. Even more strange were the fourteen school boys who saw a landed Ufo near their school. Two of the boys reported seeing a silver figure near the craft. All reported ten or eleven windows and a sort of runway leading from a door.
But the next ten minutes were filled with fear, as the family raced for home through the night. The light had descended and headed for the car on a collision course. At the last second it shot over the top to disappear in the distance. But their relief was short-lived when Keiron announced it had stopped, turned round and was coming back. The twins had woken up and were soon on the verge of hysteria. Pauline raced the car down the last stretch of hill leading to the farm, the orange light pacing them to her right. Suddenly the car lights dimmed and the engine died. But they were almost home. She pushed the frightened children out of the car. They ran the last few yards to the security of the farmhouse, their (incredulus) father and Clinton.
And still the fuses blew, three televisions and three cars, all lost their wiring. No engineer, electrical or mechanical could explain what was happening, except that there seemed to be a huge drain of power from the house. The meter dials would speed around when everything was turned off.
But this was just the start of a series of extraordinary happenings. The following Friday their dog Blackie became very restless, sniffing and whining around the house extremely agitated. Pauline and Billy settled down on the sofa to watch a late movie. Billy soon fell asleep and Pauline was constantly distracted by a flickering light in the window. An hour later it was still there. Billy jumped up grumbling that someone¦s headlights had woken him up. µJEEZ¦ he exclaimed. µWhat¦s that? WHAT IS THAT!?¦ There at the window was the shimmering figure of a man. A huge, silver- suited figure over seven feet tall, unmoving, staring. Where the face should be, just blackness.Watching. Waiting?
Where was Blackie? He must get help. He found the dog a whimpering heap in the hall. As he approached the dog bared its teeth, hackles rising. Billy grabbed it by the collar and sent it out of the house to guard. But it streaked away from the house as fast as its terrified legs could take it. The figure at the window raised a gloved hand to the glass which started rattling at an incredible speed. As this happened, the lights dimmed and the television µwent on the blink¦. Billy composed himself enough to call his neighbour Robert Morrison and the Broad Haven police.
A while later he heard the police siren approach. He fixed his frightened gaze on the figure at the window. It just vanished.
The following morning they had found a scorched rose bush in the flower bed and huge, footprints beneath the window. The papers had got hold of the story, the last thing that Coombs had wanted. They had also run another story. Robert Morrison¦s wife Julia had seen a jelly mould shaped Ufo in the garden near their farm house, fifteen feet high and fifty feet across. After ten minutes, it rose silently into the air and flew off - and Julia, with double honours degrees from Reading University was not prone to fantasise. After reading the paper, the phone rang. Pauline answered it. Rosa Grenville, her friend from the Haven Fort Hotel across the bay was on the line. What she said next made Pauline¦s hair stand on end.
The previous night, Rosa had looked out of her bedroom window very late. There in a field at the back of the hotel was a huge saucer-shaped thing with a dome on top. It was radiating light. Two tall, human-like creatures came out of it and started bending down looking at the ground. _They didn¦ t seem to have faces _ related Rosa, _Just black spaces. They were there about twenty minutes.They got back into the craft and took off at tremendous speed - in your direction÷
Billy had troubles of his own on the farm. With the cows. Clinton could not get them into one of the fields. When Billy finally did, the cows behaviour bordered on panic. He was amazed to find a fifty foot circle of burnt and flattened grass. The cows wouldn¦ t go near it. The following Sunday, the twins had burst into the house, almost hysterically. They had seen a tall, silver suited man with a blacked out face glide across the bottom field, arms unmoving. In the corner of the field was an enormous silver Saucer-shaped thing with lights, windows and a ladder of sorts coming from a door. Billy was furious with the twins for making up such a story. Pauline, tired of being in a constant state of fear, donned Billy¦s coat and headed for the door, determined to find the truth. The twins, Tina, their older sister and Blackie followed in hot pursuit.
Pauline¦s findings had sent a collective chill down their spines. There was a huge circle of flattened grass and a giant footprint at least two feet in length. From that print ran a trail of others. It took two of Pauline¦s paces to bridge the distance between two giant tracks. The twins had been telling the truth. Pandemonium soon followed as the twins yelled to their mother to come quickly. Blackie was acting totally demented, going round in circles, snarling and growling. Tina and Joann had just seen a silver disc take off and dive into the water near Stack Rocks. Another circle of flattened grass lay in front of them. What did this all mean?
The whole family grew more alarmed. Something was going on and they seemed to be directly implicated. Most of the national and all of the local newspapers were µknocking on their door µ so to speak, and BUFORA had sent down investigators to sift through the events and make a report.
That night, when Billy and the kids had returned their grandmother and Tina to Milford Haven, Pauline had seen the figure again, just beyond the lawn at the front of the house. It moved around, tall, silver and glowing. A fear had welled up within her. As she watched, transfixed, the figure simply disappeared - went out, like a light bulb. Sleep came quickly that night, but Pauline overslept. When she did get up, feeling terrible, her arm was in agony and her eyes all swollen and puffy. They stung dreadfully as if sleep hadn¦t come for a week. Joann had a rash on the side of her foot and Layann on her leg. µNot the children too¦ begged Pauline inwardly. But she got a further shock the next day when her mother phoned. Layann, who was staying with her grandmother, to avoid the apprehension on the farm, had had a dream of waking up in her mother¦s bed. A glowing disembodied hand had floated through the door and across the room. It came over to her mother, touched her arm and drifted slowly out of the room again.
On hearing this, Pauline s only thought was to leave the farm as soon as possible before it was too late.
It took a week for the twin¦s rashes to heal and three weeks for Pauline¦s eyes to get better.(Remember Mona Stafford¦s terrible eye condition from the Jan. 1976 Liberty, Kentucky encounter - BR) Blackie, the Coombs dog had to be put down. His dementia increased to such a degree, he spent most of his time growling, snarling, howling and chasing his own tail. Reports of Ufo¦s were still coming in. A council worker saw µa large Ufo hovering over an office block, with a silver µalien¦ floating nearby, at 5am in the morning An RAF officer reported a Ufo travelling at one thousand miles per hour.
One day in June, Pauline had returned to the farm from a fancy dress party. She had found Clinton in a distressed condition. He related what had happened. Looking out of the window he had seen the strangest silver car ever, come up the drive. In it were two men in black suits. One got out and approached the farm. He seemed to float along. Clinton wouldn¦t answer the door. He felt something was wrong. Carol, living in the adjacent cottage three minutes walk from the farm had seen the visitors arrive. She thought how strange there was no scrunching of the gravel when the car drove up. As she put some rubbish into her dustbin, she was shocked to find the visitor standing next to her. She had seen him at the farm only twenty seconds before. It would have taken at least three minutes to get to her cottage, and yet here he was with a strange waxy skin, high forehead and sleeked- back black hair - and those cold unblinking eyes....He had asked for Pauline by name. Carol told him she did not know where Mrs Coombs was and turned to go in doors. Next thing the man had gone, vanished! But there he was in the same instant back in the car moving up the drive. µYou must have passed him Pauline, on your way in¦ said Carol. But she hadn¦t.
But then an even more inexplicable thing happened. Pauline s friend Rosa, highly distressed, called from her hotel, north of Broad Haven. Her daughter Anna, a university student was alone at the hotel. She had looked out of the window to see an enormous silver car in front of the hotel. But why hadn¦ t she heard it on the noisy gravel drive. Two men were in the car and it was their physical appearance that frightened Anna the most. Her description of the one that came to the hotel was the same as Carols. He had asked for her mother and when would she be back. After that they left and Anna insists we would have passed them on the drive an our way back to the hotel. _But we passed nobody÷ wailed Rosa. _They just vanished in thin air, I tell you÷
After Rosa¦ s first experience, seeing the Ufo and beings behind the hotel one night, she had contacted Nicholas Edwards, her MP. She had asked him to find out if the RAF or Ministry of Defence knew what was going on. But a cover up seems to have been put into operation. An RAF officer came down to the hotel and asked Rosa a lot of questions. He then wanted her not to tell anyone about her sightings or his visit. Nicholas Edwards wrote:-

Dear Mrs Grenville,
I enclose a copy of a letter I have received from the Ministry of Defence following the representations made on your behalf but I¦m afraid this sheds no light on your encounter.
Yours sincerely, Nicholas Edwards, MP.

A letter from M.O.D. to Nicholas Edwards, dated 15th June 1977 reads thus:-
Dear Nicholas,
My department have investigated the report about an unidentified Flying Object which you have referred to me on behalf of Mrs Rose Grenville at the Haven Fort Hotel. I regret to say, however, that although an RAF officer has visited Mrs Grenville, we are unable to offer any further information. It is true that the Royal Observer Corps have a post in the adjoining field, but there is no evidence their activities could have seemed unusual in any way and we have no record of any other unusual activity in the area.
I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.
Yours sincerely, James Wellbeloved
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence.

This is an astonishing reply, given that over one hundred independent witnesses had reported Ufo¦s and at least a dozen had seen landed craft and associated occupants. The papers all over the country had run endless stories on bizarre encounters and the more mundane µlights in the sky.¦ If the Under- Secretary¦s reply is to be believed, then the security of British air space let alone national security is in serious doubt.
July and August passed without incident. The Coombs were beginning to think their lives were getting back to normal. Billy reflected on what some of the Ufo researchers had said - that one of their family could be psychic, attracting Alien intelligences to investigate further. It was Pauline, he thought, who had first seen the light in the sky, the figure at the window. It was the foating hand in the bedroom that had touched her arm, which suffered a while. Pauline had been away working for two months at a local factory and all the odd happenings had stopped. But had they? A lot of things had gone missing lately. Now he couldn¦t find the cigarettes. Small sums of money disappeared, only to reappear later in the same place. Two cardigans had vanished, never to show up again.
It had been a hard day ploughing under a hot sun. Billy looked forward to a shower, cold drink and relaxation. He headed back to the farmhouse wondering what had happened to Keiron. He found him near the house, sullen and withdrawn. µWhat¦s wrong son?¦ he had asked. Keiron went on to relate that he had headed for the house to get a drink, but didn¦t go inside. There in the front room he saw, through the window, a tall dark, fluid-like shape moving about. It totally unnerved him.
Shortly after Keiron described what he saw to his father, Pauline and the kids came home. They enjoyed a good dinner that evening, and after the kids had gone to bed settled down for a relaxed evening of television. But the television wouldn¦t work. Billy¦s worst fears were realised. Whatever it was, was back.
Lack of space prevents a full account of the many incidents that were to plague the Coombs for the rest of 1977 between September and December. Suffice to say they were a troubled family. Some of these incidents are summarised: Keiron claimed to have knocked down a lady in white who stepped out in front of his tractor. But he never found her. Three times Billy¦s herd of a hundred cows literally disappeared from a locked paddock. They turned up on a neighbour¦s farm, minutes later, in an agitated state. Cows disappeared from their stalls, sometimes to reappear in the wrong stall, and when Paul, a psychic investigator from Norfolk arrived for an overnight stay with his wife Janet, the same thing happened again. It defied all logic and belief:
November 12th turned out to be one of the most significant for the Coombs family. After spotting a daylight disc and watching it perform some elaborate aerial manoeuvres before plunging into the sea near Stack Rocks, Pauline had had enough. She decided to investigate and defying Billy¦s protestations, strode off in the direction of the disappearing Ufo with the kids in tow. They arrived at the cliff top not knowing really where to look for the Ufo. Below them, Stack Rocks loomed ominously up from the depths. What they saw next bordered on fantasy . There on the Rocks were two figures in silver one-piece suits. Eight, ten, twelve feet tall? One was lower than the other picking something up. Impossible! But there it was, clear for all to see. A door. A door in the face of the rocks. One of the figures emerged from the opening and made its way down to the other figure at the water¦s edge. They moved round the Rock base, came to an inlet which blocked their progress, and seemed to glide across to the other side. The family watched, disbelieving as the two tall figures climbed back up the Rock and disappeared through - of all things - a doorway. .And as they watched, the µdoorway¦ lightened and faded away leaving only cold grey stone. Pauline and the children headed back to the farm deep in thought. What had they really seen?
To make matters worse, Rosa had phoned. Rosa related how she had been looking at Stack Rocks through her binoculars when a silvery Ufo came into view and dived into an entrance on the Rock. A short time later, silver-suited figures came out of the opening in the Rock, climbed down to the sea and back again several times.
There is no explanation to Pauline and Rosa¦s visual synchronicity. It happened on three or four occasions and left both women emotionally drained.
After this event the whole cow herd disappeared from locked sheds and paddocks b reappear two kilometres away on two occasions, in a matter of minutes. Three cows vanished altogether.
On the 19th december, the family headed back to their farm after visiting relatives in Broad Haven. It was a clear cold night. Thirteen miles from Dale they saw it . A bright yellow light streaking across the sky. It stopped, moved back and dropped down to tree-top height. The farm came into view. The family got out of the car, and there over the cow shed was an enormous ball of orange light. They had almost expected it, and this time without fear made their way towards the glowing orb. Pauline thought how beautiful it looked. _Watch¦ she said. And at that the light swung like a pendulum, stopped for a moment and shot up into the night sky. It had gone and the Coombs sensed it would not be back.
From this moment, the inexplicable events at Ripperstone come to an end. No doubt, in the fullness of time, Ufo researchers will re-open this case. It may well become another classic that refuses to die, like Roswell, Rendelsham, Boainai, Socorro, Vallensole and a host of others. Or it may be relegated to the µtoo hard basket¦ and end up as just another folklore tale.


Our minds are thus tuned or are tunable to multiple dimensions..... reality consists of a gigantic superspace - the mathematical space of all possibilities. We might think of this as the mind of God
Fred Alan Wolf
We are learning that our civilization¦s 4000 year history is not the only story, and that the God given us by theology is not the only one who causes things to happen.
Salvador Freixedo
The revolution about to occur - a new consciousness that we are not alone in the universe - carries with it the unpredictable consequences of human reactions to it.
Linda Moulton Howe
I am often asked how I would react if the entire abduction phenomenon should prove to be the internally generated product of people¦s imaginations - if there are in reality no abductions and no aliens, and never have been. If that were true I would weep with joy. I want to be wrong.
David Jacobs
Could it be that the Law of Confusion is being applied to the UFO phenomenon so as to preserve people¦s freedom to reject or disregard it, while .. providing useful information for people who are prepared to accept it?
Richard L. Thompson


by Simon Harvey-Wilson

It is often said that if UFOs are really piloted by extra-terrestrials why doesn¦t one just land on the White House lawn and do the usual µtake me to your leader¦ routine. But look at it from the alien¦s point of view. It would have probably been a long boring trip to get to our solar system in the first place, not much to do, what with the onboard TV being unable to pick up anything except early episodes of µI love Lucy¦ and the like. Approaching their landing spot on the lawn things would have hotted up. Secret Service agents on the White House roof aiming Stinger missiles at them, and a very insistent voice on the radio asking them to state their business or be shot down. If they managed to get through that lot and land, they would have been immediately surrounded by agents in gas masks aiming Uzis and spray cans at them.
After being thoroughly decontaminated in case their craft harboured any contagious alien bugs, the paperwork would start. Flying without a license, incorrect landing lights, violating restricted airspace, no visas, no flight plan, no airworthiness certificate and probably no visible means of propulsion to boot. By this stage our aliens would no doubt be wanting to pack up and go home, except that they¦d have to endure µI love Lucy¦ all over again.
Of course the major problem would be communication. Inter-species communication on earth is baffling enough, but how do you talk with an alien? The best suggestion so far is telepathy. In fact numerous UFO abduction and close encounter reports contain µThey spoke to me in my head¦ type claims. But the trouble with telepathy is that it is so quiet. Can you see the President up there at the podium welcoming our first extra-terrestrial visitor? When it comes to the alien¦s turn to reply what are we going to get? Silence? Will he move his lips? Will they run subtitles for those of us who can¦t quite hear that inner voice? Its hard enough trying to figure out what most politicians are saying when they do speak out loud: but no sound! It would be the ultimate Rorschach test, an aural version of µspot-the-football¦. Perhaps they could offer a round trip for two to Zeta Reticuli for whoever gets it right.
With the speeches over, the questions would start. The first thing the President¦s science adviser is going to want to know is what the alien¦s space craft has under its bonnet. As any astronomer will tell you its a very long way to anywhere from our solar system.
Even our galaxy, the Milky Way is about, 100,000 light years in diameter, and given that we are told that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, this means that any inter-galactic visitor would have died of old age long before getting here. A recent English science magazine proposed several solutions to long distance space travel, such as using unmanned (unpersoned?) craft or huge ships on which numerous generations of spacefarers would live. However the problem remains of how to carry enough fuel, let alone food, for such a long trip because none of the craft seem able to go faster than about a third of the speed of light. The wooden spoon for the most ecologically sound proposal is an atomic rocket propelled by ejecting a small nuclear bomb every three seconds. An extremely tough pusher-plate at the back absorbs some of the explosion thus propelling the craft forwards. As a fuel supply the ship would carry 300,000 such bombs. And these people think UFO enthusiasts are crazy! Of course, if there are any aliens out there, that would certainly attract their attention. We would probably find ourselves hauled up before the Tribunal for Intergalactic Discipline (TIDY) before one could say _Pollution? what pollution?÷
So, back to our UFO; how would it have got here, what sort of fuel might it use, and where did it come from anyway? Science fiction solves the problem quite simply. They just have a lever on the dash that says µwarp-speed¦. This makes lights whizz past the windscreen at tremendous speed, and the next thing you know you¦ve got to wherever you were going. I¦m not sure who steers, but it seems to work a treat. Of course this refers to some sort of time-travel. This is how Dr Who¦s µTardis¦ moves through spacetime. Just set the co-ordinates of your destination, make a few timewarp type noises, and you¦re there. Science too has a few interesting suggestions along these lines. Both astronomer Prof Carl Sagan and physicist Prof Paul Davies have written about µworm holes¦ which are short cuts through the fabric of spacetime predicted by Einstein¦s theory of relativity. No one seems to have found one yet, but even if they do, it would be a brave astronaut that volunteered to see where, or when, it went to. Apart from the risk of being crushed by massive gravitational forces, there might not be any signs telling you how to get back.
Interestingly enough there is a surprising amount of evidence that some sort of instantaneous travel may be possible. The late parapsychologist Scott Rogo detailed several such cases. For example, early this century, two young Italian brothers Alfredo and Paolo Pansini were noted for suddenly disappearing from home only to be found, generally disoriented, as far away as neighbouring cities. They once both disappeared from lunch and reappeared on a fishing boat at sea. Rogo writes that on another occasion they vanished from their room within minutes of being sealed in there by an investigating bishop.
If we or some alien intelligence, discovered that teleportation is possible, it may be an ideal means of covering the vast intergalactic distances. What we¦d need to know, of course, is what are the limitations of such a means of travel. What is the teleportation equivalent of a fuel source? Will you be able to breathe at the other end? How do you µset the coordinates¦ for somewhere if you are just exploring and don¦t know exactly where you want to go? But even if we do learn to travel using this technique, it may not be all plain sailing. An embarrassing scenario might be that, after traversing half the galaxy, you arrive at an inhabited planet and start flying around looking for their White House lawn only to discover that the local authorities have told their citizens to ignore you because you`re just a weather balloon or some sort of hallucination. Nevertheless, if science is to continue investigating these matters, we are going to have to realize that any alien intelligence capable of time-travel is sure to have more sense than to land on the White House lawn.



By Morley Legg
From PSI Newsletter July 1991

It was through watching nature documentaries that I wondered if I was getting a glimpse into hierarchies and conflicts that stretch all the way from the Milky Way to the microscopic on earth. Do activities in other dimensions broadcast similar patterns in our world?
Just for starters there is an ant that lives in bare white sand hills (somewhere in Africa) that can find its way back to its nest as if by magic. They have recently discovered that the ant¦s head is µengineered¦ to select from the sun certain rays that are undectable by human senses. The ant navigates by that. On cloudy days he can still steer by them, but if you reverse the rays with a mirror he will go off in the wrong direction. But for a long time he was for us a psychic ant.
On another night I felt I could be watching a cartoon, with red ants standing for aliens, and black ants for humans. After an ant war, red ants were stupifying black ants with a chemical, then rearing the offspring and indoctrinating them to do certain tasks, so that the young black ants finally become slaves and loyal defenders of the adopted nest. It seemed to be so like the abduction/adoption pattern the aliens are supposed to be trying on us. One wonders if, in human society, the Greys are producing sceptics to deny there are psychics, aliens or UFOs. That was meant to be a joke but I am having afterthoughts.
Then there was the armour-plated caterpillar. It must have appeared to the fierce warrior ants as a UCO - Unidentified Creeping Object. Under magnification the caterpillar looked like a meat pie creeping along a bough. The ants prepared their ambush but their jaws could not penetrate the armour, nor could they succeed in tipping it over to attack the soft underbelly.
The caterpillar inched its way with minute suction caps into the very centre of the ant¦s nest. (Just think of the evolutionary time required to develop this defensive cunning.) Without modern cameras we could only have guessed its intentions. It settled into the nursery and began sucking up the newborn one by one. It remained until it turned into a Chrysalis. The ants were powerless. Eventually a moth began emerging, but it was so cunningly swathed in fine sticky hairs that the ants could not hold it. It wriggled out and flew away. The cycle would continue.
It occurred to me that every life form is attacked or manipulated by forces it misperceives and this could apply to us. A plant will sense little of the animal that eats it. If there are dimensions of existence above ours, Superbeings benign or malevolent could have µcameras¦ on us, in order to better use us.
To save the worst till last: I saw wasps injecting eggs into a pupa. Later the grub emerging from the pupa was µpossessed¦, already impregnated with infant wasps that ate from within - they burrowed their way out of their squirming victim. It was akin to entities invading us while we were asleep, or still in the womb.
I was suffering this episode during the height of the Gulf War. I switched over to massive American air raids and felt better because it gave me the impression that we were in control and winning. (A blacker joke with afterthoughts) We could be being set up - as always - for reasons beyond our grasp.
There is no need to be despondent about this. We are fast assembling a map of our perennial predicament, and we should be elated at the chance to evolve a solution.

The alien presence requires us all to grow, to become stronger and clearer, and to help one another to find our way in a genuinely new world.
Public perception evolves through three major phases. These are 1) denial and rationalization,2) confusion and debate, and 3) recognition and mitigation of the problem. At the present time, human society as a whole remains stuck in the phase of denial and rationalization concerning claims of an alien presence on earth. But there are clear signs that we are on the verge of entering phase two, confusion and debate; and once that happens, I believe things will start to move very quickly.
Michael Lindemann
Until I undergo hypnosis and some truth is recovered, there¦s no way of my really knowing right now which aliens are trying to help me and which aliens are trying to deceive me.
Karla Turner
It is, after all, the business of Government to protect its people, and for officials to acknowledge that strange beings from radar-defying craft can, in seeming defiance of the laws of gravity and space/time itself, invade our homes and abduct our people creates particular problems.
John Mack

INSIGHT quotes are taken from the following: Parallel Universes by Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D UFOs and the Alien Presence by Michael Lindemann The Mystic Economist by Clive Hamilton Visionaries Mystics and Contactees by Salvador Freixedo Glimpses of other realities by Linda Moulton-Howe M.S. Secret Life by David Jacobs Ph.D. Alien Identities by Richard Thompson Ph.D. Taken by Karla Turner Ph.D. Abduction Human Encounters With Aliens by John Mack M.D.
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