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The Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance (ACTA) was formed when it was discovered that there was no organisation that was dedicated exclusively to providing support for chemically affected people. Members have access to the following services: counselling, advice, referrals to appropriate medical and legal practitioners, and introductions to other members for mutual support. In addition, there is a quarterly newsletter ("Update") and an annual conference. It is a national organisation operated by volunteers with State and regional representatives. Some States feature regular social gatherings. ACTA collaborates with similar organisations in the USA, UK, New Zealand and India, and is continually engaged in lobbying government and other groups about the welfare of members.

Essentially ACTA is a support network for the chemically affected. The aims and objectives of the organisation are as follows:

  1. Counsel, advise and refer chemical victims who are members of ACTA to sympathetic professionals.
  2. Introduce members to each other for mutual support.
  3. Procure and exchange information about relevant matters.
  4. Raise awareness of problems faced by chemical victims.
  5. Educate and publicise in order to limit the spread of chemically induced illness.
  6. Work at all levels to advance the interests of the chemically affected.
  7. Publish and circulate a newsletter on a bi-monthly basis.
  8. Implement any measures which the Committee may approve from time to time to advance the interests of members.
  9. Continue to seek new members.
  10. Solicit funding from sources approved by Committee and raise money by the sale of information, buttons and other publicity devices.
  11. No grants, gifts, funds or other contributions will be accepted from any source which may compromise the independence, integrity and objectives of ACTA.
  12. Advertising of any nature will only be considered for inclusion in the newsletter if it emanates from members, and then only at the discretion of the Committee.
  13. Any matters pertaining to ACTA, particularly membership lists will not be disclosed to anyone who is not a member without the consent of the Committee.
ACTA maintains an ongoing watch on the situation of chemical victims in other developed nations. While it is true that there is still a great deal of resistance to recognising chemically induced illness as a legitimate complaint by vested interests (insurers, "insurance medical specialists", employers, etc.), it is also a fact that great progress has been made, particularly in the USA and Canada, where recognition by governments and their agencies has led to new precedents being established in the treatment and support of the chemically affected.

It is now a question of getting similar initiatives introduced into Australia. Because of a lack of background from which to extend, each attempt to do so is heavily handicapped. Here too there are those who benefit from the status quo, and who are anxious to see that it is not disturbed!

Ordinary membership of ACTA is open to chemical victims. However, other interested parties may also apply for associate membership. 

If you would like to become a member of ACTA print the Membership Form and mail it with your payment to:  

PO Box 987
Inverell   NSW  2360

Especially if you are applying for Ordinary Membership, it is important to share your history with ACTA in an accompanying letter to establish your eligibility as a chemically affected person. Tell us about:

  • Any particular problems which you have experienced since you became poisoned.
  • The names of the doctors / specialists / lawyers who have supported your claim of being chemically affected.
  • Those who have opposed you.
  • Any specific difficulties you are now dealing with, e.g. trouble with employers, Councils, neighbours, etc.
  • Please don't forget to name the chemical/s you were poisoned by and how this came about.

    Membership Form  

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