Kowmung River and Redcliff Creek

23-25 April 2005

Party: Jo Boyd, James Bucknell, Melanie Gallagher, Simone Gava, Iain Goodrick, Trudy Lynch, Emilie Pacquin, Ashley Burke

Photographs by Emilie Pacquin

Trip Report by Ashley Burke

1 Lost Rock Lookout, Uni Rover Trail

2 We admire Trudy's Gundungara sketch map, Miles Dunphy's own copy.


3 The Kowmung winds its way through the dry sun drenched ridges of the southern blue mountains


4 Trudy's sketch map has some interesting place names not marked on the topographic maps.


5 The first of several waterfalls in Redcliff Creek


6 The creek includes a steep gorge after the main waterfalls.


7 Back at lost rock after a spectaculare climb up Despond Ridge