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Canary Badge: $10.00

Chemically sensitive people have for long thought of themselves as canaries. Canaries were used by miners to give an early warning of contaminated air in a mine - if the canary survived, so too would the miners. ACTA members and other chemically affected people liken themselves to the miner's canary. They feel that they are at the leading edge of a spreading epidemic which will eventually corrode all of humanity.
ACTA has adopted the canary as a universal symbol for chemically affected individuals and groups and a means of promoting the work of ACTA. All ACTA members are encouraged to avail themselves of these badges, not only to identify themselves, but to express solidarity with chemical victims everywhere. The badge is 25mm high, finished in yellow, black and white enamel with a clear epoxy coating. The initials ACTA appear at the base of the badge. It is made in Australia from brass, electro-plated in gold, and fitted with a heavy duty locking brooch pin. The quality of workmanship of the product is excellent, and we highly recommend it.

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