Melbourne Australia

Toyland is a Melbourne Recording Studio, offering various audio recording, mixing, editing and mastering services for music and post production.  Run by producer/engineer Adam Cal with 25 years of experience recording Melbourne bands.

Our latest Showreel is HERE

What we do:

Music Recording

From solo artists, rock bands to a whole orchestra,  a quick demo or fully produced album.

services include: analog and digital multitrack recording, audio editing, quantizing, triggering and samples, adding sound fx, MIDI sequencing, recording bands live or overdubbing one at a time.  just tracking drums or the whole thing, we can help.


In addition to mixing our recordings, we can mix your home or other studio recordings to a broadcast ready standard and help you to get the best out of your tracks.

Audio Editing

Dance Schools, professional dancers, aerobics competitors, professional fighters, we customize your music and sound FX to fit your needs and add the extra dimension to your performances.

CD Mastering

We offer in-house CD mastering including balance, tone and loudness adjustments. compiling, editing and sequencing your songs into a CD master (or whatever you need, such as iTunes)

Voiceovers, Post production, Video Sweetening

Including recording voice over actors, editing such as de-breathing and spacing, adding music and sound FX to videos, radio and TV commercials,  fixing problems with location audio.


Toyland is not a rehearsal studio, however we do offer a special “record your rehearsal” service

Vinyl Record to CD

Do you have a old record that you want on CD or in your iPod, we can do a straight transfer for a flat fee of $40

Why go to Toyland Studio?

When choosing a studio in Melbourne, the most important factor is the person running the session, at Toyland,  Adam Cal’s experience and knowledge will ensure your sessions run efficiently and smoothly.  Please check the credits and engineer page