Sick and Tired?

Are you one of the ever increasing number of people who suffer with a variety of ailments that your doctor is unable to explain, and says that it is all in your mind? You may be experiencing the effects of exposure to chemicals in the home, the workplace or the environment.

  • Chemicals such as pesticides, solvents and preservatives may be involved, along with compounds that are used in the manufacture of carpets, furnishings and cabinet work.
  • Prescription drugs may contribute to and exacerbate the problem.
  • Unflued gas heating should also be avoided.
  • The garden shed and under the kitchen sink are areas which are notorious for their toxic contents, and are frequently the source of trouble.

Chemicals and Illness

It does not need a dramatic, acute exposure to one or more chemicals to bring about problems, although these are the examples that make the headlines. Long-term, low level exposure is equally dangerous for a growing number of people whose symptoms may range from ever-present fatigue and headaches to other, more serious functional and organic manifestations. Chemicals are absorbed by inhalation, ingestion, injection and skin contact. While it is true that in many cases acute toxicity may be successfully treated by timely and appropriate medical intervention, persistent toxic exposure can cause a lasting and sometimes irreversible impact on health, including brain and liver damage.

The effect on health of long-term, low level exposure to most chemicals found in consumer products remains untested. The threshold of toxic injury is not the same for everyone because the ability to detoxify varies greatly from person to person. It is next to impossible to avoid the large number of new and untested synthetics that are encountered in daily life. Most medical professionals know very little about MCS which is not surprising because of their scanty training in occupational and environmental medicine, toxicology and nutrition. The lack of support from physicians, and the stress caused by getting no satisfactory answer to symptoms, may contribute to a high level of anxiety and distress for people with MCS. However, almost without exception they do NOT need psychiatric treatment or medication.

The term chemical is easily rearranged to alchemic. Alchemic is an adjective, the word alchemy being said to have derived its roots from al="the" and Khemia = "art of the black land". Hmmm! I have a more adventurous definition: Al=Capone - Che=Guevara - Mic=sarcasm (as in Mickey-taking). What this adds up to is a bad guy, a good guy, and the ability to ridicule the blokes in the black hats. I leave you to figure out which is which! Our protests, submissions and pleadings may have little effect, but we are left with the most powerful weapon of all - ridicule.

Now, isn't it ridiculous that (sometimes with our help), we and the earth upon which we live, along with all the rest of its inhabitants are being poisoned for a price? Isn't it ridiculous that our various governments sit on their thumbs as idle spectators while this is happening? Isn't the campaign that is meant to reassure us that nothing is wrong, ridiculous? If the whole affair was not so tragic, it would qualify as a farce on a cosmic scale. Let's make sure that we are the people who have the last laugh. But have no doubt - time is running out!

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