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Interactive activities based on Children's Book Council of
Australia Shortlisted Books:

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Interactive Poetry based on a selection of School Daze poetry:
Click on the poems to read them and have fun with the links.
The School Daze Gang: includes 13 limericks and 13 interactive lessons.
Thirteen: includes an interactive quiz            
The School Daze Teachers: with vocabulary here & teachers' gallery here.
School Daze Sporting Moments: rhyming couplets
School Bell: a bell-shaped poem
Playground: a diamante poem
Rob4Liz: a sonnet
   Activities to raise awareness about food allergies:
Book 1: Thai Goes to a Birthday Party
Book 2: Thai's Big Adventure in the City
Book 3: Thai's Exciting First Week at School

Many thanks to Blacktown City Libraries for generous access to
  shortlisted titles