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From time to time ACADS-BSG is asked if they are interested in doing some consulting or computing analysis, using our software, for companies that do not have a licensed copy of a suitable program.

We do not undertake such work because it creates a conflict of interest with our users. Aside from this we have more than enough work with developing our programs, running training courses and answering hot-line enquiries. We are however only to happy to direct such enquiries to any of our current users who have agreed to be contacted in regard to doing such work.

Such work includes:-

Modelling smoke and fire, car park ventilation, environmental and indoor airflows, calculating air flow effectiveness and thermal comfort and other fluid flow simulations.

         - Organisations that offer - CFD analysis using PHOENICS:

Building Energy Calculations for BCA section J (JV3), NABERS (AGBR) and Green Star

         - Organisations that offer - Energy analysis using BEAVER:

For other programs or special requirements please contact our office..