hourly weather data


Hourly Weather data for use in air conditioning load estimation and building energy analysis and other HVAC applications.      


Original Australian Climatic Data Bank with TRY years

Data generally for years 1978 - 1987 or earlier for some 68 Australian locations plus PNG, NZ, and Pacific Islands 


Exemplary Energy Hourly Data and ERMY data

Quality assured BOM data for the Years 1990 - 2012 for 100 locations in Australia prepared by Exemplary Energy.


Exemplary Energy - Real-time year weather data (RTY)

Quality assured Real Time Years (RTYs) of hourly data up to the end of last month. For a detailed description of RTY's see Exemplary Energies Website - www.exemplary.com.au


hourly climatic formats

Some of the formats available for hourly weather data are :-